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The Best Weapons to use in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for each class

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Now that Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, one of 2020’s biggest releases, is out, there’s much to consider. For starters, what console will you play on? While the best gameplay experience often comes on PC, with uncapped framerates and optimum resolutions, console isn’t far behind.

In fact, this year, the gap between consoles and PC has narrowed like never before. With framerates of upto 120 FPS and 4K resolution, with settings like raytracing and FOV sliders, console gaming is seriously close. In fact, the only consideration Treyarch took this year while enabling cross-play was the mouse-and-keyboard and controller segregation. Speaking of controllers, PS5 players may experience unparalleled immersion playing Cold War thanks to the DualSense controller’s haptic motors.

Black Ops Cold War features several classes of different primary weapons

Keeping that in mind, now we move onto the game itself. How will you battle the competition? Like all Call of Duty entries, you have the freedom to either choose a default load-out or mix and match to your heart’s content. Believe us, we’ve been enjoying this game ever since the beta (click here to read our guide from then).

The classes of weapons the game has are assault rifles, tactical rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. And that is excluding the numerous secondary weapon choices, like handguns and launchers. So, without further ado, we give you the very best picks from the game’s wide arsenal of primary weapons.

Best Assault Rifle – XM4

This weapon probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the game for a while. Even since the days of the Alpha, players seem to gravitate towards this beast of a weapon. It outclasses most of the others in the assault rifle category thanks to its excellent balancing. What stands out the most will be the speed and accuracy ratings.

It has a superb rate of fire, a high RPM (rounds per minute) value. And it reloads pretty quickly, with a decent clip size. In addition, recoil control (especially for seasoned mouse users) is fairly easy and predictable. The high damage benefits players the most in close and mid-range engagements, with long-range carrying some risks.

Best Tactical Rifle – M16

This gun, with its unique 3-round burst, sees more aim-reliant players nab some precise headshots. The burst fire mode is permanent, but that simply gives you a good accuracy boost. The low recoil is also a plus point. Furthermore, the decent clip size and fire rate (only a little delay between bursts) sweeten the deal. Honestly, we can totally see experienced players forgoing a fully automatic weapon just for the satisfying, precise, high-damage burst.

Best Shotgun – Gallo SA12

This shotgun overtakes the Hauer 77 thanks to its less risky approach. This semi-auto shotgun gives players a higher chance of turning the gunfight around if they miss the first shot. The less punishing fire rate, coupled with the decent spread at mid-range makes this weapon more reliable. The stopping power (damage) won’t be as high as the pump-action counterpart, but it is still enough at close to moderate range engagements to nab a 1-shot kill. Just be sure to hit the upper-body or head, of course. If you pack a reliable handgun or rifle as a secondary, the quick switch may help you reach far-off targets with the same loadout!

Best Submachine Gun – MP5

There is no way we could exclude this fan-favorite from this list. The MP5 has been dominating close and mid-range encounters since the alpha. And that is no surprise, given the gun’s ludicrously high rate of fire. That, and the fast ADS time riddles even the most skilled opponents with holes in no time flat. The vertical recoil can be mitigated with some effort, but the noticeable horizontal recoil is eliminated with a foregrip. There is some talk about future minor nerfs to the MP5, but until then continue to use it free of guilt.

Best Light Machine Gun – RPD

Black Ops Cold War
Image: GamesAtlas

The RPD outclasses the Stoner 63 in most every way. This gun has better mobility and fire rate, and the drum clip is enough for most players. Although the way the current meta is, assault rifles generally outperform both LMG’s, the RPD is still a solid choice. With the addition of the right attachments (a decent sight/scope, a foregrip, etc) you can even overcome the weapon’s high recoil. We recommend players reaching for longer range encounters to check their fire, and use bursts. That is the best way to take advantage of the high rate of fire without completely losing accuracy.

Best Sniper Rifle – Pellington 703

black ops cold war

Call of Duty remains one of the few major AAA shooters that allows (if not encourages) the art of quickscoping. For that, players need a strong and precise weapon like this one. This bolt action sniper remains similar ones from previous games, so seasoned veterans will not face a significant learning curve. Like most sniper rifles, a shot to the upper body or head is an instant 1-shot kill.

The bolt action is probably meant to encourage careful aim at long range, but nothing can stop bolder players from leaping to the forefront of firefights. This gun benefits from the fast rechamber time, meaning despite the bolt action you can get off a second shot pretty quickly.

Add in the insanely overpowered scope and players with the Pellington 703 dominate at mid to long ranges easily. In case you need extra coverage against hard firing enemies at shorter ranges, we suggest a strong assault rifle or submachine gun as a backup.

That about wraps up our list of the best weapons to choose from. We hope to see you on the battlefield soon! Just remember to modify and tweak your load-outs to your liking. After all, only in the chaotic wonderland that is Call of Duty are you just as likely to be killed by a sniper as you are by a shotgun. So, best to go as creative as possible, to make a well-rounded load-out for all engagements.

Black Ops Cold War will integrate with other Call of Duty games, meaning you won’t have to start from scratch

As Treyarch previously announced, Black Ops Cold War will link up to Warzone and Modern Warfare. That means that regardless of what device you log onto, your leveling up progress carries across. Not only that, but even changing your platform, like from PC to PS5, will carry your player profile forward too. With so many modes of multiplayer, countless weapons, and cross-play across several communities, the future of Call of Duty has never been this bright.

For more on Call of Duty, stay tuned.



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