Bite Helper: A pen that quickly treats itching and irritation

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Annoyed by buzzing bugs? Had enough of the horrid rashes and irritating itchiness? Well, BITE HELPER has got your back. No need to cancel those much awaited camping trips or avoid sitting around a camp fire, for this little pen solves the itchiness problem in a matter of seconds. With BITE HELPER, avoiding irksome bugs and their obnoxious rashes is just a push of a button away!

BITE HELPER is designed to work on neutralizing itch and irritation caused by insect stings and bites from mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, and ants. The pen works with the help of Thermo-Pulse-Technology, which creates heat and vibration in the affected area. This in turn increases blood circulation and flow thereby soothing the itchiness. All one has to do is turn on the pen, place it on the bug bite for 42 seconds and walla!! See the magic unfold!

Before we jump onto the mechanisms of the pen, it’s useful to know what happens when one gets bitten by a bug. Talking about mosquitos, when they land on your skin, after piercing through it, the insect injects saliva into your bloodstream. This saliva prevents the coagulation of blood, so that the mosquito does not get stuck while feeding.

Your body is designed to protect itself from the foreign agents, hence upon the injection of saliva Histamines are released in the bloodstream along with a couple of anti-bodies to the affected area. The defense mechanism results in a bump and due to histamines an obnoxious itch!

The BITE HELPER neutralizes the bite affect, due to its Thermo-pulse technology. The 120 degree heat which comes from the metal end, heats up the saliva making it inert (neutralizing) it and the added blood flow due to vibration reduces the itch.

You would probably be asking, why not simply apply a mosquito repellant and be over with it, than use a pen and that too after the mosquito bites. Well, firstly mosquito repellant only works for mosquitoes, whereas the pen neutralizes almost all kinds of bug bites. Secondly, some people might be allergic to the repellant whereas, this pen is although acts as a drug, yet is completely chemical free! It’s non-toxic, gentle to skin and completely safe to use on adults and kids over the age of 4.

It’s a portable device, carry it with you anytime and anywhere and enjoy an itch free day. Better safe than itchy as they put it. However, whether the device is successful to ward off the disease like Dengue, Malaria, Zika or other viruses, I am not sure. If neutralizing the saliva means getting rid of the disease causing antigens, then the Itch Therminator definitely is a miracle in itself.

But besides the awesomeness, while using the pen one has to be sure not to use it on wet skin(BITE HELPER warns against it). For some the heat produced might become a tad bit uncomfortable. Although quite a number of positive responses have been received from the users, it’s an inevitable fact that the BITE HELPER is not a mosquito bite cure. It only expedites the normal body mechanism against the bite, soothing the itchiness a bit.

With this ending note we do recommend you guys to try it out for yourselves, for its extremely beneficial for people working outdoors and those living in the tropical climates. It may be a figment of imagination that the itchiness lessens upon using the device, or maybe it actually lessens, only its use would tell. Till then, try it out for yourselves; for an itch free day, BITE HELPER will certainly slay!

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