This Bracelet-cum-Survival kit helps great in wilderness

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X-PLORE GEAR EMERGENCY PARACORD BRACELET is all what you need to survive in wilderness.

Do you consider camping as a best way to occupy your free time? Are you designed to thrive in the great outdoors? X-plore Gear emergency paracord is just the right thing for you. This is the ultimate tactical survival gear that can be more than handy while you camp in the rugged outdoors.

Don’t fall for its size, there is a lot more veiled in this sleek, comfortable looking compact gadget. This is an amazing wilderness survival kit that can be carried around your wrist or snapped to your backpack, providing you with great portability.

It comes in a number of color options and a flint fire starter, the long distance survival whistle, the compass for direction finding and the knife/scraper, bringing all you need in a single bracelet.

The paracord is woven tightly, the clasp locks in tight and secure, releases easily, the cutting blade is secure and below the surface so it doesn’t catch on anything. This is the ideal choice for a military person, hiker, fisher or an outdoor buff.

Life in the outdoors is no laughter and an enthusiastic survivor knows it the best. Time is gone when the backpack was jam-packed with of items of survival and sleeping bag was second priority. It is time when you can leave survival tools requirements to this mini bracelet and make up space for some extra joggers in your backpack.

This bracelet is crafted from seven strand ultra-strong paracord that can take great loads. The paracord is strong enough that when unwoven, it can be lashed together to logs and branches for making a safe shelter or ­­­­­hammock.It can also be used as a fishing tool by attaching a hook and bait to its later end.

If you are not a fish guy, you can use this bracelet to entangle passing animals by making a trap which hunters can construct using a paracord of this bracelet. For cooking, you may use its fire starter to light that animal into a yummy meal. Fire Starter comes with a scrapper, when stroked onto flint, is able to produce enough spark to encourage development of fire.

The Compass and Whistle attached to this bracelet is a great way to find direction or give a signal,when lost. This handy provision is indeed a life saver when outdoors. The whistle works perfectly fine and is loud enough to be heard at long distances.

This tactical gear can also serve as a reliable first aid kit. If bit by snake or need a medication, paracord can act as tourniquet and scrapper as a knife for cutting skin. It provides almost everything a basic first aid kit needs to address.

With this Tactical Survival Bracelet, you can turn your outdoor trip into a safe one. Go fishing with the paracord rope, secure your items or use it as first aid tourniquet, light a fire for cooking or warm yourself up, find your way with the compass and have an ever-important scraper/ knife at your disposal.

This small, compact bracelet is packed with everything you may need during your outdoor trips. So! Grab one, wear it and get set go for your outdoor tours.

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