Checking the Battery Health of your iPhone is important

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There was already suspicion involved around Apple, that it used to slow down phones, and when it actually turned out to be true, all the blame was put on aging batteries – which is partially true too. Therefore, this article would tell how and why you should check the battery health of your iPhone.

It is a fact that lithium-ion batteries do deteriorate over time, thus they can’t retain the charge they once used to. Thus, to avoid unexpected iPhone shutdowns, Apple quietly introduced a function in iOS 10 that made a compromise between performance, so that the phone won’t just go dead.

Although for some, this might actually be a good feature, since a usable phone is always better than a dead one, but it also meant that people had to use a slower than normal phone, essentially forcing them to upgrade their iPhone. With the truth out, the only solution to restore full iPhone performance was to get the battery replaced until iOS 11 rolled out with a feature that gave you full control over whether you want to avoid unexpected Shutdowns or full performance.

How to check the battery health of your iPhone.

This is only available on iPhone 6 and later, therefore for earlier devices, if you feel that your device is getting slow, you should just get the battery replaced.

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll Down and Choose Battery
  • From there, click on Battery Health (Beta). Note that this is still in a beta stage, so might not be truly accurate but still roughly gives you an idea about your battery health.
  • The next page would show you the battery health of your iPhone next to Maximum Capacity.

If the Maximum Capacity is above 80 percent, then it is all well and good. Else, you might either get your battery replaced for just $29 from Apple itself under its battery replacement programme or toggle the Blue Disable option to off under Peak Performance Capability section, to disable throttling and vice versa.



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