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Call of Duty: Mobile – How to Fix Server Connection Error during Sign-in

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Call of Duty is perhaps one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. The first-person shooter franchise sees millions of players enjoy its fast-paced multiplayer experiences to this day. Every release of theirs, whether annualized or not, enjoys large player bases and success. However, in 2020, Call of Duty as a franchise grew to unprecedented levels thanks to the breaking of its traditional formulae. The chief ways it did this was by launching both Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone just months apart.

If you haven’t played Call of Duty: Warzone yet, you’re sorely missing out. It offers a great spin on the Battle Royale genre, and stellar cross-play options while still using a free-to-play model. In fact, the game receives regular content updates, like the Season 1 update we talk about here.

On the other hand, Call of Duty Mobile is Activision’s attempt to compete with other popular smartphone shooters like Fortnite and PUBG. Partnering with Tencent Games, it offers a simplified but still familiar take on the series’ core gameplay. You get the same fan-favorite maps and weapons, along with additional modes to play.

The controls are a bit different to account for the touchscreen controls, but they work well for veterans of the franchise. All in all, the game offers a refreshing, portable version that you can play as long as your phone has reasonable performance and internet connectivity.

Call of Duty Mobile users sometimes experience connection errors on the sign-in screen

Speaking of connectivity, it is unfortunately somewhat common to see players complain about Call of Duty Mobile connection errors. As the game surges in popularity, the number of downloads and concurrent player counts increase. Not surprisingly, that creates heavy strains on the developer’s infrastructure, meaning that they often cannot handle so many players at once. While these problems usually become resolved within a few hours, Call of Duty Mobile might not work until then.

Even so, there are still several things you can do on your end to make sure the game connects and signs in more easily. Keep in mind that as the game gets updates for bug fixes, these Call of Duty connection errors may disappear. Until then, we have taken the liberty of showing you effective, tried-and-tested ways to fix your CoD Mobile sign errors.

1) Restart your game, and make sure it is up-to-date

We can’t say this enough: no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to simple tech fixes. Sometimes the best fixes come from the most basic of solutions. Namely, try closing and launching your app again. Not only does this kill any faulty or misbehaving processes, but it also reestablishes your system’s memory allocation.

Furthermore, check the PlayStore or the AppStore, depending on your device, for new updates. Like many mobile games, CoD Mobile is also routinely improved and each build is more stable than the last. Often at times, the developers include fixes for any Call of Duty Mobile server errors or connection errors. Never miss out on an update, no matter how small!

2) Restart your router, and change advanced settings like NAT type and Quality of Service

Another source of errors while signing into Call of Duty Mobile servers is your internet connection itself. A weak or unstable connection can force your app to logout or bar you from multiplayer entirely. That’s why a reset to your router can jog the connection, and fix your connection errors quickly and easily. To reset the router, simply power off the router for 30 seconds, then restart it. Allow it a few minutes to initialize again, and you’re all set!

Moving on to more advanced fixes, you’ll need to know your router’s specific make and model. Then, access the administrator settings unique to your device. Since every router is different, you’ll need to look up how to do this online or contact your internet service provider. From here, you can adjust the NAT type and enable Quality of Service (QoS).

NAT type basically controls how strict your connection is to allow game servers to access it. Changing it from ‘Strict’ to ‘Moderate’ will keep your private network secure enough but stabilize connections.

Likewise, QoS serves to strengthen your connection for online play. It does this by prioritizing your internet bandwidth, allocating more for gaming. This can prevent less important devices and apps from using up all of your bandwidth, saving most for your gaming.

3) Clear game cache from your app settings

Often at times, bugs originate not from big, obvious sources but minor data faults in the game directory. On Android devices, you can solve this fairly easily by clearing the app cache. This process essentially allows you to clear away any useless or corrupted data that plagues your memory. And best of all, all of your user data is still stored so you don’t need to reinstall. Simply navigate to Apps, then select Call of Duty Mobile. From here, look for Storage options and clear the cache. Just be sure not to delete data just yet, because the two options may be confused. That would force you to reinstall the entire game. Here’s an example of how to do it using a different app:


On Apple iPhones and iPads, you may not have this option. Apple is notoriously closed-off when it comes to third-party apps. It cites security concerns as the reason why it doesn’t allow users to access more advanced options like clearing the cache. However, it certainly means you may have to reinstall the game to resolve persistent Call of Duty Mobile connection errors.

4) Make sure your mobile data signal is strong enough, and you have enough credit

Sometimes, especially for players on the go, mobile data signs can confuse the best of us. Ever see a strong 5G sign on your notification panel, only to experience sub-optimal webpage load times? Does your signal strength fluctuate between full bars to barely a single bar, within moments? It may just so happen that your data signal is too weak to stably connect to the Call of Duty Mobile servers.

Make sure that your wireless service provider account is topped up and you have adequate credit. Furthermore, you can either restart your phone or put it into Airplane Mode for a few minutes to reset your data signals. This can help fix bugs that hinder your connection. Lastly, if you suspect that your area isn’t getting stable coverage, try moving outdoors.


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