Best Video Game Projects On Patreon

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Patreon is a platform that provides flexibility to creators and Artists​ of all type to produce their content without worrying about financial problems.

The creators are paid as well as separately funded for their projects. This all works by running a membership business for your fans means that you are paid by people who love to see your work the most.

Thousands of developers​ have turned to Patreon for running their business. We have listed down some of the best video game projects on Patreon:

• Mike Inel:

Nice Graphics and Gameplay can be the difference between a good video game and a great video game. Developing a video game from scratch costs a lot of money, time and effort. Mikel is an animator and loves to create animations and 3D games.

He formerly worked on the 3D anime adaptation of a Cartoon that was aired on Cartoon Network known as ‘Adventure and Time’ and is currently working on turning that idea into a 3D game. He turned to Patreon for this project and with more than $5000 donations monthly he is able to keep his project ongoing.

It is an action adventure game and has six different locations, each location having a boss fight at the end. Right now a public demo is available for PC, however, fans will receive a special demo version which Inel call “More Defined Gameplay”. The name of the Patrons​ (subscribed fans) will be listed in the credits.

• The Rougard Team:

Games that are developed by the Korean and Japanese company are released in the United States with Official English Translation but many of those big games are not translated and the fans have to rely on subtitles. A company known as ‘The Rougard Team’ is working on this issue and in Korean MMO Ragnarok Online Mobile by developing a free patch for both Android and iOS.

The Patrons will get the first update as soon as it is developed and others will receive it after four weeks. You will get special skills and awards in the game depending upon how much amount you donated.

Image by Ragnarok Online

• Bay 12 Games:

The Bay 12 Games is developing a simulation game ‘Dwarf Fortress’ created by Zach Adams and Tarn Adams. This game is inspired by Minecraft and is simple text based graphical interface.

In the game, you fight with various monsters and creatures that are randomly generated. You have to save your village from flooding. The Patrons will get a story entry for them by the two creators.

Image by Bay12 Games

• JulioNib:

JulioNib is a scripter modder at Patreon and develops mods for GTA V. Although GTA V is an old game and was originally released in 2013 but is still one of the most demanding​ and best selling game. JulioNib​ has developed some very popular GTA V mods including Just Cause 3’s Grappling Hook, Spiderman’ Green Goblin and Crytek’s Crysis series mod.

He is currently working on some other mods for the future and some of the planned mods include X Men and Dragon Ball Z.

• Game Maker’s Tool Kit:

If you wanna be the game a developer and are interested in it but don’t know what to do or where to start? then you should watch Mark Brown videos, he is a creator and has developed a Game Maker’s Toolkit which is a series that will guide you on how to create your own games and will highlight the points which make a game popular and successful. It is a complete series and everything is discussed in detail with tutorials.

The fans who will donate at least $1will get a special discord server through which they can discuss its latest ‘Game Club’ pick.

Image by Pocket Gamers

• Noclip:

A video producer named Danny O’Dwyer who formerly worked for ‘GameSpot’ started a documentary series known as ‘Noclip’ in 2016. He shows the audience the point of view of a developer about a game that what is wrong with the game and what should have been originally​ done in the first place.

He has already covered some popular games like Rocket League, MMO, Doom Reboot, Doom 4, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Born and even Frog Fractions. The Patrons who donate monthly will get the exclusive videos which are not available to others and their name is listed at the end of the video in credits.

Image by Gamerescape

• Kihra’s Logs:

Kihra’s Logs are guides of various Games created by Kihra. The most popular guide is of ‘World Of Warcraft’ and is still played by Kihra and works to fight more boss and collect more data. These guides by him were started in 2013 and since then he has covered logs for some big games including Final Fantasy XIV, Rift and Wildstar. The estimated expenses of Kihra’s servers cost about $5000 monthly.

Image by Heals for chocolate
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