Best Wireless Headphones of 2017

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Gone are the days, when you had to untangle the wires before you could plug-in the headphones and enjoy the music. The availability of wireless headphones has brought ease and a great comfort to the music freaks, audio professionals, and other users.

There comes, different sizes, colors, and design for wireless headphones, well adjusting to one’s needs and comfort. Though there are countless producers in the market for the wireless headphone, but some very popular producers in the market are the Audio –Technica, Beyerdynamic, Bose, V-Moda, Monster Inc, Panasonic, and Ultra Sone. These brands specialize in producing headphones mainly for audio professionals and DJs.

They are ought to stand-out in quality and performance with Audio – Technica a Japan-based company topping the list of quality producers. However, Bose Panasonic and Monster are found producing mainstream consumer use wireless headphones.

It is also necessary to mention that the best way to pick a quality headphone is to check its worth against its features and qualities. Here we would be discussing some of the best mainstream consumer use wireless headphones which could provide the users the best combination of price to feature match.

Best Wireless Headphones:

1) Bose QuietComfort 35

The reason Bose QuietComfort 35 topping the list is its embedded feature of noise cancellation technology. The noise cancellation technology indeed promises quality performance which means outside noise would barely interrupt your music or listening sessions to its maximum limits.

With a long battery life up to more than 20 hours, this is perhaps the most suited wireless headphone for a long journey and long route flights. The design externally may not be that much attractive but internally the headphone on the either are well padded that would avoid hurting your ears.

Compatibility is good between devices, i.e. it can be well connected with your phone and laptop devices equally. Though relying upon standard Bluetooth streaming technology, instead of a newer AptX Bluetooth streaming technology, there hasn’t been any impact on the performance and sound quality.

Currently priced between $ 400 to 500, is not an expensive buy, if all you are looking for is quality and redefined listening experience, then QC’s 35 is not a bad buy.

2) Sennheiser Momentum Wireless


The second comes in the list is the Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones. The reason being they are kept second in the list is its very much expensive price, which makes it almost out of reach of many users. Currently priced up to $500.

Among so many features the best in these wireless headphones is the extended battery life up to more than 25 hours, which is approximately more than the QC’s 35 wireless headphones.

They also work decently well on noise-cancellation technique and doesn’t let the sound to be flat even if the noise- cancellation mode is active. with comfortable light- weight leather made a headband. Once wrapped around your head the ear cups are so well – fitted that it won’t move until you take it off.

With the availability of NFC, and given frequency between 16- 22,000Hz, can work well within the range of 30fts. So if you are really a music freak, the sparing some extra money to have an enthralling music experience is not that much difficult.

 3) Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

The third in the list is Bower’s and Wilkins wireless headphones. This is purely designed for the heavy hip hop high-bass music lovers, who wants to enjoy every beat to its highest.

Though comfortable to wear but the heavy and bulky design might compromise its portability and may not be user-friendly on journeys. Though providing you great music, but not much impressive noise cancellation feature and frequency much lower than momentum’s wireless headphones that is up to 10z to 20 Hz.

Here instead of touch sensors, the company has used the buttons and the remote is fixed in the right ear cup. Apart from providing an excellent bass system, which adds quality to the music and sound, the headphones had an excellent Bluetooth connection, which means you don’t have to worry about connection losses minute by minute, and worked incredibly well on the AptX technology.

The battery time is much lower than of Momentum’s and Bose i.e. up to just 17 hours. But gives an equal wireless range up to 30ft as of Momentum’s wireless headphone.

4) Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Next in the list is the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these are a perfect traveler’s wireless headphones you could ever find.

With an almost battery life up to 24 hours i.e. of up to one day, it frees you with the hassle of charging again and again which is surely a relief in the long journey. Also giving you a wireless range up to 100 meters, that makes up to more than 330 ft.

Not only it gives you high wireless range but also gives you the best noise cancellation feature to maximum, just competing with the Bose QC 35 and Sony 1000X.

To compliment further this noise cancellation technique, you will find a heavy bass sound signature. This heavy bass to helps to block the external noise interference outside to a great extent.

With all leather made, the wireless headphones are easy to wear, with super comfortable ear cups. On-ear cups, the textured ring would help you control the volume. Turning it clockwise would raise the volume and vice versa. Also, there is present an open mic feature, which let you stop the music at any time and let you hear what happening in your surroundings even without letting you take off your headphones.

Also light – weight and compact in design, they won’t take up much space when you are traveling. Available at the price of $200, it may not give you the best of the best features but it is surely giving you the great value of your money.

5) Sony MDR-1000X

Sony, already known in the industry is well – reputed for its supreme quality gadgets for consumer use, and MDR-1000X wireless headphone is also one such exceptional gadget produced by Sony.

The most striking feature in these headphone, are that it gives hi- resolution audio sound combined with the noise – cancellation technology.

This built-in the technology of noise cancellation not only gives a smooth listening experience but also MDR- 1000X gives a quite tough competition to Bose’s QC 35 wireless headphones.

This is not the end yet, there are many other features that you need to know such as it has got a wireless range of 30ft with a long battery life up to around 20 hours, and frequency rate up to 4Hz to 40 kHz.

When talking about the design, the band is fairly flexible enough to bare the force to the great amount so you don’t have to fear for the breakage of the band. Sony has also induced the touch system on the exterior of the ear cups.

The touch sensors will help you control music, playlist, and volume up and down. With the help of this touch sensor, you can also answer incoming calls with a just double tap on the touch sensor.

The drawback to this touch system is that it only work in wireless mode, once connected with the wire to a laptop or your phone, the headset will cease to control the operation.

There are present different modes that can be used while using noise cancellation technology.

So noise cancellation technology works well that it eliminated loud blustering voices but you can still hear the outside sounds especially sitting in the airport or in train through a quick attention mode.

As soon as you on this mode, the volume drops immediately so that you may not miss any important announcements.

However, when talking about the price the Sony’s 1000X is a bit expensive than Bose’s QC 35. But with so many unique benefits it still stands the chance to try it once.


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