Call of Duty: Mobile – Zombies Mode & Controller Support update rolling out tonight

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Call of Duty: Mobile has taken the internet by storm after becoming one of the most played mobile games on the planet. The game has been out for almost 2 months now and the concurrent number of players it manages to amass every single day is still extremely impressive.

The success of the new game can be attributed to the fact that instead of being another PUBG clone, Call of Duty: Mobile manages to reproduce the essence of Call of Duty franchise on a mobile device. The innovative controls and customization options paired with authentic Call of Duty maps and gameplay have elevated the game on to unprecedented heights.

However, despite all the success, Activision isn’t going to let the game get repetitive as it has announced another massive update for it.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Mode & Controller support update will roll out across the world tonight

The latest update for Call of Duty: Mobile is a massive one and it brings some much-requested features to the game. Firstly, Activision is introducing a new zombie mode to the game. Zombies have always been at the heart of the Call of Duty: Black Ops series and it only makes sense for them to make their way to the mobile game as well. The update will also come with new multiplayer maps for the game.

Cod mobile zombies

In addition to the zombies mode, full controller support is also being added to Call of Duty: Mobile. This feature has been requested by the fans for a long time as most people who are accustomed to playing Call of Duty on their consoles are having a hard time adjusting to a touch screen. The added controller support will certainly improve the overall experience and the feel of the game.

So, when is the update arriving? Well, the official Reddit account for Call of Duty: Mobile posted the exact time the Zombies update will be rolling out at for each individual region. Here’s when you can expect the update to be out near you:

  • Los Angeles: Nov 22 – 21:00 PST

  • New York: Nov 23 – 00:00 EST

  • Sao Paulo: Nov 23 – 2:00 BRT

  • London: Nov 23- 5:00 GMT

  • Stockholm: Nov 23 – 6:00 CET

  • Berlin: Nov 23 – 6:00 CET

  • Moscow: Nov 23 – 8:00 MSK

  • New Delhi: Nov 23 – 10:30 IST

  • Sydney: Nov 23 – 16:00 AEDT

  • Tokyo: Nov 23 – 14:00 JST

The massive Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies update will be out on these times for both iOS and Android devices.

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Battle Pass also making its way to COD: Mobile

Apart from the big Zombies mode and controller support update, Call of Duty: Mobile is also getting a Battle Pass. We’ve all seen similarly styled Battle Passes being successful for games like Fortnite and it only makes sense for Call of Duty to implement that as well. However, the Battle Pass will not be coming as a part of tonight’s big update.

Call of duty mobile battlepass

Instead, the Battle Pass is expected to arrive a few days later on November 25. It would be interesting to see how different Call of Duty: Mobile’s implementation of the Battle Pass is as compared to the competition.

Call of Duty: Mobile has been out since October 1, 2019 for both Android and iOS. It features classic Call of Duty multiplayer combat in mobile form. So far, the game has managed to receive rave reviews across the board and has quickly built up a massive fan base for itself.

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