Bloodborne on PC – Why it may not be just a rumour

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When Dark Souls landed, it was a smashing success. Then the same developer, FromSoftware, released Bloodborne in 2015. This phenomenal game was exclusive to the PS5, and still remains to this day. However, recent rumblings from leakers, fans and analysts point to the same thing. Bloodborne, according to many, may finally be getting a PC port soon. Let’s take a look at the game’s launch history, and why many believe it may find a new home in the PC sphere.

Bloodborne is still a fan-favorite title to this day. Improving upon the core mechanics of the Souls series, the game adds additional weapon versatility in the form of firearms. The setting of the game, an amalgamation of Gothic, Victorian-era London and Romanian architecture, sees the player face powerful enemies using slick weapons and brutal combat. Bloodborne is a highly polished and aesthetically-loaded game, with its own rich lore and art style. Put simply, it is a huge step forward for FromSoftware, and helped create a whole genre of its own: the SoulsBorne style of games.

However, the bitter truth is that the game still hasn’t been experienced by legions of interested gamers. Sony, at the time, wanted the developers to make for them an exclusive IP. While that certainly helped boost the PS4’s appeal (over the lackluster Xbox One exclusives lineup), it also deprived players on “wrong” consoles. Scores of Nintendo and Microsoft console owners frequently express their desire to enjoy the Bloodborne experience, with no official confirmation of the possibility.

Sony withholding Bloodborne from PC and Xbox gamers all these years is simply ridiculous

Since 2015, plenty of games have come to other platforms after timed exclusivity for Sony. The 2019 reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came to PS4 first, sure, but it made its way soon after everywhere else. Meanwhile, even Microsoft exclusives like Cuphead started off on Xbox One and PC, but now appear on the PlayStation Store. Last year, in fact, Microsoft made headlines after purchasing the highly popular developer, Bethesda (of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout fame). When asked about its intentions with the upcoming, highly-anticipated Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles, they assured gamers that it wouldn’t go much further than timed exclusivity.

This gamer-friendly practice shows a greater commitment to pleasing the gaming community. Meanwhile, other companies like Nintendo famously guard their intellectual properties from even their own playerbase. However, Sony broke precedent a few years back when Nier: Automata launched on Xbox and PC after the PS4. And Horizon: Zero Dawn, too, is a great exception. The game, released in 2017, was a massive hit on the PS4, and just a few months ago made its way to PC. This surprising move came out of nowhere; PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan claimed the move originated in a great financial opportunity. Read: the only reason Sony will ever consider bringing its games to other platforms is if they can profit off of gamers.

The launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC marks a watershed moment for Sony games, and opens up new possibilities

Because Sony has now openly committed to bringing future titles to PC, upcoming games will make it too. The hotly-awaited sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, called Horizon: Forbidden West may also make it to PC after an initial waiting period. Furthermore, fans grow hopeful that older games will make it to PC or other consoles too. The recent remake of the original Nier title is just one example of a Sony exclusive fans want. What’s to prevent a Bloodborne port to PC, Xbox or even the Switch? Only time will tell.

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