Cannibalism; Gruesome cases reveal that the ritual still exists

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Whether it be to fulfill one’s cravings or due to some ritualistic needs, the gruesome eating of human flesh by humans continues to exist to this day. Morally and ethically shunned upon by some societies, the act is endorsed by some as sacred and is ingrained in their traditions to this day.

As repulsive as it may seem, some cannibals even described how the human flesh tastes, and that too in very vivid terms. Calling it a taboo would be an understatement, it is merely an acknowledgement that the existence and discussion of cannibalism tests the bounds of cultural relativism, as some anthropologists have pointed out.

Every so often we come across the revolting stories of human devouring the human flesh, as the news appeared in 2012 of a naked man attacking and eating the face of a homeless man in Miami. Followed by a Brazilian trio, killing a woman and selling empanadas made of her flesh.

Cannibals in Brazil 15th Century

A rather recent report of a man beheading a woman and then feasting on her flesh appeared in local news in Africa in Eastern Cape. This being the latest occurrence of cannibalism had the native people cower in fear.

Apart from these random acts of craziness, in some communities and tribes the act is considered sacred, while others use it as a form of pleasure of defeat; feasting on the foes after brutally conquering them.

Coming a long way, these acts are ingrained in their culture and how they practice them varies depending on the occasion.

New Guinea

The Korowai tribe resident not too far away from South Pacific, practices cannibalism. Living along the Ndeiram Kabur River, the Indonesian tribe believes in the myth that a witchman, referred to as ‘Khakhua’ in native language, kills the members of their group and it’s their duty to consume their dead bodies to take revenge for their death.

This ritual defines how their justice system works, taking the revenge from the witch man by devouring him victim’s flesh.

Aghori Monks (India)

Reduced to not even the quarter of their original size, these 20, exiled monks follow the cannibalism rituals in a slightly different way. They do so to gain spiritual enlightenment, drinking in human skulls and covering their bodies in burnt human ashes.

However they don’t kill humans to be used ceremoniously, rather use already dead corpses to fulfill their needs. They also eat from the partially cremated bodies left along the Ganges River. Although they don’t take part in the whole killing process, their feasting on human flesh is disputable.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

The evidence for the existence of cannibalism in Congo was revealed by Sinafasi Makelo in a UN meeting in 2003. Being the representative of Mbuti Pygmies, he informed the meeting that the Congolese rebels from the Ituri tribe, were eating the people live.

The history here has been rough, for this territory has had been without a leader for quite some time. So much so, that the UN security forces sent there to restore peace,were not able to completely weed out the problem.

Although the Ituri fled, but soon returned, continuing the gruesome activities. Slaughtering the helpless Pygmies and maintaining the rule of Jungle in the area.


Cannibalism, rape and murder has become an everyday routine news in Liberia. With notorious repute of General Butt Naked and the atrocities he committed; child sacrifice, cannibalism, the exploitation of child soldiers and trading blood diamonds for guns and cocaine, which he fed to boy soldiers as young as nine. It’s hard to believe he is a reformed man now, being a Christian preacher.

War Lords of Liberia

However, although he has left his repulsive ways, yet the remnants are still present to this day in Liberia. Cannibalism being the most dominant ones, to this day there are incidents occurring, humans feeding on fellow human flesh to fulfill either their craving or just to fill the empty stomach the easiest way.

Although the issue was brought the Amnesty International however, all the evidence was covered up and the case was left unsolved, with Liberia’s Secretary General saying that anything done to the bodies, after human rights violations are committed, isn’t a part of their mandate.


Although no recent incidents of cannibalism have been reported but Cambodia has its fair share of history in cannibalism. During the Khmer Rouge Rebellion of the 1970’s, the Cambodian army reportedly cut out and ate the Khmer rebels’ hearts and livers, well one’s gonna need his portion of protein in the battlefield.

Maybe that was one of the reasons why the troops sometimes ate the organs at the battlefield or took them home for a protein rich dinner ?

Rotenburg, Germany

Cannibalism itself is not recognized as a crime in Germany. Hence all such instances when they occur end up with the suspect being charged with murder. An incident which caught our eye was when, Armin Meiwes a resident, gave an advert in the chat room asking for someone to be his dinner! He claimed that he had fantasized about killing and eating a human.

To fulfil this fantasy, he gave the advert and even had a client willing to be his ravishing dinner. 43 years old Bernd Brandes, enjoyed a dinner of genitals with Meiwes after which he was stabbed in the chest with a foot-long knife by his host. Meiwes was then charged with murder.

Whether it be due to cultural indebts or to satisfy dinner craving or simply just to have protein power meal, cannibalism has been part of the society for a long time. Although with changing times, the society has transformed yet not fully has it controlled the animalistic nature of human being. For the danger lurks not only in the long-lost forest tribes but, just down the street waiting for you at the corner of a darkened alley. Till then, be safe, be happy and try to go on an all veg diet. 🙂

 – Research Based News Article

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