Brain-Hacking technology turns into a Reality

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A lot of hype came out from the Silicon Valley in the past few days, regarding the technology which can easily combine human brains with machines. But everyone is pondering over this new idea that how is it going to be possible and who are the people behind this idea.

Space X  and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his up-coming project ‘Neuralink’, also called BCI (Brain Computer Interface).

BCIs technology will be used in medical researches but the genuine objective of the project is to stop humans getting outmoded. This will enable and facilitate people to fuse with the artificial intelligence.

Although the idea to hack brains may sound like a bubble dream but some tech firms have their believes on, as Musk is not the only company which is working on this venture of bringing humans closer to the machines, there are 5 other companies too who are collaborating in turning this idea into reality.

According to the Musk, the main hurdle which is between humans and machines is the communication ‘bandwith’. Using keyboards or touch screens is quite a slow way for communicating purpose. To create an undeviating ‘high-bandwith’ for communication between machines and human brains is the actual venture.

Neuralink is the medical research company which is all set to produce a product which will facilitate people in curing brain injuries with the four years. For BCIs it will produce a technology that will enable humans to communicate by ‘consensual telepathy’ and within 5 years this technology will be ready.

After this Facebook also announced that it is also working on an idea which will allow people to type their own thoughts. This seems quite startling and the main objective of Facebook is to make a device which will facilitate people to type up to 100 words within a minute.

This device will also work like a ‘brain mouse’ for Augmented Reality; this will be the chief invention in the history of technology.

The founder of the famous online payment company ‘Brain Tree’ Bryan Johnson invested around $100 millions into a new company called Kernel. The preliminary goal of the company was to develop an incredible chip which can store memories easily and can also re-deliver them. But now Kernel is focusing on different technology which is quite similar to Neuralink.

Kernel is building a platform which can be use for simulating and recording the neurons. The main goal of the company is to treat diseases like Alzheimer and depression.

Emotiv is no now making products which will be able to record the activities of brain noninvasively even thou the dependability of the technology is much lower if compared with Neuralink but it is more conventional.

On the other hand, visualizing the brain activity, controlling gadgets and measuring the brain fitness can be done easily by software which Emotiv is producing reported by the Daily Dot.

DARPA wants to build an astonishing technology, a device that will have the capacity to record 1 million neurons concurrently and will be also able to reproduce at least 100,000 neurons in the human brain. The device will possess the competence to feed the visual and auditory information directly into the human brain.

If these 5 companies are able to achieve their goals and bring out these beyond belief technologies then human brain will be able to do wonders in this world.

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