Bird – The Ultimate Interactive Device

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An Israel-based company, MUV Interactive, has come up with an interactive device that is set to change the world around us as we know it. Whether it is our homes, offices and even schools, this device is going to redefine human interaction with technology.

Named Bird, this interactive device is worn on your finger. From that point on, it will emulate every natural human gesture you make. Whether it is swiping content on the web or a simple touch and tap, pushing screens and objects aside with the movement of your finger or simply pulling something off the screen, you are truly free to do as you please and Bird will follow.

The simple goal of the company which manufactured the device is to set you free from devices and replace it with something that is closer to our natural way of doing things. It is not limited to a phone or computer. It can connect to any of your devices and turn any place into an interactive playground and the possibilities there after are unlimited.

Since Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, and connected home tech is creating all the buzz and are hot topics for scientific research and technological innovation and advancements, Bird has arrived at the perfect time to take all of this to the next level.

It is a very simple device. Simply wear it on your finger and connect it to the device you want to use. Be amazed by the freedom of using any device with the movement of your finger. Since it is an intuitive device and its algorithms collect and work on data from its surroundings and your hand movements, you simply grab, push and pull things naturally and Bird will follow.

Uses of Bird

This device can be used in many different ways. As the creators of this device quote, only your own imagination can limit you. Bird can be used creatively for anything in any way in your day to day life. Some of its broad uses are given below:


IoT, AR, and VR are no longer figments of our imagination or scenes from a movie. They have become a reality and are slowly changing our world and our lives as we know it. Everything around us can now be connected and controlled through our phones or tablets. Turning the coffee machine on in the kitchen or switching off the lights by simply tapping on your phone screen is a reality.

Imagine if all of this could simply be done by the flourish of your hand without having to even look at your phone, how convenient and freeing that would be. With Bird, that’s exactly what you can do now. The list of things you can do around the house with this tiny wearable is simply endless.

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Children love playing together and be creative. With a Bird wearable device, every wall and floor are a canvas where they can unleash their creativity and make their imagination run wild.


In your office conference room, you can present your latest projects in a way never before possible. Bird will change the way people work. The best thing is it is interactive. Up to 10 people can be added to a device at a single time. You can work together with your colleagues, view and discuss 3D models, demonstrate your products and services, or just go through presentations at meetings with the mind-blowing ease and convenience that comes with using Bird. What’s best, you are in control at all times without being bound to anything. The freedom is exhilarating!

Not just in offices, Bird can be used in any professional set-up. The possibilities depend on your imagination. It can be used to explain and discuss a complicated medical procedure with fellow doctors and patients. The rich visual experience it can provide is unbeatable. It can be used by tour guides and architects, construction workers and lawyers, engineers and designers. The list is nowhere near exhaustive.

With a bird in your pocket, you can conquer any meeting, impress any audience, or showcase your product innovatively to any audience anywhere. It can connect with phones, computers, tablets, projectors, you name it. Bird is the new name of convenience and innovation. Get ready to have your mind blown by the things this single device can bring about and achieve.


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This device will not only benefit client-business relationships, it will find the best use in educational institutions of all levels for enhancing the learning experience for its students. Interactive learning is the best form of learning. Being able to make books alive and not be plain and boring is the crux of a successful learning experience. And Bird is all of that and more. It will greatly enhance the learning content, increase student attention and interest in their lessons and make learning fun. It will definitely promote enthusiasm among students and will make it easier to explain concepts for teachers.

Children of today are into all sorts of technology at home and outside home. Employing technology at school piques their interest. If your teacher is moving around the classroom and teaching at the same time, explaining that math sum right there on your desk rather than going back to the board or screen in the classroom, it will not only be convenient and save time but will also become more interesting. With Bird, the whole process of learning can be redefined.

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