Call of Duty WW2 is set to shock all at E3 2017 with its Grand Gameplay

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As the biggest video game conference and show of the year “Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017” is just around the corner; all the leading game companies are now ready to display the latest developments in their new gameplays. Especially the developers of ‘Call of Duty World War 2’, the Sledgehammer Games is claiming to reveal ‘something Massive’ in the upcoming showcase of its best shooting game.

Activation officially announced the new Call of Duty game last month, along with the release of its trailer, creating hype about the upcoming Call of Duty WW2 and the divine game features it is expected to bring to its players. “It will have something that no other video game has ever managed to have.”- the developers at Sledgehammer Games bragging about the game.

As the name suggests, the next Call of Duty will be having a theme of World War II, including all of its major events. Sledgehammer CEO Glen Schofield confirmed that the players will be experiencing WWII missions in the game; the Battle of the Bulge, Normandy Beach invasion and the moments of Allied troops in Paris and much more is going to be opened for gamers to play at. It will also have a zombie mode to intensify the game horror.

People who are interested in history will be exploring fragments from the past in the new WWII version of Call of Duty as the game will also feature the missions connected to the largest aerial bombardment in human history called ‘Operation Cobra’, an event in which the Nazi troops were bombarded by 3,000 United States aircrafts, seven weeks after the D-Day invasion.

Sledgehammer Games also confirmed on Twitter that the Call of Duty WWII will only allow users to play as the soldiers of Allied Forces and in order to avoid controversy or glorifying Nazis in the game; playing from Axis powers of the war is not in the game campaign.

However, there are concerns about how the game is going to manage its no-Axis-powers campaign when it is being played on multiplayer matches online. One team will have to play from Axis powers anyway. Upon which the Glen Schofield, co-founder and co-studio head at Sledgehammer, said: “The big distinction that Germans still make today is that between the German military and the Nazis. We made sure we made that distinction in the game, that the Germans were doing their duty.”

“We have a great historical conflict of good versus evil, but to make factions work you have to play as the Axis. In no way are we going to glorify that position, but we also can’t shy away from it”, says fellow co-founder Michael Condrey, in an interview with Geoff Keighley at Gamestop TV.

Players in their 30s, who had their grandparents involved in WWII, seem to be pretty excited about the next Call of Duty, “I’m so freaking excited to play in the Battle of the Bulge. My great grandfather actually served in this battle and was seriously injured and had to resign from the military”, commented a fan on Youtube.

COD World War II is surely going to grab the attention of everyone in the coming event of E3 2017 which is expected to take place from 13th to 15th of June.

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