BMW unveils its latest concept motorbike

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BMW the German Automobile makers just divulged a new zero-emission concept bike which is called ‘Motorrad Concept Link’.

The zero-emission concept bike is extremely enthused by company’s Motarrad Vision Next 100. The design of the bike fulfills the stipulation of mobility (urban) on a great level.

The vehicle links the digital and analogue world together and thus it becomes more suitable for the rider. Another startling feature is the bike works as a transport and as means of communication which utterly facilitates the mobility needs.

“The BMW Motorrad Concept Link stands for a new understanding of urban mobility. It links the digital and analogue world and places the focus on the rider and their mobility needs. In the way it links functionality and digitalization it performs both as a means of transport as well as a communication device.” said Edgar Heinrich, the head of design at BMW Motorrad.

This new concept bike brought by BMW is simply outshines as this new technology will be a boon for the riders plus all electric design makes the concept bike more pertinent.

The concept bike has a strectched low-slung body and a flat seat and according to the company, ‘It is ideally suited to meet the requirements of modern urban mobility with fast acceleration and easy handling’.

The compact drive on the rear wheel and the energy packs fitted underneath shapes a new segment according to the company. The Motorrad Concept Link heavily borrows astounding features form the Motorrad Vision Next 100 by BMW.

According to Head of Vehicle Design at BMW Motorrad, “The BMW Motorrad Link is not based on today’s concepts, but rather meets the basic functionality needs, the technical architecture and the digital reality of today’s users. The technical realities of electric drive – such as the flat energy packs in the underfloor and the compact drive rear wheel – allowed us to create a highly distinctive design which shapes a new segment. The resulting expressive power of the vehicle is absolutely new for BMW Motarrad and breaks with all conventional viewing patterns.”

The concept bike connects the rider to the bike; this facilitates the rider to enjoy the whole experience as the bike itself keeps the track of the rider’s route and destination.

For connecting the rider with the vehicle, a smart jacket is introduced by the company which enables the rider to easily connect with the vehicle which facilitates the rider to control the vehicle effortlessly.

The functionality and sleek design of the concept bike makes it ideal for the riders of the urban areas as it especially design to meet their needs and let them ride in sustainable way.

For parking in the tight spaces of city, it features a reverse gear which enables the rider to maneuver the bike easily. The concept bike is also bestowed with futurism touch like; the slim contours, iconic LEC front lights and a clear-cut layout.

The windscreen of the concept bike projects the basic information like: the navigation information, speed of the bike which keeps the rider up to date.

After unveiling of such astonishing technology (concept bike) by the world famous automobile company ( BMW) it can be predicted that in future the automobile companies will come-up with startling conceptions and ideas that will definitely leave the whole world in a trance.

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