You can now play Harry Potter game in Augmented reality, Thanks to Niantic

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Fan of the Harry Potter series? Always wanted a Harry Potter Augmented Reality Game like the Pokemon Go frenzy a year ago? We have got some great news; expect a wizarding Harry Potter mobile game with Augmented Reality anytime soon!

The high response garnered by the Pokemon Go game a year ago, maybe one of the reasons, why Niantic, the developer behind the game, is set to stupefy you with another release but this time based on the much loved Harry Potter series.

There isn’t much information available as of now, but one thing is for sure, that Niantic has revealed that they have a collaboration between Warner Bros interactive and WB games, to bring the Harry Potter universe to life, courtesy the Augmented Reality.

Without a doubt, everyone is eager for the game release, and therefore, every news which surrounds the game is met with much anticipation, therefore we have gathered all the information, which we were able to get our hands on.

Official Title

We expect the official title to be dubbed as Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Niantic is involved

Niantic in a released statement has shown that it is committed to the development of the game. Since we have already seen the AR platform used by Niantic for its Pokémon Go game, therefore, expect an even better version of the platform to be implemented for this game. The developer has promised that it would “pioneer all new technology and gameplay mechanics.”

The newly established Portkey games would also be in play

Niantic isn’t going to be the only one involved in the game. Warner Bros has announced that another totally new publishing label by the name of Portkey games would work along with Niantic to develop the game.

Wizards Unite wouldn’t be the only game developed in collaboration with Portkey Games. Expect more Harry Potter games by the company in the upcoming years. As per a blog post on Rowling’s own Pottermore, the Wizards Unite would be the first title amongst a collection of console and mobile games to be released later on set in the wizarding world.

For now, it is not apparent that if these games, would be standalone titles, or maybe that they will all work in conjunction to build up a complete Harry Potter universe of crossover ecosystem of the console and mobile games. It may also be possible that if such was to happen, then the players could enjoy the great wizarding world, across different platforms.

Gameplay shall be inspired with Ingress and Pokémon Go

This is largely apparent since the same developer is behind it: Niantic.  Expect the same way of exploring your region in the real world like you did searching for Pokémon’s all around your place.


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