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Call of Duty: Warzone – How to fix Disc Error on PS4, PS5 and Xbox

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Every so often, magic strikes, bringing along with it a slew of inspiration. When this newfound inspiration hits one afflicted by a prolonged spell of mediocracy, the results prove impressive. It’s how even the worst bands often come up with a single big hit that washes away the years of negative reception. And. in the world of gaming, it is remarkable when an unexciting studio finally gets it it right. Case in point: Call of Duty’s streak of formulaic, cliched formulaic titles. Then, early last year, they released Warzone, and struck gold.

Warzone, in the year since its released, essentially milked the last vestiges of unclaimed interest in a dying genre. No longer do battle royale games like PUBG hold all the audiences transfixed. Nowadays, the fad is dying out, and good riddance too. No longer should clones of one popular game pass off as innovative and groundbreaking.

Warzone certainly proves that while the bare essentials work well, loads can do with improving. As such, the raytracing-supported game comes with superb visuals, an original respawn mechanic (the Gulag), crossplay across platforms and even Nvidia DLSS. The latter might sound minor, but goes a long way to extending its competitive playability across all PC hardware tiers.

However, not everything comes without a cost. Warzone is a fairly stable game, especially compared to others. But it is still subject to frustrating cheats/exploits in matches, and numerous bugs and errors. While some can simply manifest as minor errors, others can render the game unplayable.

Players on console versions now report encountering Warzone disc errors when trying to run the game

One major issue that seems to have cropped up recently is the Warzone disc error. Exclusive to the PS4/PS5 and Xbox versions, this issue stems from an error while trying to read the game disc. What is important to note is that the Warzone game itself is digital-only. Sounds confusing, right? Blame the developers, Raven Software and Activision, for fusing the game with 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot.

That’s right, you purchase the Modern Warfare game disc, the physical copy, and the installation gives you the digital Warzone game. Weirder still is that Warzone by itself is free-to-play, meaning it logically shouldn’t even need integration into Modern Warfare.

Regardless, the issue is exclusively affecting owners of the physical copy of Modern Warfare. It can appear when trying to run either Modern Warfare or Warzone, however, equally commonly. What makes matters worse is that the issue is highly persistent, meaning a simple retry won’t fix the issue. Furthermore, cleaning off your disc or blowing into your disc tray isn’t a viable solution.

That’s because many game discs do not spin up like in previous generations, simply providing a cursory security scan before launching the title.

Despite this major error, we urge you not to lose hope. Several fixes have proven useful for resolving this Warzone disc error, as reported by players online. All fixes listed below come from reliable sources, and tried-and-tested methods. Keep in mind that a major update from Xbox Live or PSN might also improve performance, in case of a software error in the console. Till then, we give you the best ways to fix the Warzone disc error.

1) Eject your disc, restart your console and retry

It is important to remember that, as hard to believe as it is, your console is just an advanced computer. Like all machines, it has its limitations and issues. A computer essentially comprises of multiple process, all working simultaneously, and is liable to bugs on starting up. When many errors accumulate, it can lead to a systemic error. This can seriously impact both the software and hardware of the system. That means games may crash or fail to load, the disc lens may glitch and your storage can become buggy.

To resolve this, a restart to the cycle is bound to prove effective. Why? Because it kills off harmful bugs, corrupted data sets and ensures things start up properly. To do this, power off your console, avoiding the default Standby Mode, after ejecting the disc. Then, insert it back in and try to launch Warzone once more.

2) Restart your router, and optimize your internet connection

Like the fix above, it is time to address your network. Because the console simply scans the disc for verification then communicates with servers to run the game, a bottleneck in traffic can lead to a disc error. You can free up said errors by powering off the router, then back on again after 30 seconds. This helps free up network bandwidth and eliminate bottlenecks.

You can further bolster your connection by tweaking some advanced network settings. You will need to contact your ISP for login credentials to your router’s portal. From here, you can change advanced settings like enabling QoS and changing NAT type from Strict to Moderate. These two changes will help secure your connection to the game servers, and increase your online gaming bandwidth.

3) On PS4 and PS5, you can restore game licenses and rebuild game databases

The PS4 and PS5 hold two key tool that their Xbox counterparts lack. These can, quite usefully, help resolve notable bugs like the Warzone disc error. The first of these is the ability to restore game licenses. While this feature seems like it deals only with legal ownership of games, it also helps straighten out internal errors. You can do this by viewing the game’s additional settings and options.

The other feature is the rebuild game database tool. This can be done by putting the console in Safe Mode. To do this, power off your console then back on while holding the button. Listen for a distinct audio cue, indicating Safe Mode. From here, go to game settings and select rebuild database. This will allow you to essentially reorganize your storage and eliminate bugs, resolving the Warzone disk error as well.

4) Reinstall Warzone

No one likes deleting and redownloading, then reinstalling, over 170 GB of content. After all, it can cripple a network speed that isn’t blazing fast, taking significant amounts of time. However, this is a last resort as it can resolve several internal errors associated with corrupt/broken/missing game files. And, the new installation will also come with the latest update applied, so the pros outweigh the cons.

For more on Call of Duty, fixes and PS5, stay tuned!

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