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Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Fix Disconnected Due to Transmission Error

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Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royal game. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, the game released in 2020. Warzone is available on Playstation, Xbox, and Windows as a free-to-play online game. Compared to other battle royale games, Warzone allows 150 players at a time with some special modes allowing up to 200 players at a time.

Over time, the game got multiple updates to ensure frequent bug removal and enhance the game performance. However, one update fixes the current bugs but creates a new one. With Warzone recent update, people are facing transmission errors. Transmission error keeps disconnecting players from the game and causes it to crash. Due to transmission error, players are also facing high lag and graphics problems.

This error occurs in all game modes including solo and battle royale. This error occurs due to a connection problem with the game servers. If you are facing transmission, don’t worry we got you covered. Follow the methods given below to fix the transmission error in the Call of Duty Warzone.


Restart Call of Duty: Warzone on your console

Obviously, the first fix we will suggest is to restart Warzone on the console. Believe me, this fix works like a magic. This is not just a simple fix but a law. Whenever you face any problem, turn it off and on. This method is quite effective as it clears the faulty processes running alongside the game. It clears bad memory allocation and refreshes the system memory. Simply turn off Warzone by pressing the home button on the controller and quitting the application. After that, launch it again after 10-15 seconds. This will surely help to fix the error.

If this method didn’t work, try restarting your console. This will clear all the unnecessary tasks and faulty memory allocation which could be hindering with online connection as well. Restarting the console refreshes system memory and also optimizes performance.

Configure QoS and NAT type from router settings

One major reason for transmission error is due to weak connectivity. As a result, it causes problem connecting with the game servers. Due to transmission error, players are unable to play online multiplayer mode. To fix the transmission issue in Warzone you need to configure your advanced router settings.

NAT type in simpler words is a gateway connection between your IP and the servers of your game. If you are playing on strict or moderate NAT type, chances are that your connection might not be secure and identified by datacentre. You need to change your NAT type to open. To configure NAT type, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to your router settings page and login with your credentials
  • Look for UPnP in settings and enable it.
  • save settings and restart the router

This will change your NAT to open and help to resolve the transmission error in Warzone allowing an easy game connection. In addition, you can also update your QoS settings from the settings menu. QoS allows you to derive important bandwidth to your desired process and prioritize it. Sometimes it happens that some processes are set to high priority and getting more bandwidth than other processes. To change QoS settings, go to the settings page.

Look for QoS and under it prioritize your desired process. In this case, you will prioritize the Call of Duty Warzone and save the settings. Since settings vary from router to router, you can ask your IP provider to configure settings for you.

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Use 5GHz Wifi router for smooth connection in Warzone

With the advancements in online gaming, the need to play it smoothly requires a stable and smooth connection as well. Typical 2.4GHz routers do provide a long connection range but are comparatively slower. On the other hand, 5GHz routers provide short-range connectivity but have high-speed connectivity and ensure a smooth online gaming experience.

You can configure 5GHz router settings on your Playstion as well. Simply go to settings and look for ‘Setup Internet Connection’. From there select ‘Wifi frequency bands’ and select the 5GHz option and press ‘X’. save your settings and hop in Warzone and surely it would fix the error.

On Playstation, rebuild your database

It is possible that over time, your PlayStation system memory could become corrupted and causes performance issues. Sometimes, this faulted memory can cause hindrance in online game connectivity. One way to resolve this issue to rebuild your database on PlayStation. Just like PC, you can fragment your PS hardrive. To rebuild the database, turn off your PS and enter the safe mode. From the settings, select the ‘Rebuild Database’ option. Once the rebuilding phase is processed, it will restart your device and hopefully, it resolves your issues.


Turn Teredo tunneling on Xbox

On Xbox, you can enable Teredo tunneling from the settings menu. It will provide a secure connection between the router and your Xbox and provides an open NAT. With Teredo tunneling, you can play online multiplayer games without any delay. To configure the settings, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to your router setting page
  • Log in with your credentials and got to the settings menu
  • From settings, look for ‘Teredo Tunneling’
  • Teredo tunneling is open by default, if not enable it and save the settings and restart your router.


Configure IPv6 settings on Xbox and Playstation

IPv6 is an important and latest internet connection protocol. Recently, it has become an important part of online gaming. IPv6 protocol enhances your internet connection, provides a fast and secure connection, reduces latency issues, and provides stable connection reducing packet loss. All these are reasons to enable IPv6 before playing online games and to resolve transmission errors. To enable IPv6 on Xbox and Playsiotn, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to  your router setting page and enter your login details
  • From the settings menu, search for ‘Internet Protocols’.
  • Check for IPv6 connection and enable it.

Now restart your router and enjoy your gaming experience without transmission error.

If you have reached this far, you are in bad luck. One thing you can do to resolve this error is to contact the Activision support team and inform them about this issue. Hopefully, they would be aware and will update it through a patch and get it fixed quickly.

Call of Duty: Warzone is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can download it for free right here!


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