Best Televisions from CES 2019

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CES 2019 concluded with a handsome amount of tech in our hands. The focus of CES as always was on innovation, as a result, we saw some of the best miracles of technology, from a self driving taxis to 8K Televisions. Many companies tried their best to steal the show with their products. As it happens Televisions were the highlight of CES.

Many manufacturers tried to present their best products during the conference. The highlight of the conference was indeed the television range presented by different manufacturers. You can buy any of these televisions this year. Here is the list of the best televisions presented at the CES 2019.

LG Signature OLED TV R (Roll-up)

Arguably the best and the most beautiful television of the CES 2019 was LG’s new rollable 4K OLED television. They showed the prototype during the CES 2018 and it awed every one that laid eyes on it. Only a year later they put the final product on display. They did not disclose how they were able to manufacture this television. But our guess is the folding capability of the OLED display augmented by fine engineering brought forth the product. If you look at the back of the insanely thin display you will see the back plate has a big ‘X’ like structure and the display is divided into many chunks of displays that are collected together.

The rolling functionality can be explained by these chunks of displays and the ‘X’ like structure. When the TV is rolled down in the box these chunks fold along each other and the ‘X’ keeps all of the pieces intact. It is very hard to explain but the mechanism is fascinating. It makes the Signature TV R one of its kind.

You can use the Television as a multimedia device when its half folded. They call it the “Line view” the remaining display show different multimedia options that can be used. The box is not there just to store the TV but also it is where all the I/O is and the surround sound system is also present on the box. Additionally, LG is also supporting WiSA which means wireless surround sound is possible in a whole new way.

THE WALL TV by Samsung

The transition from LED to OLED brought brighter colors, deep blacks, flexibility, and longer shelf life. At their booth, Samsung had a huge TV which they were calling “THE WALL” It was neither a traditional LED or OLED TV rather they introduced a new display technology called Micro LED. It does not use a backlight like the OLED displays, but unlike OLED it uses only the primary color pixels to display every color. It has rich and bright colors like a traditional OLED display, but unlike OLED display it can be made into any size or shape. Which gives it a huge advantage over traditional OLED displays.

The Micro LED technology is still in the development phase but if the promises come out to be true we can see ourselves moving towards the Micro LED displays.

Samsung 98-inch 8K OLED TV

The biggest TV in sight was Samsung’s 98-inch 8K OLED TV (Q900). The bigger the TV gets the greater becomes the hassle to keep it aesthetically pleasing. However, the biggest TV from Samsung is well-designed to keep it aesthetically pleasing. The no gap wall mount, automatic source detection, one cable connect, and one connect box makes the overall experience fascinating. On top of it to support the 8K content. you can trust Samsung’s AI and upscaling techniques.

Image: digitaltrends
Image: digitaltrends

LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV

We know that this year’s top highlight was 8K TVs. Just like Samsung LG also had an 8K Television in its booth. The 88-inch OLED TV looks luxurious. The picture it produces is deep, rich in color and intoxicating. One can say that the Television is OLED at its top quality. It is also important to point out like all other manufacturers this LG is also incorporating Apple AirPlay 2 in its upcoming smart TVs. You can play your iTunes movies, TV shows and music on the TV through your Apple device.

Image: digitaltrends
Image: digitaltrends

TCL, SONY, and Panasonic also showed their 8K OLED televisions that were similar in many ways.


Vizio’s top of the line television for 2019 in their P-series Quantum X TV. It uses the Quantum dot technology with ton zones peaking at 3000 nits of brightness. It is not an 8K television rather Vizio is competing with the 4K televisions of the most manufacturers.

The best thing about television is its price since Vizio is lower scale manufacturer. The price that we are expecting will be way less than what the bigger manufacturers like LG and SONY will be demanding.

Image: digitaltrends
Image: digitaltrends


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