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Black Ops 4 vs Fortnite vs PUBG – Who’s going to take the lead?

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Lately, the multiplayer mode of our games has been changing quite a lot. The mode that started from 1V1 evolved rapidly, and for few years 16v16 modes introduced by Call of Duty and Battlefield were ruling the multiplayer space.

Then came the Battle Royale mode which completely revamped the multiplayer mode scenario in the world of games The mode was introduced by the world’s 2nd top Grossing game according to steam PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The motivation of the genre came from a movie with the same title, in a crude way 100 players are dropped in a huge map with a sole purpose to kill anyone who comes in sight. The player who remains till the end and wins.

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in the video gaming industry, with more than 15 games under its radar, many of which were critically exclaimed due to the storytelling, gameplay, graphics and most importantly the set pieces.

The latest release of the game is from the Black Ops lineup, and its called Call of duty Black Ops 4. There are many fundamental changes in the game this time, like the famous Black ops (past and the future timeline driven) campaign is ditched in favor of the Battle Royale mode which is called Blackout.

The zombie mode and the tradition COD multiplayer mode are there as usual. But, the Blackout mode will be kind of free, by kind of I mean, you can only play the mode if you have purchased the full-fledged game which costs $60. For console players Blackout, much like fortnight will be free to play online, which means you would not require the PS Plus or Xbox Now services.

Coming to our comparison, we’ll see how is the Battle Royale mode of all these games compared and which one is going to live better than the others.


Starting with the game that introduced the Battle Royale Genre to the gaming market PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. The pre-build of the game was released using the steam’s program due to intense popularity, most of the players started to play the “buggy” build of the game. Though the PvP gameplay was intriguing and new in the global scenario. Since there were no difficulty settings, the skills of the opponents determined the required skill, and it was one of the reasons why most competitive players loved the game.

The overall style of PUBG is closely related to the military style combat as the roots of the games are linked with mods of ARMA games. PUBG offers a close to realistic gameplay compared to Fortnite or Blackout. The Player movements are deliberate and slower in pace, while the weapons and the armor are based on the real modules.

The Weapons require a certain level of skill because much of the recoil that the weapons have is closely calibrated and is very close to what one would feel using the same arsenal in real life. Although the set f attachments that are found all over the place can make the weapons usable in situations where they have no use.

There is additional loot that can be found in the Air dropped crates, you can find heavy duty weapons and armor, but of course, you are at a risk of dying as other players can easily spot you.

Additionally, PUBG offers three different maps that require a different skill set to overcome other players. The oldest map is called Erangel; it is an 8 x 8 map which offers fields, beaches, residential areas, military base, and even docks.

All of it is filled with some green area where you will found dense grasses to hide and trees to take cover. It suits the player who played with more of a tactical approach to the game; Then, they introduced the most controversial map Miramar, it is based on a barren desert with some building and landscapes that are spread around the huge distances. It will not be wrong if I say it is a haven for snipers.

Lastly, Sanuk is a beautiful map that is crafted on a jungle, so it presents dense foliage. Since its size is essentially half of the other maps it requires quick though and working process skills.

Moreover, it offers different modes to the players other than the 100 people classic game, there are 28 people death matches where you respawn after some time. There is a match where the only weapon in the arsenal will be the “Almighty” pan. These are less competitive fun modes to play. PUBG also offers Battle Royale pass much like Fortnite, but it has suffered a serious backlash from the players since the game is already paid and you are paying additionally just to get some in-game skins.


Fortnite is the game that took the world with a storm, mostly because of its Battle Royale mode which is free to play standalone mode. The main crux of the mode is the same there are 100 players on a huge map each of them wants to outmatch the other in order to win the game. Like PUBG Fortnite offers competitive modes in which you have additional tasks to complete before the game ends. The main reason why Fortnite is way ahead of PUBG is its Battle Royale seasons.

Currently, the season 6 has started. Every new season brings a new look and feels to the game, along with many new and continued challenges which add a crude story element in the game. They constantly add stuff in the game so that the game does not seem dull or boor to players since the overall game is essentially the same.

The gameplay in Fortnite is slightly different and is far5 from realism. The characters are cartoonish and are much mobile than you would initially think, there is not much focus on the weapons and the attachments as much there is in PUBG or Blackout. The weapons too seem far from the original.

The gameplay has three elements rather than the traditional 2; you have to build alongside position and shoot. It makes the game much more difficult since the skilled players have already mastered the art of building and shooting at the same time. It is one of the reasons why Fortnite is the most difficult of the bunch. You also need to realize that there are many building materials that you can use to make those traps or ramps to outclass your rival. It should be noted that there is three type of materials that can be used to make these and all three of them have varying durabilities.

Another aspect of the game that makes it stand out in the league of competition is Epic’s dedication to the game; the game is updated weekly. They constantly update the map and make it interesting so that the dull gameplay of the Battle Royale remains engaging. There is a floating island in the center, and at the place of the swamps, there is a small deserted area too.

The battle pass was originally introduced by Fortnite, by buying the battle pass you become eligible for many additional prizes. The interesting thing is you can get all of these prizes even if you do not buy the pass; they are not incentivizing their battle pass as many free games do. You have to complete a set of missions to get the prizes you need.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout

The newest addition to the Battle Royale genre is the Blackout mode in the new Call of Duty Black Ops4 game. There is not much different to what the other games offer, but the game has the Call of Duty vibes and some unique elements that distinguish it from PUBG and Fortnite.

The Gameplay of the game is similar to the PUBG along with the traditional Call of Duty perks system. 100 players are dropped in a huge map in a team of 2 or 4 or even solo, against others with the solo purpose of winning. Like other games of the same genre, the map contracts with time so that more and more people engage with one another.

To commute along the map, there are many sets of vehicles such as ATVs, cargo trucks and speedboats. The unique vehicle in Blackout is air travel; the map traversal is much different using a helicopter, PUBG or Fortnite do not support any type of controllable aircraft. Bailing out of the helicopter or jumping out of a tall building is made easier because the suit always has a wingsuit on it.

The arsenal system is much similar to what PUBG offers, many types of weapons are scattered across the map on the ground or in buildings. There are several attachments for the weapons, but it is not as complicated as the attachments in PUBG as every weapon only offers three attachments stock, muzzle and scope can be attached to the weapon.

There are also the airdropped crates too; they provide much better arsenal for the player. The unique Blackout aspect here is that the whole map is not only crowded by the players but also AI driven zombie hordes are also on the map. They offer great rewards but can be challenging for the players who are low on supplies.

There is also a perk system which offers unique traits for a limited time; these perks are handled as the loot items. Perks works as consumable items that grant passive boost such as increasing health or better hearing abilities for a limited time. Specialist items such as grappling hook, barricades or sensor darts are also rare items with the added utility on the map. All of these special traits/equipment can make or break the game at certain points.


All these games have slight differences that can make or break what game a player would like the most. For some people, the fact that Fortnite is free and Epic regularly updates the game is enough to play it for the lifetime, while for the Call of Duty fans Blackout being the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 part is enough reason to spend 60 dollars.

Lastly, there are players who value realism in the games the most so PUBG would be their preferred game. No matter what game you play the gameplay is more or less the same. If you do not like the Battle Royale mode in general, one present in Blackout will not change your opinion. For people who like the Call of Duty franchise would buy the game nonetheless.

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