CES 2018: Electric Scooters, Micro LEDs, Cool Game Accessories and much more

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The CES is around the corner, and you wouldn’t want to miss it, especially it being in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is one such event which attracts thousands of companies around the globe to flock together and showcase their masterpieces. Therefore, this time, expect even a larger party in Nevada, Vegas.

At least 3,900 companies and 170,000 people are expected to have a solution to most of our problems, but for the real test, one must be there.

Last Year’s CES was a surprise to all of us. It wasn’t just limited to smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Since these have become the usual stereotypes whenever the word ‘tech’ is brought up, the Last CES saw some new arrivals as well. These included a winner smart bra-style breast pump, as well as a self-balancing motorcycle along with ‘smart’ technology to help our farmers.

Therefore, expect the CES to be even better than before, with more tech coming to the surface as we round up what to expect in the coming CES.

Personal Computing:

It’s evident from the past that launching a million new laptops is surely not the way forward. Instead expect the devices to be launched to be extremely power-efficient and stick true to their ability to last a day long at least, even with heavy usage.

HP and Asus, the laptops and tech giants brought their Snapdragon Powered Windows 10S laptops to the market. The benefit is that these laptops can even be upgraded to a full-fat version of Windows if you want.

Since smartphones are becoming just as smart as our laptops, expect an always-connected LTE Modem to be included in these. It’s probable that Intel which is facing competition from ARM-based chip makers like Qualcomm would also showcase something. The device doesn’t have to be a real one and is likely to be a concept device.

Over the Air Wireless Charging Likely

It’s true that the phone these days are capable of getting charged wirelessly, but there is a caveat involved. The phone has to be rested on a Qi-Compatible charging mat. Not only this, but the wire sprouts from the mat and goes to a nearby charging port. Therefore it can be said that the charging is not 100 percent wireless. The next big thing in line is awaiting; Getting your device charged over the air truly wirelessly.

Progress has been made on this front since a company by the name of Energous has got its WattUp Mid Field Transmitter approved. The tech is able to charge a device from a distance of just 3 feet. Don’t be disappointed though, at least it’s a start. This means, that the wireless keyboards to smart speakers and anything smart yet near the source, could find the use of this tech useful.

There is more news on this front.  A company called Powercast claims that it’s transmitter which shall be showcased at the CES, is expected to charge multiple devices. Unlike the 3 feet range, this device is able to function from a distance of 80 feet as well.

Micro-LEDs might be the end of OLEDs

Most of us know about LEDs but a few know about Micro LEDs. Its expected that this technology shall be adopted by Apple to be used in the Apple Watch. It’s also probable that Micro-LED could come under the spotlight if Samsung Launches their new TV employing this tech at this year’s CES. But then what’s the difference?

It’s pretty simple; the micro LEDs are smaller than 100 micrometers, and are much power efficient, and are safe from burn-in, unlike an OLED panel.

Moreover, also expect at least one 8K TV to be unveiled as well.


First of all, for all those looking for the next generation phone, don’t expect that in the CES. The Mobile World Congress is the event you should rather attend which is also around the corner. There was a rumor that Samsung could unveil it’s Galaxy S9 at the CES, but the rumor was quickly put down.

What actually is expected is that phones with the features similar to the last year’s flagships would be available at a rather low price. ZTE would follow suit with Huawei expected to release another of its Honor device. One thing is sure going to happen though. Sony is known to unveil a thing or two at the CES so expect that happening sure enough.

Smart Home:

Last year’s CES saw Alexa dominating the Smart Home tech. The same is expected this year too, though with more fierce competition amongst other smart home products from Google and Apple with their Assistant and Homekit respectively.

Google Assistant is perfectly compatible with LG’s ThinQ smart speaker as announced by the latter itself. Moreover, it shall also allow control over LG’s own smartphones as well. It’s foreseeable that this year’s CES will unveil a number of smart TVs with Google Assistant.

On the Apple side of things, Apple might rise to prominence for its enabling of smart home device makers to build in support via software instead of using a dedicated HomeKit chip.

At this year’s CES though, Alexa would again be the one to dominate. Also, anticipate a Blink Video Doorbell, which is coming around next year and just for $99.


The term Consumer Electronics traditionally doesn’t relate to Cars, but as the world and it’s cars getting smarter, it was high time that the Cars were a part of CES too. The keynote speaker for this year’s CES is Ford’s very own CEO, Jim Hackket.

Expect numerous automobile companies to bring forward their products as well. The world will slowly yet steadily come to the point where driver-safety AI systems, cheaper LIDAR sensors, and smart-charging devices will be the norm. This would ensure that the electric, self-driving cars of the future, would be cheaper, faster and better in everything.

Also expect electric scooters, self-balancing hoverboards, and other gear to help you get around cities faster, along with some concept vehicles as eye-candy.


Gaming hasn’t really been a thing in the CES, but expect some accessories from Razer. It’s probable that Razer might bring up another of its “project” devices. Furthermore, AR is soon going to be the next big thing this year.

Magic Leap is one of such companies. It’s One Creator Editions consists of a pair of specs that connect to a separate small computer you wear, called the Lightpack. A small Control wand will provide six degrees of freedom. However, it is not yet confirmed whether Magic Leap will be a part of this year’s CES or not.

The tech world is surely going to light up at the CES this year and expect the tech-savvy to be there in huge numbers to see their favorite tech being unveiled.


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