CCleaner Hacked: Is the security software not protected itself?

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The Internet has been an integral part of people lives. Imagine a day without internet! Not less than a nightmare! It has ruled all the phases of life ranging from professional, academic to personal lives even.

But the cyber world needs security to work effectively and without fear of interference in privacy and moreover, security to its confidential information and data. Users everyday install free Ccleaner for the purpose of protection and faster running of androids and computers.

Ok, hold on! Are they aware of the next worst step of the hackers? Hackers have maliciously hacked the cast owned Piriform software and encoded them with secretive codes. People who assume it as safe and secure, download this computer optimized software, unaware of the fact that they are being hacked.

Though, the company Avast kept on ensuring people that no mess is created and just indicated users to just check their versions of the software. The story remains hidden behind!

The Piriform software clicked 5 million times a day to delete the cookies and junk programs for faster performance of devices, were hacked to control millions of devices. The Ccleaner remained innocent like the wolf in Red Riding Hood for the users. It brought series of devastating effects on the users and companies.

Avast company owned by the Czech Republic claimed that the 2.27 million users who downloaded the software remained safe. No doubt the statement was just a soothing lotion for the underlying itchiness of the users.

Avast executives Vince Steckler and Ondrej claimed that 730,000 users are still having the infected Piriformsoftware which has been disabled by the company and has no potential harm in it. It was further emphasized that the flaw in the software might lead to exploitation of 5.3 billion blue-tooth users.

The Google also showed concern for its 50 malware applications in the Play store that was downloaded 1 million to 4.4 million times before it was removed.

Not to forget the months of June and July when the malware attacks were launched and devices were hacked. The hacking was on such strong grounds that the users of the devices and many organizations as well were compelled to pay huge amounts for having new access to their owned sites.

The hack was a blow to the user’s trust who were unaware of the fact that their trust invested in the utility software is of no great use. These big companies have not succeeded in providing with the best defensive software against the ongoing latest malware attacks all over the globe. The innocent users while remained busy in downloading and updating the versions of their software.

The Piriform software was being updated to a newer version while the hackers took the opportunity to hit the security plan with coding in the software and disturb the security infiltrates.

The users blindly trusted the software and had no idea of the insecurity in the security product itself. The loyalty and regular usage continued their practices with the infected certificates in the software.

Tod Beardsley, a security expert at Rapid7, accepted the attack as a destructive measure but also appreciated and acknowledged the ongoing defensive measure meanwhile. Company Avast is reported to have bought the software Piriform in July and had been affected by the attack on September 12 in the updated versions releases in August.

Company Avast, suggested the users of Ccleaner v 5.33.6162 or Ccleaner Cloud v 1.07.3191 to remove these versions because they were believed to be infected ones and download the latest versions which do not update by themselves.

However, the company is still looking for the loop ends, flaws and culprits behind the scene. Avast is working with US law enforcement to investigate the whole scene to prevent any future compromise on the security of its users.

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