call of duty modern warfare season 2

Best tips and tricks for Season 2 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has managed to become one of the most successful games in the franchise in a very short time span. This is due to the fact that with Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward decided to go back to the roots of what made the Call of Duty franchise so popular in the first place.

The game drops you back into the modern warfare setting but this time with a much grittier and darker undertone.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

However, the single player campaign is not the only driving force behind the game’s success. Modern Warfare’s multiplayer has also been revamped with newer game mechanics and game modes. For instance, the usual Call of Duty run and gun is not the only successful strategy in the game anymore. Bigger maps and a versatile gun play allow a larger variety of diverse playing styles.

As a result, Modern Warfare has managed to rack up over $1 billion in revenue and has become the best selling Call of Duty game of this generation. And despite having some technical issues and glitches, it has managed to cement its position in the charts for the most played games every single month.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has also continued to receive a ton of content updates. While there are rumours of Call of Duty 2020 being prepared for launch later this year, Infinity Ward is fully committed to fleshing out Modern Warfare and continuing with further content updates.

Modern Warfare season 2 call of duty

The Season 2 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the biggest update to come out for the game since its release. The update adds a bunch of new maps, game modes and weaponry i.e. basically everything. In addition to that, it has also brought some of the older iconic maps like Rust. Infinity Ward has also fixed some balancing and optimization issues with the massive new 60 GB update.

So, the update has slightly altered the meta of the game and has added some potential new strategies that could be very successful. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to get you started on the road to success in Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

1. Experiment with the Gunsmith

The first tip involves the use of Gunsmith. Gunsmith is a new system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that allows you to intricately customize and tune your weapons to what you like the most. You can change things like the visuals, perks, and attachments. These things can really alter the way your weapon behaves and can prove to be crucial when you’re designing specific classes for your playing style.

modern warfare striker 45

So, with the new guns being added to the mix like the GRAU 5.56 Assault Rifle and the Striker 45, there are plenty of new opportunities to experiment with the newer weapons and see what fits best according to your playing style. The trick is to keep experimenting. Who knows, you could end up finding your favourite weapon in the game.

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However, you need to study the benefits and disadvantages of every single weapon attachment before you strap them on and see what stats they improve and which ones they hinder. For instance, if you prefer keeping a distance between you and the enemy, you’re going to need attachments that improve your range and accuracy the most.

modern warfare grau 5.56

Gunsmith has so many different possibilities and combinations that sometimes you can just end up creating a whole new weapon out of an existing one. For example, the AK47 can be changed into an AK47u, which is basically a sub-machine gun on steroids.

In addition to that, Gunsmith also allows you to experiment on the fly. In Modern Warfare, you can actually access the Gunsmith menu during a multiplayer match. So, if you’re not feeling the new silencer or stock, you can just swap it out for another attachment and tweak the gun to perfection.

2. Focus on the objective, not kills

The second entry in our list of tips and tricks requires a bit more nuanced approach. Watching professional eSports players pull off amazing kill streaks and taking down entire teams alone is great but that lone wolf mentality won’t work for most people playing Modern Warfare. Even those professionals struggle to recreate those moments at times and do rely on their teams supporting them to achieve such feats.

After all, despite everything, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still a team based game with the teams competing for the objectives. There are a lot of game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and while you can afford to go off on your own and rack up some kills in Team Deathmatch, other game modes like Domination and Gunfight in Season 2 require you to cooperate with your team and fight for the greater cause.

modern warfare season 2

So, playing as a group and planning out your attacks can be really crucial at times, especially in team based combat. No solo player can take your team down if you’re all grouped up at the objective and are covering each other’s six. Additionally, Modern Warfare rewards team play and usually the more coherent team ends up coming out on top. The trick is to cooperate.

3. Communicate with your team

The third entry in our tips and tricks list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a continuation of the last one. Communication is key not only in Modern Warfare but in every other competitive team-based game. However, with the addition of more tactical game modes like Gunfight and smaller maps like Rust, the ability to communicate has become more important than ever.

You need to know exactly where your teammates are at all times, especially when you’re fighting in confined spaces. For instance, in the 2v2 Gunfight mode chances are that the team with better communication and harmony will win most games. This is because when you know your teammate’s status, you can somewhat deduce your enemy’s location.

Call of duty modern warfare season 2

For example, if the map is rather small and your teammate has not spotted an enemy yet, you’ve already eliminated two potential spots for your enemy. In addition to that, calling out any footsteps or gunfire can also help you with getting backup quickly so you can counter the enemy in numbers.

One of the most vital skills of being successful at competitive multiplayer games is being able to predict your opponent’s movement. If your teammate sees an enemy running through a corridor and calls it out to you, you can then get ready on the other side of the corridor and pounce.

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In addition to that, knowing your opponent’s status is also extremely important. If you know that your teammate has already dealt some damage and knows where the enemy has run off to, you could use your instincts and toss a grenade over to the opponent’s potential location and finish them off.

4. Play around with your perks

The classic perk system from older Call of Duty games is still present here. So, our fourth tips and tricks entry involves utilizing the perk system fully. The new thing here is that you can actually assign a 4th perk instead of a kill streak by using the specialist mode. Yes, kill streaks are a great way to rack up points but if you’re struggling to reach your higher streaks, you’d be better off switching to the specialist mode and actually having a perk that helps you throughout the match.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Furthermore, if your teammates are already consistently activating their lower leveled kill streaks like the UAV, you can easily dump those in favor of a perk that allows you to see enemy equipment or get more ammo for your weapons. Perks can really make or break your play though so choose them carefully according to your playing style.

