The Best Wireless Chargers to buy at an affordable price

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Wireless charging has now become a standard feature for smart​phones. This technology has been around in Android since 2012 and now Apple’s latest flagship the iPhone X also supports wireless charging.

Although wireless chargers are not completely wireless, because they still have to be plugged into a wall outlet themselves, but they provide a very convenient way of charging by just placing your phone on a charging pad, and know that after a while it will be good to go.

There are mainly two types of wireless charging out today: Qi and PMA. Most of the smartphones and tech devices these days support Qi wireless charging.

We did a research on wireless chargers and down below we have listed down some of the best wireless chargers that you can get at an affordable price for your smartphones:

• Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad:

Samsung launched this wireless charger along side the Galaxy S8. This is an upgrade and redesign of the last version. The premium leather appearance and minimal design is really eye catching. Beside the design, you can easily convert this flat charging pad into an angled charging stand.

It supports fast charging which is really necessary​ for a wireless. This is mid range charger and costs around $60. You get an extra Samsung fast charge wall charger along with it.

Image by Samsung

• Samsung Wireless Charger:

If you are on a really tight budget and wanna get wire charging functionality then this charger will be the best option for you.

This UFO shaped charging pad supports Qi compatible devices. Although this can not be converted into a charging stand it does come with an additional Samsung 2A wall charger and still currently costs only $13.49 on Amazon.

Image by Samsung

• Ventev Wireless Charge Stand:

This wireless phone charger is brand new on the market. It has really nice angled design with a solid base is made up of non slip plastic and aluminum frame. You cam adjust the position of the pad which allows you to place your phone vertically or horizontally​.

The Ventev supports fast charging and it is also compatible with both Qi and PMA supported devices. It comes with an AC adapter and a cable. The price point of this device is $60.

Image by Digital Trends

• Anker Fast Wireless Charging Pad:

The Anker company is popularly​ known for its charging technologies. Their wireless charger comes with LED lights that light up to show the current charging status. It is a Qi supported charger and is one of the cheapest wireless chargers in our list.

This device also supports fast charging, the only down point is that it does not comes with an AC adapter and a cable, but around $19.99 this is the best fast charger you can get for your device.

Image by Android Authority

• Spigen Wireless Charging Pad:

Spigen wireless charging pad has an angled raised design so you are able to display your phone easily while charging. Unlike other chargers which have a single coil and comparatively small area for charging, this wireless charger has 3 coils so you can put your phone in portrait or landscape or off the center and still your device will be receiving the charge.

It supports Qi devices and does come with a wall outlet. You can get your hands on this device for around $30 at Amazon.

Image by Mobilefun

• Ravpower Fast Wireless Charging Stand:

Ravpower is known for their best portable charging accessories in a budget. This wireless charger also has an LED and it lights up white to indicate the charging status, the light turns off when the device is fully charged.

This device supports fast charging and also have two coils so that you can place your phone however you like. It does come with a micro USB cable but no AC adapter. The design and the built quality is decent. This charger costs around $22 on Amazon.

Image by Ravpower

• Satechi Wireless Charging Pad:

If you are looking for a really nice and premium looking charging pad that supports fast charging then this wireless charger​ could be the one you need. I personally really like the design of this device. It is a shiny black or white pad covered with a circular metallic frame available in silver, gold, rose gold and space gray color.

It supports most of the Qi devices and it also has an LED that lights up blue while charging. The package only includes a micro USB cable and the charger itself and this only costs about $15.

Image by Android Community

• Tylt VU:

Tylt was the first company to introduce tilted 45° angled wireless charging. This company has been around in the wireless charging game for quite a while and is well known for their accessories. It has a decent look and comes in a variety of color options.

Like the Spigen it has 3 coils and a relatively large area for charging so it does not matter how you place your phone. It has a single LED light under the lip of the stand which lights up green to indicate charging.

This charger does come with a micro USB cable and an adapter and costs around $19.

Image by Tylt

If you know any other good wireless chargers, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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