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Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Fix Dev Error 6164 when launching game

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Every year, the now-iconic Call of Duty franchise churns out yet another blockbuster entry with the same winning formula. Last year was no different, even despite the ongoing pandemic and console generation jump. Like its predecessors, Black Ops Cold War received flack from critics because of its excessive sameness to previous titles. After all, the franchise didn’t become synonymous with endless cinematics, hyper-patriotism and machismo for nothing. However, what does break the mold exceedingly well is last year’s free-to-play release, Warzone.

Unlike the rest of the Call of Duty titles released in the past few years, Warzone does whatever it commits to well. Looking for a shooter with great graphics? Here’s one that comes with raytracing and DLSS support! Want to experience a PUBG-esque battle royale, except without all the bugs? Warzone is here, at your service. Do you crave intense, modern-era action, complete with crossplay across platforms? You get the idea.

However, Warzone as a concept is different from Warzone in practice. The game comes with several troubling errors, including some that lead to crashes. Even in gameplay, cheaters can employ exploits like the infinite-stim glitch to win any competitive match they want, ruining multiplayer. Worse yet, bugs and errors come to the forefront every day, each leading to more potential issues.

Some players report facing Warzone Dev Error 6164 when starting the game

Case in point – many players cannot seem to get their game to work. This comes after encountering a certain bug, known as the Warzone Dev Error 6164. This issue arises whenever players affected try to load in, at least most of the time. Other instances can occur seemingly randomly, such as in lobbies or even during matches. In the case of the later happening, count on affected players being kicked out of their matches. Furthermore, the dev error is highly persistent, meaning a simple retry of the game won’t make it disappear.

Understandably, players grow frustrated by the prevalence of this potentially game-breaking bug. It seems to occur equally commonly on all PC’s, regardless of hardware levels. That means the issue doesn’t stem from any hardware constraints, unless you possess damaged/faulty parts. More likely is the theory that the issue comes from Activision’s side, and the developers, Raven Software. The fact that it may also occur on Modern Warfare is unsurprising given how closely-integrated both titles became.

image: drivereasy

Despite this enigmatic issue, we urge affected players not to lose hope. Several fixes detailed here have helped players resolve the Warzone Dev Error 6164 rather quickly. They come from reliable sources, and each is fairly easy to implement. Keep in mind, however, that the developers have formally acknowledged the issue. That means they should release an update or patch at some point to curb the error eventually. Until then, we give you several useful methods highlighting the best Warzone dev error fixes.

1) Restart your PC and then launch your game again

We tend to think of our PC’s as supercomputers straight out of science fiction. After all, the limits we have crossed in terms of processing power in the past 20 years alone is staggering. However, when boiled down, the workings of your rig seem much less complex. It essentially consists of many processes, all synced in harmony. When a process starts up abnormally or encounters a bug, it may develop a corrupted data set. The error can snowball as more and more processes become affected, and you get a systemic error. This unsurprisingly can lead to performance issues, game errors, and bugs.

To solve this, we recommend the cliched ‘turn it off and again’ approach. Why? Because this technique immediately kills off misbehaving processes. Furthermore, it clears up errors and makes all processes start up correctly. Try this, then run Warzone again.

2) Make sure your game drivers are up-to-date

Using outdated game drivers is like asking your GPU to work unnecessarily hard for nothing. Game drivers, comprising bundles of software updates, help optimize games for your system. They also address and fix bugs and errors, and boost performance. Therefore, a responsible gamer regularly checks their system for new updates.

If you use an Nvidia GPU, check the GeForce Experience app for updates. For AMD users, click here.

3) Verify your game files integrity using the launcher’s repair tool

Like Steam, the launcher, courtesy of Blizzard Games, comes with a nifty advanced feature. This is the ability to repair your game’s files, and maintain their integrity. Basically, if there are any broken or missing files in your game’s installation, the launcher can detect and correct these errors. This will help catch and address any internal issues leading to the Warzone Dev Error 6164.

To use this method, head to the game’s icon. Select it, so that the additional options appear below it. From here, you can click on the Scan And Repair option. This will cleverly compare the installation file contents of your game against the records on its server information. If there is any mismatch, it is caught immediately and fixed. This process only take a few moments, but spares your installed content so you won’t need to redownload anything.

4) Restart your router, and optimize your internet connection

Like the computer example above, routers too can glitch out when server traffic is bottleneck. To solve this issue, simply restart your router by powering it off for 30 seconds, then back on. This helps ensure no server bugs occur when you run the game, which requires a strong internet connection.

You can take things further by contacting your internet service provider (ISP) and requesting portal login details. Use your router’s portal to change two advanced settings. Enable Quality of Service (QoS) and change your NAT from Strict to Moderate. These will help you maintain a stable network connection when loading into Warzone.

5) If all else fails, reinstall Warzone

Sometimes, we must accept that things just can’t be salvaged. A major internal error or corrupted file in your Warzone installation can lead to an unplayable game. This usually cannot become resolved manually, as there’s no shortage of ways the issue can arise. When that happens, you should reinstall your game.

Sure, the 120 GB download size may take a while depending on your internet speed. However, it will eradicate errors, bugs, and corrupted data. Not to mention that the new installation will come with the latest updates already applied. Hopefully, this will resolve the Warzone Dev Error 6164.

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