Best Wireless Earbuds to buy in 2019

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Gone are the days when smartphones used to feature a headphone jack allowing you to connect your favorite high-end wired earphones. Now almost 90% of the flagship smartphones don’t have the 3.5mm jack and instead, they rely on Bluetooth earphones. So if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds then look no further as you have just landed on the right page. Down below we have listed 5 best wireless earbuds available in the market.

Bose SoundSport Wireless:

At number 5 we have the Bose SoundSport Wireless, if you are looking for a really traditional pair of wireless in-ear headphones then the Bose SoundSport wireless are perhaps the ones you need. They are a savvy design with remote that barely weighs anything leaving nothing to drive the cable down and they’re comfortable to wear.

Design-wise the soft silicone rubber hooks trace the basic lines of the ear making the fit secure enough for running or going to the gym, more importantly, the Bose SoundSport wireless are sweat resistant and certified to IPX4 meaning they can’t be submerged but will handle sweat and splashes better than normal earphones.

Also, if you don’t care about the sports side the hooks are important because while the remote is small the Bose SoundSport wireless earpieces are quite large it’s reasonable as this is where the batteries and DAC live needed in any Wireless pair.

In addition, NFC is another bonus feature that is important to mention, you can connect it with an Android device that has NFC by just touching the phone to the earpiece to make them to connect. However, all these extras are meaningless if the Bluetooth chipset isn’t good enough to stop Wireless bloopers and interference.

The Bose SoundsSport’s wireless Bluetooth performance is very solid you’re able to take it on trains or put it in the office full of mobile phones without wireless integrity falling apart. Now let’s talk about performance, it makes music sound lively, kind of powerful with a punchy bass that might get you running a little bit faster.

For your information, if you’re listening in a quiet room then the sound may seem a touch aggressive but that is cause they are designed for sports and outdoor use.

Overall they’re fun all-rounders and you can get a great tonal finality in the bass as you’d expect from a non-wireless pair. They are comfortable sound great and are easy to use they give a great value for the price and if you’re looking for a pair of budget earbuds that look and perform premium then this is your answer. Check them out on Amazon here.

image by: Adorama

Jaybird X3:

Next up at number 4, we have the Jaybird X3 which are an excellent choice for everyday listening and workouts so let’s have a little bit of a closer look. When it comes to design these devices are available in the market in black and silver, white and gold, green and dark, chrome and red, and a dark chrome color with stylish tiny design.

The frame is made from sandblasted multiple sizes of silicon and comfy tips for maximum noise isolation. It features injection molded metal for heavy-duty durability and a sleek style that doesn’t affect the Bluetooth signal strengths.

Regarding controls, these devices pack the usual playback controls that allow you to skip tracks and adjust volume. You microphone for hands-free calls. Moving on to the performance this particular model of earbuds allows you to customize every aspect of your sound from a rumbling low to the sweetest highs via their app.

It is worth noting the X3 earphones are great for sports workouts and for all weather conditions as the nano coating will keep moisture away whether it’s wet snow or rain. In addition, the connectivity includes Bluetooth and with multi-point functions, you can pair the x3 with two different Bluetooth devices so you can listen to your favorite music and also answer calls on your phone.

You can also share what you’re listening with others using the bud controller. It houses a great battery which provides the life of eight hours so you won’t have to worry about anything during your exciting adventures.

Moreover, users are extremely satisfied with the features that are offered they claim that jaybird did a great job starting from a special design secure fit continuing to multifunctional features, long battery life, and personalized applications so they came highly recommended especially for those who love running and being outdoors.

To conclude the Jaybird X3 are a must have, they offer premium quality audio that many will fall in love with so if you want to have an unforgettable listening experience these could be your best choice. Buy it from Amazon here.

Image by Average Joe’s Wearable Tech

Jabra Elite Active 65T:

Moving on at number three we have the Jabra Elite Active 65T which are a pair of sweat resistant and longer-lasting earbuds that feature wireless Bluetooth functionality for working out or just listening to music in your free time.

When it comes to the design, the earbuds are small, sleek and modest. They are circular in shape with a small arm and a protruding tip that helped them fit more snugly in your ears. The Elite Active comes in black and blue with an inlay that’s titanium and illuminated with the Jabra logo but either way, no matter what color you choose both of them share the same performance.

In addition, the left ear band has notches to indicate where to press to skip and repeat tracks. The buds tuck into an oval charging case which stores the Elite Actives in between workouts and keeps them from getting lost.

