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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Best Guns to use during Beta weekend

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After the release on consoles, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is now available for PC gamers as well. The PC platform is one of the main markets of Call of Duty games. A lot of players are jumping in on the Beta after the release. For those of you who just started out the game and have no idea what weapons to use. We have the best guide to get you started.

The game offers a versatile set of weapons to choose from and building a good combination can be tricky at times. Consequently, if you’re having problems with which guns to use in Cold War Beta. We have some great guns that will have you slaying the opponents in no time. One thing to note is that weapon progression is extremely slow in the beta phase and all the guns are chosen for lower attachments.


Starting off with rifles the first one we have on the list is XM4. It is one of the most powerful Assault Rifles in the beta thanks to its speed and accuracy. However, it does have problems with long-range combats and does not perform as good. the firepower and speed do makeup for that in medium-range and close quarters where this gun is something the players fear.

source: IGN

Krig 6:

Coming up nest is Krig 6, in simple words this gun is full of versatility and experimentation. With an impressive fire rate, good damage, and accuracy the gun is excellent for combats at every range.  One small recommendation while using this gun is that you should either keep the Pelington 703 Sniper Rifle or the Gallo SA12 Shotgun as your secondary weapon. both of them will pair nicely with this gun and provide better versatility.

Another good rifle to use in the game is the AK-47 but we don’t feel it’s as good as these two. However, it’s all up to personal preference and you can choose any gun you like as long as you play well with it.


Coming to SMGs now we have out all-time favorite the MP5. It is one of the most commonly used weapons in the game right now. The gun offers a great fire rate and ADS speed making it a nightmare at close range combats. MP5 excels on maps like Satellite, Miami, and Cartel in the game. It does however pack some horizontal recoil but you can fix that late on with a foregrip attachment.

Source: Gameratlas

Milano 821:

this is also among some of the most powerful weapons in the beta version. Milano 821 Submachine Gun absolutely dominates on the battlefield, with its well-balanced weapon features outstanding firepower, speed, and accuracy. The weapon is inspired by UZI from a lot of its design elements. It can make you a killing machine when coupled with the right attachments.

Since it’s great for close-range combats we recommend using this gun in maps like Moscow, Armada, Satellite, and Cartel.

Pelington 703:

No Call of Duty guns list is complete without a sniper so here we are with the Pelington 703. The rifle combines a faster fire rate with lower recoil which makes it the weapon of choice for quick scoping. Paired with guns like the Krig 6 or M16 you will have a loadout that dominates in every range of the game.

Source: Gameratlas

Gallo SA12: 

Lastly in the shotgun department, we have picked the Gallo SA12. It offers satisfying one-shot kill at close ranges. Surprisingly it also did pretty good damages at medium range compared to shotgun damages we are used to. It does, however, have a long reload time which makes you easy prey for opponents. 

That is it for our favorite guns in the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta. You can also join the free beta right now and let us know which one of these you liked the most. More information on how to join the beta here.


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