Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – How to Fix PS5 Crash Error CE-108255-1?

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Another year, another Call of Duty. While other major AAA franchises like Assassin’s Creed have abandoned their habit of annualized releases, Call of Duty soldiers on. Pardon the pun. The latest installment, Black Ops Cold War, sounds like a mouthful and is generally considered a milking out of the tired Cold War storyline. It seems like unlike the recently rebooted Modern Warfare series, the Black Ops line is growing less relevant with every release.

Case in point: the first 2 games tied up both the present and past storylines neatly, and had terrific multiplayer experiences for the time. The third was something of a downfall, providing a listless futuristic setting with a disappointing conclusion. And the fourth Black Ops? A battle royale shooter with no campaign. Because Infinity Ward needed to cash in on that trend ASAP regardless of the missing Cold War themes.

That’s not to say Black Ops Cold War is a bad game. It boasts spectacular graphics, benefiting greatly from raytracing technology on PC and next-gen consoles. The game’s story mode features returning fan-favorite characters like Woods and Mason, and is fun, if not predictably cliched. The multiplayer portion is something of a letdown given how diverse Warzone and Modern Warfare remain by comparison. But the Zombies portion offers some of the best moments in the franchise’s history.

However, we need to discuss some of the game’s occasional issues. We don’t just mean the game’s quality itself. Cold War suffers from several major bugs and errors, not unlike another successful 2020 game. However, in recent weeks one error has grown more common than the rest. And it has sorely ruined the experience for players on PS5.

The Cold War crash affects players on the PS5 and leads to the system failing to run the game

This issue seems to stem from something related to the PS5 hardware. Our evidence? The fact that the error only occurs on the PS5 unlike the Xbox Series S/X, and not the PC. Furthermore, online sources reveal players complaining about the error occurring while playing lots of other titles. However, it seems that loading up Cold War triggers the crash more frequently than other titles. In all cases, players loading up Black Ops Cold War will get forced onto the dashboard. Then, an error code appears on the screen, usually something like “CE-108255-1” denoting a major error.


This error is one of the most severe a Cold War player can experience. Instead of just restricting a segment of the game, like the one that blocks off multiplayer-only, this error leads to a total game crash. What’s more, simple retries of the game yield no improvement, making this a highly persistent issue. Fortunately, Sony Entertainment has already acknowledged the existence of this issue online.

This is a pinch of good news, at least. It indicates that potentially, Activision and Sony will develop a fix for Cold War. This will probably take a few weeks, and release as a patch or update. Since the error is system-wide, it may even culminate in a PS5 UI update. Until then, fret not, and sit back as we present to you the best ways to resolve the PS5 Cold War crash error. All fixes come from reliable sources and will prove effective.


1) Restart your console, then launch the game again

Like all computing systems, the PlayStation system is little more than a virtual machine. This machine operates by running many processes, each intricate, in tandem. Sometimes, a process can startup incorrectly and develop a corrupted memory cache due to a bug. When multiple processes get errors, it leads to a systematic failure. Expect drops in performance, glitches, and crashes in games.

This is why the cliched “turn it off and again” fix still holds promise. While it sounds ineffectual, this method can kill off misbehaving processes immediately. Not just that, but it clears away corrupted memory and buggy tasks, and ensures the next bootup is smooth. This should prevent a PS5 Cold War crash. Just make sure to avoid putting the console into the default Standby Mode, and properly shutting it down.

2) Rebuild your PS5 game database

One of the most useful tools the PS4 and PS5 have is the ability to rebuild game databases. Unique to the Sony consoles, this tool essentially checks game installations for errors and corrects them. It also reorganizes your storage to make the game run more smoothly. Quite often, players report better, more smoother game performance following this maintenance.

To do this, power off your PS5 fully. Then, hold the power button on until you hear a distinct audio cue, which indicates booting into Safe Mode. From here, navigate to advanced game settings. Then, look for the option to Rebuild the Game database. This process will only take a few moments, but could potentially resolve the PS5 Cold War crash issue.

3) Restart your router, and configure it for an optimal online connection

The issue, as confirmed by Sony, can stem from software and hardware issues. Therefore, it makes sense to try and restart your network connection, as traffic bottlenecks can also lead to online failures. Turn your console off for 30 seconds, then back on.

This relation to internet connectivity is corroborated by several users. They claim that when offline, the error is much less common, and games run well until the connection is restored. Therefore, press the PS button and go to Settings, then Network Options, and disconnect from the internet. It isn’t a permanent fix but potentially can buy you time to try the other fixes and troubleshoot.

Furthermore, contact your ISP (internet service provider) to gain login credentials for your router portal. From here, try to configure advanced settings like QoS and NAT type. The former can help prioritize your bandwidth for PSN, eliminating bugs. The latter will help strengthen your connection, by changing it from Strict to Moderate.

4) Reinstall Black Ops Cold War

We know that no one enjoys deleting and reinstalling games. Especially a game that’s nearly 200 GB to download, like Cold War. However, it can prove an effective fix to several errors. This is because corrupted data in the game’s directory and your storage, as well as missing or broken files, can be replaced in this way. It is certainly worth the time taken to download since it will give you a bug and error-free game. This should help resolve the PS5 Cold War crash error.

For more on the PS5, Cold War, and gaming tips, stay tuned!



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