BlackBerry’s all touchscreen “Motion” phone leaked on Twitter

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Once a novelty, BlackBerry, being the king in the smartphone market got trampled on arrival of iPhone. Initially referred to as ‘toy’ by BlackBerry, iPhone kind of kicked the predecessor out of the smartphone territory.

Up till now, BlackBerry has not been successful to regain the previous position and considering the circumstances it seems it never would. Yet the Tech Company ain’t done with the smartphones just yet.

For the companion of KEYone (BlackBerry’s last release) got unveiled on Twitter by the serial leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks). The Motion phone to be released under BlackBerry’s name can be seen in full, courtesy to Evan Blass.

The phone has been referred to as “Krypton” in previous rumors, which may have just been a codename as Blass seems to think it will officially be called the BlackBerry Motion, a nod to the company’s former name, Research In Motion, perhaps.

The interesting thing about the new phone is the all touchscreen. BlackBerry is clearly following the Android in this aspect. Though their previous launch of the Priv (BlackBerry’s only Android phone) didn’t get the expected result, causing the company to partner up with TCL.

The devices brought forth from this union were branded as “BlackBerry DTEK”. However the KEYone was all BlackBerry (had the signature BlackBerry keyboard), yet the Motion is going back to the DTEK series.

For now not much could be said regarding the specs of the device. However, it’s clear from the picture, all touchscreen, no signature BlackBerry keyboard, USB C-type port, headphone jack (!!) and speakers at the bottom.

Three buttons on the side probably for power and volume control. The small darker one at the bottom of the edge might be the ‘action key’, like the one in KEYone.

Rumors say it’ll likely have a 1920×1080 display, a midrange Snapdragon (625 or 626) processor, a 4000mAh battery and a home button with fingerprint scanner but there’s no guarantee around any of that.

The device has made its way through the FCC already, so it won’t be too much longer before we find out what Krypton is really made of. It’s running a version of Android (probably not Oreo) with an antiquated looking home screen with what looks like the Google Now launcher. A previously leaked photo showed off a carbon fiber back too.

All in all it seems like an ordinary Android, and it seems tempting to regard it so. However, we can’t really jump to conclusions just now. For BlackBerry has surprised us in the past, might as well this time too.

Well if it is really determined to win the previous spot in the Smartphone market, then this Motion phone is something to look out for. For now, all we can do is wait as it’s not clear when the Tech Company will release it.

Rumors are that it’s probably going to be released this month, for around $500.  Happy waiting!!

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