Blaux Portable AC reviews

Blaux Portable AC Reviews – Delay in Shipment due to Covid19

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Whether global warming is real or not is a highly debatable topic. However, what everyone can unanimously agree on is the fact that, in some areas, it can get unbearable during summers. To counter the summer heat, many measures have been taken which include air conditioning.

Now, air conditioners have been here for a while and they have evolved over the years to become pretty sophisticated. That being said, there are still some things that aren’t perfect with air conditioners. The huge electricity bills and the complexity of installation just happen to be the two major concerns.

Thankfully, portable air conditioners exist to take care of those concerns. The one that’ll specifically be in the spotlight today, is the BLAUX Portable AC which is currently available on sale.

UPDATE July, 2020: There may be shipment delays of Blaux Portable ACs and Fans due to Covid19. But rest assured, company is trying its best to deliver all the placed orders as soon as possible.

What is BLAUX Portable AC and Why would anyone need it?

Blaux is a battery-operated portable air conditioner that can be used to cool down the temperature of a room to make it more comfortable and cozy. Since it’s portable, it can be moved easily and doesn’t require any complicated and permanent installation process to work.

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Answering why anyone would need the BLAUX Portable AC is the same as answering why anyone would need a portable air conditioner in the first place. Well, to start off, portable air conditioners are multi-purpose compared to traditional air conditioners in the sense that they can be moved around to different rooms and don’t require any installation.

This significantly makes it easier for people who prefer a temporary and more versatile cooling solution for their rooms rather than going through the process of actually installing air conditioners. The portability factor also allows portable air conditioners to be used in places other than homes like offices.

Portable air conditioners also offer some savings on electricity bills compared to traditional air conditioners but not by much. This is where the BLAUX Portable AC comes in to play as it is probably the first of its kind to be battery operated. This eliminates the need to plug it in whenever it needs to be used, which further reduces the complexity.

How does the BLAUX Portable AC Work?

For something that seems revolutionary, the BLAUX Portable AC actually has pretty simple functionality. As mentioned earlier, it uses a battery to work rather than the mains electricity. The battery itself is a lithium unit, similar to the one used in smartphones. That makes it light and efficient. It can be charged via a USB connector.

As far as the actual cooling process is concerned, the BLAUX Portable AC makes use of something called the “Peltier effect” which is a thermoelectric process. What it does is create a temperature difference between two electrical junctions. When the voltage is applied and the current flow between those junctions, heat is removed from one of the junctions and the cooling effect occurs.

The removed heat is then accumulated at the other junction, where it is discharged. The cool air is then routed by a fan with 3 speeds to the room it is supposed to cool. The BLAUX Portable AC also has a filter to clean the air it throws into the room. It’s claimed to filter out dust particles and kill bacteria. The filter will last for a couple of months before it needs to be replaced and it can be washed.

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Lastly, let’s talk about the LED mood light. It is something that’s more of a gimmick than an actual need. There will be a small portion of the demographic that’ll appreciate its inclusion but others will be indifferent towards it. What it does is exactly what a regular mood light would do except that it’s built into this device. If someone wants the maximum battery life then it’s recommended to not use it.

Technical Specs

  • Noise Levels up to 40dB
  • Removable from grille for cleaning purposes.
  • Charging Input: USB Type-C DC5V
  • Power: 1 Watt
  • Battery Duration: Slow (8 hours), Medium (4.5 hours), Fast (2.5 hours)
Blaux Portable AC reviews
Blaux Portable AC

Pros of BLAUX Portable AC

Naturally, the BLAUX Portable AC has a lot of features and benefits that make it worth buying. They are the following:

  • It’s portable and can be carried around easily.
  • Small in size so it doesn’t take up much space in the room.
  • It takes almost zero effort to set up.
  • Because of the way it works, it can also be used as a heater.
  • Virtually silent operation at just 40dB.
  • Helps save up on electricity bills.
  • Affordable price.

Cons of BLAUX Portable AC

Just like everything else, the BLAUX Portable AC is not perfect and therefore has some disadvantages that might hinder one’s decision to buy it. Thankfully, there aren’t many as can be seen below:

  • While it does cool, the cooling won’t be as powerful as a traditional AC so it is only suitable for a small room.
  • It is only available on the official website and can’t be found in any local store.

Price, Availability & Verdict

The BLAUX Portable AC is available in different packages depending on how many units one buys at a time. There’s the Personal Cool Pack (1), Too Cool Pack (2), Three’s Company Pack (3), and Mega Cool Pack (4) and they cost $192.29, $384.58, $576.88, and $769.17 respectively. That seems like a fair price, however, there’s an ongoing 50% Off offer on all packages for a limited time, which makes it even more affordable and an amazing deal. The best value for money being the Three’s Company Pack.

For what it is, what it does, and how much it costs, the BLAUX Portable AC is definitely a worthy buy as it is a useful device catered for giving anyone the best possible comfort for the least possible price. It isn’t exactly a replacement for a traditional AC but it sure can get close to being one if someone is on a budget.



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