Bose Sleepbuds; Perfect for a peaceful soundless sleep

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The audio company Bose is back with another spectacular innovation in hand; the glorious noise masking ear buds. Initially launched by Hush, the buds were to make it into the market, but couldn’t, since Bose had acquired the company. And now it is launching the sleep buds through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Working on the same principle employed by Hush, they incorporate technology developed by Hush, a San Diego start-up founded by three UC San Diego undergraduate engineering students, in the buds. Bose has been working with Hush over the last several months to develop the prototypes and recently acquired the start-up, according Hush CEO Daniel Lee. Bose recently posted a video detailing the relationship.

These tiny comfortable buds provide a soundless sleep over the night. Once inserted into the ear buds, they promise to block off all the sleep disturbing elements from snores, to dog barks and even noisy neighbors. The fit snugly in the ear and block off any incoming noise, thereby, ensuring a smooth undisturbed sleep.

They come with a silver zinc rechargeable battery, which can go on for two nights on a single charge. There also comes the amazing charging case that provides one extra charge is also included. It’s worth noting, too, that you can use the app to set an alarm that wakes only you and not your sleep partner. This work with the Bose app on the phone, which sets up the alarm in the sleep buds.

The campaign is still in its prototype stage, which means it only has a working demo of the “sleep buds.” The devices have a rechargeable micro-battery for two nights of sleep per charge, noise-isolating ear tips and sound-masking technology that includes soothing sounds preloaded on the built-in flash memory. They come with an Earpod-like charging case that will keep the buds charged when not in use. As the sleepbuds are designed to sleep in, you can set a personal alarm for the morning, letting you wake up without your partner hearing the alarm sounds.

The campaign is still on for 24 more days and the $249 earbuds are available on discounted rates for early backers, getting as low as $150. And it’s astounding since every pricing tier has been sold out so far with still 24-days remaining in the campaign.

Another thing that is somewhat out of the picture is Bose using crowdfunding to launch the buds, even though it is a renowned name in the market. With a healthy revenue inflow, why would Bose take such a step? Well, one reason being that the sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have morphed into the ideal venues for established companies to test new products and gauge market interest with the help of enthusiastic fans. Then after the product has been thoroughly tested, it can be opened for the worldwide distribution. Otherwise, completely forgotten and get rid of if it fails.

Therefore sites like these play an essential role in product development and marketing. “Help us put an end to sleepless nights,” says a note at the top of the campaign’s page. “We want your feedback to improve our latest innovation.”

The buds sound extremely valuable for those who have sleep issues with slight sounds. At the moment there is no guarantee that whether the buds would be able to play music, for the company clearly said that the buds are solely for the purpose to provide a soundless soothing sleep.

The company won’t be delivering product until February 2018. So wait till then to get your own exclusive sleep buds.

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