Choices i dont like in the new Macbooks

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Apple has finally released the most anticipated hardware form Apple this year in Cupertino, California. The new MacBook has faster processors and incremental improvements over the last models. All of these details can be found by reading our detailed first look at the new 13” MacBook Pro and 15” MacBook Pro, here. I am not going to dive into the details of the products, after getting the first impressions, I was not impressed at all. I am one of those consumers that religiously follow every MacBook since their launch. I have already written the primary rumors of that circumvent around the current MacBooks.

Starting with the design aspects of the new MacBook Pro, I have been using the 15” MacBook Pro since its launch that was according to me the best MacBook in the design department. Looking at the outlook of the new MacBook I found it hard to see if there is any improvement in the design, this is not bad necessarily, but Apple has the fan base that follows its products more than anything else.

The Bezel-less design was one of its kind in 2016; I was hoping we’ll see something like the infinity display in the iPhone. Seeing the same chassis for the past two years and then seeing the same design until the next MacBook arrives is not cutting, people will love the design no doubt it is the best-looking laptop that you can find nowadays. However, MacBook has achieved this status in 2016, 2018 should have incremented the lead over the competing companies.

Image: AnandTech
Image: AnandTech

Other than design, I was concerned about seeing the butterfly keyboard again; I know I am not the only person who hates the mushy keyboard present on the MacBook. Apple has been the target of its fans since the launch of Butterfly keyboard, at launch Apple boasted its keyboard design but the only backlash the MacBooks have since their inaugural product is the butterfly keyboard.

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Apple is such a huge company that it should listen to the complains and suggestions of its customers and reviewers. I along with many fans were specifically looking for the new keyboard as the number of rumors suggested that Apple will change its keyboard design and we may find a passive mechanical keyboard that is found in the DELL XPS 15.

But to our surprise the only upgrade that we saw that the new keyboard is quieter now, the same mushy keyboard that sometimes does not register the command.

Image: CNET
Image: CNET

All in all, these are the only cons that I found in the first hands-on of the new MacBooks the devices are not bad in any circumstance there are many improvements that you can find in our detailed review.

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