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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: New Map Coming

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare has become one of the most played games this week thanks to the lockdown and the free Warzone update. With more than 30 million players, the new Battle Royale mode is turning a lot of heads. I have been playing the mode, and the chaotic CoD twist in the bland Battle Royale mode is the “thing” that this game does so well that many players are even returning to the franchise to play the mode.

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Warzone is not the only good thing happening for the CoD: Modern Warfare fans, Infinity Ward has planned a lot of new stuff for the base game and many free DLCs on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC that will be hitting at the end of this week. One of these DLCs is a whole new map for the multiplayer. It also includes new weapons for the Warzone, a brand new Operator called Talon, and many free modes. Talon has a companion that calls for creative finishers.

If you are playing CoD Mobile, expect a few limited time events. Lastly, CoD BLackOps 4 is also getting playlist updates and double XP rewards. All in all, it is going to be a busy weekend for the CoD franchise.

Khandor Hideout

The new multiplayer map is called Khandor Hideout. It is described as a medium-range map that will be available for different modes, including the 6v6 squad mode. The map has vast terrains and densely packed areas filled with steep corners. The design of the map calls for a mix of the sniper, Shotgun, and SMG gameplay depending upon the situation.


The “Lanes” are being called the areas where line of sight stays uninterrupted for quite a distance making it very good for long-range snipes. In the map description, there is no mention regarding the number of such terrains, so if there are only a few of these (which should be expected), expect being sniped at the spot where you are hoping to snipe someone (classic CoD gameplay).

The map will have designated areas for close-quarter combats. Mainly the main warehouse conveniently located at the center of the map serves as the perfect place for early Shotgun, and SMG kills. The main unknown of this map is the same as any unreleased map. How well the community will receive it, many maps had suffered “sudden death,” such as crisis only because of community reaction while the same has caused many maps to stay such as the Nuketown.

Lastly, the update was meant to hit the systems on 24th march, but the latest news from the studio is that the map will be released later this week.

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