BioLite Camp Stove 2 – Charge Your Phone With Fire

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Biolite is a start-up company known for producing camping products and solar panels. The company gained attention a few years back when they presented the first generation of their Camp Stove.

It is an ingenious stove that is powered by woods and not only cooks your food but also converts the heat energy into electrical energy that can be used later on for charging your phones and other gadgets.

Recently Biolite released a successor by the name of Camp Stove 2 which is said to be more efficient than its predecessor. This new and improved Camp Stove is an outcome of four years of development and innovative work, the device has been improved and now it generates 50 percent more power than the original model. It now also comes with a Flexible Light which connects to one of the USB port on the stove and can be turned on, off and dim with a switch. This night comes in very handy at night time during camping.

The Camp Stove 2 comes with a 2600 mAh built in battery, the battery gets charged by the fire and is used to power the stove fan and the light. You can also use this stove as a power bank once you’re done cooking your meal. It stores enough power to charge most of the​ smartphones one time, with enough charge left to give a little life to another mobile phone too.

However, the charging speed is pretty slow it will take up to 4-5 hours to give a full charge to your device. Also, you need to constantly keep adding woods after every few minutes to keep the charging process going.

Indicator lights have also been added to the power unit that displays available charge, fan speed, and fire strength.

Image by Design Boom

The Camp Stove 2 is smoke free because of it’s built in fan that continuously pumps up air into the main chamber to keep the fire flaming and the smoke minimum, all the smoke produced​ is is just unburnt fuel and this problem is reduced with the help of a design known as Semi Gasifier.

On the downside of the Camp Stove 2, there are sturdy folding legs which help in supporting the power unit and your stewing meal.

It also works with the Biolite Portable Grill and Kettle Pot. The Camp Stove 2 is about the size of a bottle and weighs over 2 pounds which sounds heavy for a portable stove but considering that you don’t need to carry any additional power source or fuel for the Stove.

The Camp Stove 2 is obviously not the best Stove out there and I would not recommend it taking for a multi day camping, but it is very innovative and might come in handy in emergency situations.

A thing worth mentioning here is that the 50% profit of the company is reinvested in achieving the company’s goal: to improve the living style of people living in developing areas and is also donated for feeding over 20,000 families currently living in India, Kenya and Uganda.

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