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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had a Zombies Mode that never saw the light of day

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It’s been a year since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched. Between the bugs, crashes, and unreliable multiplayer servers, the game had to counter its fair share of problems after the launch. However, despite these issues, Modern Warfare has been the most successful Call of Duty game this generation.

It brought some of the classic Call of Duty gameplay back to the franchise as the developers focused on making a much grittier and realistic experience this time.

One thing that remained consistent since the launch was game updates and new content. Despite the enormous size of the game, we got massive season updates of around 40 to 60 gigabytes with new guns and fixes every time. The lasted season 4 update brought some key improvements and updated features like larger lobby size and spawn fixes.

call of duty modern warfare

The only thing that this game, according to developers, focuses on is having the looks and feel as close to actual warfare as it can. We did not get jetpacks and crazy futuristic arsenal this time. Instead, we got realistic and vast maps combined with the robust gameplay that transforms you right into the battlefield.

In this pursuit of realism, Infinity Ward managed to remove the single feature we all loved and cherished in almost all call of duty releases for a long time. First implemented in the fifth installment of the franchise Call of Duty: World at War, the zombie mode offered a different type of gameplay for players. The pressure and fear of being eaten alive was something new and quite exciting.

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The zombie mode was reportedly an actual part of the Modern Warfare game at one point in development. Now after a while since the release, we come to know that a zombie mode was actually in the works, but it didn’t see the light if the day.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Zombies Mode

Aaron Beck, an artist at Infinity Ward, posted an image on his Instagram account, which showed what the zombie mode could have looked like. He said that a zombie mode was initially considered for the game, but it was limited to initial production only. The company, later on, decided to cut it off and launch the game without it.

This single image has caused a lot of comments on the internet on the decision made to remove the part. The players all around the world are left to wonder how this pat could’ve played out with the story. Take a look at the post below.

The image shows the concept art of  Zombie mode, which we missed out on. There are some clues about the background story which developers might have thought about. In the image, we see a Russian soldier with two robots that are escorting zombies. These zombies could be dead soldiers or a result of some kind of experimentation.

Paying close attention to the background, we see a structure that resembles a nuclear plant. This Nuclear plant looks destroyed after a catastrophe, which hints us about the backstory of the zombie mode.

The Future

Infinity ward is still silent about the existence of a zombie mode, even in their plans. One ray of sunshine is that if players do want this and end up pushing the company to work on it, they can get a Zombie mode with the future updates. And, with the guns and gameplay of Modern Warfare, you can bet that it would be a treat.

Having said that, Activision’s focus is definitely on the next installment of Call of Duty which is rumored to be Black Ops: Cold War. And, traditionally, Black Ops games have had Zombies mode in them so the chances of a full Zombies Mode experience coming to Modern Warfare are pretty slim.


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