Carrie Fisher’s Autopsy Deferred due to Inconclusive Cause of Death

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The autopsy of Carrie Fisher has been unable to determine her cause of death.  Although the death certificate has been released to the family to allow them to plan funeral arrangements, the autopsy has been deferred.

The 60-year-oldactress and writer suffered a cardiac arrest while flying from London to Los Angeles.  She was rushed to hospital once the plane touched down but died in hospital last Tuesday.

The L.A. County Coroner’s Office will now conduct further tests to try and discover why she died.  Carrie Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, died the following day.  According to Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, 58, she will be buried with her mother.

Todd Fisher has said that when selecting the place his mother and sister will be buried a hummingbird landed in one particular spot which helped him reach a decision on where to bury them.  His mother by all accounts loved hummingbirds.  He said, “My mother loves hummingbirds, and had hummingbirds in her yard.

“We were going all over the place, and we got to this one place to look at this one thing, these hummingbirds came, and it was just like ‘fait accompli,’ as my mother would say.”

The couple will be buried near “friends”  including Liberace and Bette Davis in Westwood Village Memorial Park.

Speaking of his mother and sister, he said his mother was a “great, strong person who was an inspiration to others, and his sister as an amazing champion of women.”

In an interview with Elizabeth Vargas from ABC he said, “Within 15 minutes, she faded out and within 30 minutes she technically was gone.

“She didn’t die of a broken heart. She just left to be with Carrie…Carrie was a force of nature in her own right, you know, it took another force of nature to bridle and work with that and she was great with her.”

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