5. Use your instincts

Planning out your strategy in a first person team based game is extremely important. However, once you’re out there in a fight, you need to be able to overcome your own brain’s thinking limitations. Yes, quick twitch actions require some great reflexes and skill but it is nothing that cannot be achieved via practice.

This tip can sound pretty vague at first but the trick is to keep your head down and focus and once you get the hang of it, you’ll understand my point.

Firstly, you need to follow your instincts. A lot of times, when players are stuck in a situation where you’re pinned down by an enemy, they spend too long thinking about their strategy and end up squandering the chance of a counter attack. To be successful, you need to be more twitchy and responsive than that.

Call of Duty

Secondly, you need to utilize your entire vision and not just focus on the center of the display. Looking at the center is important but being aware of the movement in your peripheral vision can make all the difference in the world as sometimes it can result in you killing an enemy without even properly seeing them. These fast-paced reflex actions take time to master though so keep practicing and you’ll eventually get there.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Patch Notes

The Season 2 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has added a lot of new things to the mix. The massive 60 GB update is live now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Here are the full patch notes for the Season 2 update for Modern Warfare:

What’s New

New Operator: Ghost

New Weapons: Grau 5.56 and Striker 45

Playlist Update

  • CDL Playlist (Hardpoint, Domination, Search and Destroy)
  • Realism Ground War (previously Realism Mosh Pit)
  • Adding Boneyard into Ground War rotation
  • “I have Rust Issues” – 6v6 Mosh Pit
  • Gunfight Snipers 3v3
  • Rust: available in 2v2 and 6v6 playlists
  • Atlas Superstore: available in 6v6 and 10v10 playlists

Regiments (check them out in the Social menu)

New Trials

Special Ops Survival: Azhir Cave (Sony Exclusive)

Akimbo Weapon Perk (available in Gunsmith)

* A note from the team: Bazaar and Gunfight Tournaments will go live later in the season!

General Fixes

  • Fix for the “Focused” challenge not tracking properly
  • Krovnik Farmland
    • Added back into rotation
    • Removed access to the second floor in a handful of centrally located houses (see the locations below marked in red)
    • Fixes for various exploits across Ground War maps
    • Fixed an issue where players could team kill Care Package owners and teammates capturing Care Packages
    • Fix for Platinum and Damascus camos sometimes having a blinding glare when in certain areas that contain sunlight
    • Fix for a rare bug that could prevent players from accessing the barracks, weapons, and/or Operators tabs after matches
    • Disabled the “Copy Loadout” feature

Field Upgrades

  • Trophy System: Deploy time has been reduced by about half a second
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to get infinite Weapon Drops by cancelling Killstreaks. Killstreaks are no longer usable when the Weapon Drop grenade is equipped
  • Fixed a bug where objectives were not giving Field Upgrade progress

Perks – Rebalancing

  • Perk 1 Slots
    • Overkill: Switched places with Killchain and will now be in Perk 2
    • E.O.D.: Removed hacking ability (added to Spotter perk)
    • Double Time: Double the recharge rate of Tactical Sprint
    • Quick Fix: Reduced health regeneration delay – any kill will immediately start regeneration
  • Perk 2 Slots
    • Ghost: Remove Snapshot grenade immunity (moved to Battle Hardened)
    • Restock: Change the equipment recharge rate from 30 to 25 seconds
    • Killchain: Switched places with Overkill In Perk 1
    • Pointman: Increase the score gain for Scorestreaks across all modes
  • Perk 3 Slots
    • Tune Up: Increase Field Upgrade cost reduction
    • Spotter: Added hacking ability (from E.O.D.); we’re currently working on the ability to hack through walls.
    • Battle Hardened:
      • Added Snapshot grenade immunity (moved from Ghost)
      • Added Gas grenade resistance:
        • Cough is no longer played when a player enters gas
        • Reduced slowdown under gas effect
        • Reduced blur when under gas effect


  • Crossbow:
    • Fix for some kills not tracking properly when attempting to unlock the Crossbow
    • Fixed explosive Fury crossbow bolts to not kill Juggernauts in one hit
    • Very slight tuning to the reload speed. We’re still fine tuning this one, so more adjusting is in the works
    • Fixed a bug where the Crossbow did not do any melee damage to Deployable Cover
  • SA87– Smoothed out recoil, increased damage
  • Increased RAM-7 extended mags ammo count from 45 to 50
  • *A note from the weapons team! The Solozero NVG Enhanced is supposed to see through smoke, but a rendering bug broke this one optic temporarily. We’ll have it fixed shortly!

Special Operations:

  • Operation Harbinger: Fixed an issue with a checkpoint that could cause players to spawn under the map

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Added Change to Loadout keybinds for Custom Loadouts 6 to 10, allowing players to quickly switch to any of their favorite Loadouts with the press of a button.
  • Fixed a visual issue where highlighting the usernames of multiple people in a lobby with the mouse cursor could lead to multiple Emblem/Player Card/Level UI elements appearing and overlapping each other.

Call of Duty League

  • Removed Specialist restrictions

COD Caster

  • For Keyboard & Mouse Codcasters, it is now possible to bring up player Field Upgrades by pressing a key in the same way as they can with Killstreaks. This also shows the exact progress until each player unlocks their respective Field Upgrade.
  • Player health levels are displayed in the background of their portraits
  • Player numbers are now displayed in the minimap and are larger when viewed on the full map


  • When using the Tracker perk, footprints are now visible even when the Bullet Impacts & Sprays option is disabled in the Graphics tab
  • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability
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