Broken graves, exposed coffins at Merrick is not the only creepy case of its kind

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Certain recent cases reported at various cemeteries, makes one reconsider the existence of supernatural beings. Because who knows, a vampire might be lurking in a nearby alley, or some mythical creature going on a rampage in a cemetery.

You can never be sure, for recent reports of mysterious happenings in the graveyards just strengthens already mentioned theory.

What prompted us to go look into the cryptic matter was the recent mysterious exposing of tombs and coffins at Merrick Cemetery on St. Bernard Highway in Violet. The video of the opened tombs was sent by a WGNO- viewer; Angela Usannaz Shockley.

Apart from being disturbing, the video raised quite a few notions, questioning the authorities responsible, whether the cemetery was vandalized; the act was carried out by humans or perhaps an ulterior force was involved.

The authority concerned (Save Our Cemeteries) was informed of the occurrence at the cemetery, but the cemetery did not lie in their jurisdiction. Therefore the ST Bernard Parish Sheriff’s office was notified. As of now the matter is still under the covers.

However, what is intriguing is that, this is not the only case of its nature. Various other uncanny cases have popped up recently. One such instance is of the decaying foot. While Cleveland Butler’s family was giving the 85 year old, a burial at Mount Holiness Memorial Park they were deeply disturbed by a decayed foot sticking out of the neighboring grave.

The grieving family was devastated all over again at the sight of the foot popping on the beautiful cave of their beloved deceased. What was even more shocking was the fact that the cemetery workers continued to work unfazed by the exposed foot.

As Sandra, daughter of the deceased stated, ‘It was like business as usual for them. They just dumped the dirt in the plot like it was normal, like it’s nothing to them.’

The Girl with two graves is another example of such episode. Found buried under a garage was perfectly preserved, a body of a little girl, in an airless metal casket. Her coffin was unearthed when construction workers broke through the concrete floor of a home under renovation in San Francisco’s Richmond district.

The grim discovery riveted the city, sparking an outpouring of posthumous grief and an intensive effort to identify her. For how could something so beautifully buried could be so thoroughly forgotten?? ‘Believed’ to be buried in 1870, DNA tests are run to identify the body.

Up till now there hasn’t been much progress made. It is kind of terrifying if one day you wake up to find a grave in your yard and added to that, a grave without the tombstone!

Such incidents tend to insinuate fear among the people, at the same time raise doubts among the others regarding the existence of supernatural entities, as absurd as it may sound.

But who can blame the human mind, after undergoing such traumatic incidents, it conjures up some silly theories to satisfy the unsettling feeling. Hence bringing up Buffy to real life isn’t really that absurd of an idea.

However, what we do recommend is to put your faith in science and its theories, for even though it takes time, you will be given your plausible elucidations, explaining with evidence of the happenings and who was behind them.

Till then eat, chill, relax, watch your favorite movies and try not visiting a cemetery for some time if you wish to have a good night’s sleep.

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