Black Friday 2017 Game Consoles Deals!

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After the giddy celebrations of the thanksgiving, curiosity builds among the saucy teens, the picky moms, screaming kids, basically in every living soul. BLACK FRIDAY!!

Eagerly waiting for this once in a year event people make plans ahead, of what to buy and where to buy, so much that the shops even before opening have humongous queues of customers waiting to barge in and grab away the articles on the most generous discounts offered. This thrifty day is the best option for the Gamers to step up and get their most precious consoles and games at minimal prices.

Although this year the event will occur on 24th of November, yet it is wise to get an idea about the best deals being offered beforehand. We bring you some predictions based on previous year’s deals as to what you are bound to get this time;

Nintendo Switch

This portable home console, so far is one of the people favorites. The ability to play anywhere and anytime makes the console so popular among the Gamers. Switch offers a 6.2-inch touch screen and Joy-Con controllers, offering a live faceoff option.

Being a new addition to 2017, the Nintendo Switch, one of the top consoles, might be in fewer quantity in the upcoming Black Friday deals.

Console deals

£279.99 Tesco

Game deals

Sonic Mania £15.99, Nintendo

​Ultra Street Fighter II £34.99, Argos

Accessory deals 

Joy-Con Wheel Pair, £14.99, Argos

Accessory Set Splatoon 2 Edition, £18, John Lewis

(Source: Independent)

Xbox One X

Classified as the world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X unleashes 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, making games perform better than they ever have.Making its debut in November, there are doubts whether this console would be available on Black Friday.

  • Xbox One X Console: Predicted Price: $449 (save $50)
  • 500GB Xbox One S Bundles: Predicted Price: $179 (save $70-$100)
  • 1TB Xbox One S Bundles: Predicted Price: $229 (save $70-$120)
  • 2TB Xbox One S Bundles: Predicted Price: $299 (save $100)


PS4 Slim

This slimmer version of PS4, with certain changes in design and color, is another good option to enjoy real-time gaming. Not much different from its brother (PS4), the Slim only harbors changes in design.

Black Friday would certainly offer great deals on this one, some expected deals based on last year’s results are;

  • 500 GB PS4 Slim Bundles: Predicted Price: $199 (save $50-$100)


PS4 Pro

The super-charged PS4 is Sony’s latest hit. Packing in leading-edge technology, it gives the fastest, sharpest and the most responsive gaming experience. The Dynamic 4K gaming gives realistic touch to the characters and the environment, making the overall gaming experience entrancing. Apart from its disability to feature 4K Blu-ray drive, this gaming console is a must have.

Console deals

£339.99 John Lewis

Game deals

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy £25, Tesco

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, £29.99, Game

Accessory deals 

Games Tower and Charging Station £21.99, Argos

PlayStation Camera £39.01, Amazon

(Source: Independent)

Xbox One S

Featuring over 100 exclusive games, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K streaming, Xbox One S is another cool option for the Gaming console. With a remarkable 2TB of storage, the light weight Xbox can keep you busy while you await the release of Xbox One X.

Console deals

£229.99 John Lewis

Game deals

Agents of Mayhem £44, Tesco

Forza Horizon 3 £41.99, Argos

Accessory deals 

Twin Docking Station £14.99, Argos

Xbox Wireless Controller £41.75, Amazon

(Source: Independent)

PlayStation VR headset

With VR headset step into incredible virtual worlds and experience entertainment in new and extraordinary ways. Compatible with all PS4 consoles, the headset redefines the gaming experience.

Its designed keeping the comfort of the user in concern, such that one does not feel its light weight upon wearing and is completely entranced by the virtual world around.This would be a great chance for the Gamers seeking virtual reality, this Black Friday.

Stay tuned for more such deals!

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