Asus Blue Cave Router – An innovative Wi-Fi router with a big Central Loop

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Asus has recently launched a new smart Wi-Fi router called ‘Blue Cave’, which has a unique design, having a central hole in the device. No such tech-design has ever been seen in the market before.

Blue Cave is the Taiwanese tech giants’ newest AC2600 dual-band Wi-Fi router which comes with user-friendly features and commercial grade protection. The router has already taken over the other routers by winning the ‘Best Choice Golden Award’ at Computex 2017.

Due to the network collisions and unreliable connectivity, especially in the high density areas, most of the wirelesses’ speed gets infeasible. But Blue Cave has some astounding capabilities and features that works to improve the network and connectivity.

The device has the ability to transfer the large capacity files, the fast connectivity enables the user to stream 4K videos and also supports wireless file sharing feature without any straggling.

Blue Cave can be easily managed from the user’s tablets and smart phones, users can easily control the access of the internet and can also view the network usage.

Usually such devices are hidden under the tables or in the closet because of their revolting designs, but the design of Blue Cave makes it more aesthetic than the other routers available in the market.

Most of the users must be pondering over this fact that why this device is called Blue Cave The name attributes the design; blue colored hole resembles to a whirlpool in the middle of the device.

Blue Cav looks more like a subwoofer instead of a Wi-Fi router , making it an exclusive and eye-catching device. The company has also augmented the capacity of the number of devices which can be connected concurrently to the router.

The Blue Cave has no external antennas and the blue hole in the device is meant for a purpose as it separates the two antennas from the motherboard of router which sits at the bottom of it.

This is the most illustrious feature of Blue Cave which makes ideal for homes and offices. The addition of the LED lights in the hole of the device awash the space in the router.

The Blue Cave also supports IFTTT and Alexa, this enables the user to create automated task easily for any IFTTT equipped device and will also facilitate the user to talk to other Internet-of-things via Alexa.

To prevent all your devices from any attack like WannaCry, the Blue Cave comes with ‘AiProtection’ which is powered by none other than Trend Micro. The life time protection will protect the user’s devices from any malware which can affect their devices immensely.

The Asus AiProtection has a great feature as whenever an unknown device connects to the router, it will send a notification to its users and thus the users will be able to detect the hack easily.

Officially the price of the Blue Cave has not been announced yet but according to a spokesperson the price of this startling Wi-Fi router will be under $200.

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