Best Tech From CES 2017

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the only one place where you can head to see future technologies and prototypes before they hit the market. It is an annual tech show held every year in Las Vegas to give everyone a sight of all the upcoming tech trends from incredibly thin high resolution TV that are crazy expensive to Self-Driving Cars.

There are tons of tech products shown off each year than previous year that it is not possible for a single person to navigate through all of them without missing some of the exciting tech stuff. We have listed down the best products from this year that caught our eye the most:

• Razers’s Project Valerie Concept Laptop:

The tech giant ‘Razer’ always introduces something crazy at CES. This year the company showcased the first automated triple display laptop known as the ‘Project Valerie’. This laptop has one main display with two additional display sliding off from the sides. Each display is 17 inches diagonally and supports 4K resolution, providing 12K resolution together. They can also be used independently​ as a separate display.

The laptop is powered by an Intel Kaby Lake Processor and Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. The downside is that it weighs around 12 pounds but the Razer says that it is a prototype and the final version will be a bit lighter, for easy storage.

Image by CNET

• Acer Predator 21X:

Acer showed off a lot of cool stuff at CES but the best was their giant 21 inch curved screen gaming laptop known as the ‘Predator 21X’. This thing is really huge and costs about $9000 and weighs about 19 pounds.

This beast has an Intel Core i7 (7th gen) 7820HK processor inside with two Nvidia GTX 1080 16GB graphics card and 64 GB DDR4 memory. The processor and the graphics card can be both overclocked. It has 9 heat pipes and 5 system fans to keep it cool. You also have 4 slots for expandable storage. It comes with a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches which feels very nice and provide very clicky tactile. You will get all the amazing things you expect in this $9000 Laptop.

Image by Ars Technica

• Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro:

Samsung displayed two Chromebooks, the Plus and the Pro at CES. These are not your average 2 in 1 Chromebooks. Both accompany a stylus for composing notes and drawing on the 12.3 inch (24,00 x 1,600) touch display. These two are the first Chromebooks that will have Google Play Store installed, enabling you to get access to all the Android apps. It has two USB-C ports and has a micro SD card slot for expandable storage, the keyboard and the trackpad are smooth and responsive.

Image by Samsung Newsroom

• Toyota Concept-i UX:

The automobile giant Toyota showcased a Futuristic autonomous car that looks like a cross between a race car and something out of Star Trek. Toyota Concept-i UX has very futuristic and out of this world looking interior. The company has integrated artificial intelligence that learns about driver’s preferences and provides haptic feedback to create a new kind of relationship with the driver. It also has a built-in virtual assistant known as ‘Yui’ that lives in the dashboard. Toyota believes that the future of vehicles is not only about teaching them to drive for us.

Image by Wired

• BMW HoloActive Concept:

The automobile companies try to show off their cars by showing you the wild and futuristic design but the company BMW showcased a concept known as ‘BMW HoloActive Concept’ which is a holo display in a car interior. You can interact with this display by touching it or to be more accurate not actually touching it. This concept is a blend of two technologies: Focused ultra sonic waves and Hologram. It develops a truly unique experience in a car as the buttons are floating in the air and you can press them to interact, you also feel the vibration on your finger tip exactly where the holographic button is placed.

This is a revolutionary technology and will be absolutely amazing if it becomes practical in future.

Image by CNET

• Power Ray Drone:

The company Power Vision took a clever approach in this high-flying trend and created an underwater drone called the ‘Power Ray’. This waterproof drone can swim down 30 meters deep into the sea and has built in Wi-Fi to provide details about underwater to the user on Land.

The drone uses Sonar to track down the fish and alert the fisherman when a fish is nearby. It can record videos and capture photos in 4K. The pre-orders for it are available and it has a price tag of $3000.

Image by DailyMail

• LG’s ‘Wallpaper’ OLED TV:

LG’s ‘Wallpaper’ OLED TV as the name describes is the worlds thinnest TV. Just when you think a Display can’t get any thinner, it does. This TV is even thinner than the headphone jack, measuring at 2.57mm. It will come in two sizes, 65 inch and 77 inch. The 65 inch model weighs only about 17 pounds and the 77 inch model weighs about 27 pounds. It is so light that you can easily mount it on the wall with magnets. As the TV is so thin that the company had to cram out the speakers and rest of the circuitry into a separate sound bar.

Image by LG

• Sony Projector:

Sony unveiled their projector called “VPL-VZ1000ES”. It is one of the most expensive projector out there costing around $25,000 and is only a dream for most people. This projector turns any room into a home theatre. It weighs about 77 pounds and projects a 100 inch image on to the wall. The pre-orders for this expensive tech are available.

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