Moving on the Jabra Elite 65T is one of the most satisfying sets of completely cordless Bluetooth earbuds, unlike other sets that can be uncomfortable due to the bard that has to be engineered to fit securely without a cord for balance and other things.

It isn’t the same with the Elite 65T’s shape, the pod and small arm which help insert and anchor the both by rotating it forward and the in-ear top which comes with three sets of silicon gel in various sizes to tailor the fit.

Furthermore, the Jabra offers EQ presets in its app so you can customize the Elite Active 65T sound to your liking, so if you like your sound a little heavier on the bass when you’re running you can always choose bass boost but you can also bump up the treble. In other words jabber lets, you customize the presets to perfectly fine tune the sound to your preferences.

Moreover, the battery life will last for up to 15 hours on a charge which is more than enough in my opinion since not many of the competitors out there have this kind of contingency. To conclude Jabra Elite 65T ticks all the marks of being great wireless earbuds considering their price so make sure to consider them. Get it from Amazon here.

Image by Jabra

Apple AirPods:

The number two on our list is the Apple AirPods, these are the most versatile wireless earbuds that have become a real sensation since their initial release mainly because of their audio quality rather than their looks.

Let’s get quickly into action and see what’s so special about them, the design of the AirPods started a debate since some users were impressed by their look while others not so much basically it’s a matter of taste but what users can expect from these earbuds is a nice fit which at the same time is really important.

Even though the AirPods lack silicon and are plastic but they still feel comfortable, they don’t press on the insides of your ear so that means you can use them for an extended period of time without feeling fatigued.

Moreover, the audio quality is one of the best attributes these earbuds have for instance the bass is well defined and balanced enough not to overpower the mids and the travel while the highs are crisp and rich so the overall soundstage is truly impress.

I would also like to mention that Apple has implemented a custom engineered W1 chip as well and what’s special about this is that it allows an extremely quick automatic pairing with Apple devices running iOS 10 or later. You can just place the earbuds near your iPhone and they’ll instantly be detected without the need to ask for pairing.

Another great thing about the AirPods is that they’re armed with a pair of beamforming microphones that’ll ensure that your voice will be properly distributed towards the person you’re talking to since they filter out the background noise so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Finally, the battery life may last up to five hours on a single charge and if you charge them for 15 minutes you’ll get up to 3 hours of listening time which is absolutely delightful. The AirPods are one of the options available, they are a bit pricey but definitely deserve your attention so give them a try and assure yourself of their quality. Buy it from Amazon here.

Image by Apple

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Earbuds:

Finally, at number one on our list is the Sennheiser Momentum, these wireless earbuds come with a stylish design, smart controls, professional sound and are a great cordless alternative to those fed up with cables and wires.

Taking a look at the design this pair of earbuds carries the classic silver detailing of other momentum earphones with a delightful pattern of magnetic gold points that connect each earbud to the accompanying carrying case and securing them in place with a satisfying click.

These silicon earbuds are predictably lightweight, easy to place in your ears and are unquestionably comfortable enough to wear even with their boxy shape and lack of rubber wingtips. In addition, you get three ear tip sizes in the box and finding the right fit is crucial in order to prevent them from falling out.

The touch controls are intuitive, you use a simple tap on the Left earbuds metal plate to pause play or double tap to skip a track meanwhile holding a finger on the right or left earbuds turns the volume up and down respectively.

With Sennheiser Momentum true Wireless option things really get hands-free with smart capability for instance by tapping on the right earbuds you can activate your phone smart assistants like Siri or Google assistant and also navigate your music library or streaming apps with just your voice.

Now let’s talk about performance the common high standard sound profile of the momentum range is here with a boost from Sennheiser’s new 7 millimeter driver resulting in a controlled capable audio performance beyond what you might expect from true wireless earphones.

In addition mid and the high frequencies are remarkably balanced with accurate and detailed vocals that draw out Hayley Williams pounded syllables and intakes of breath between notes although some of the low-end frequencies can get muddy into each other slightly.

Moreover, the transparent hearing feature is also present which records outside noise and then transmits this in series to keep you aware of your surroundings it’s somewhat useful overall if you’re looking for a high-end earbud option than the Sennheiser momentum true Wireless is your best pick. Check it out on Amazon here.

Image by Pulp Lab

So this was our list of the best wireless earbuds, I hope you enjoyed the roundup. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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