Best Tablets in 2017

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What does a user look for when it comes to buying tablets? The basic demands that exist among the users are the lightweight, easy to carry and almost an alternative to the laptops or computers at least.

Luckily, the Tablets have superseded the laptops and computers in the daily routine use. However, when compared with a smartphone, tablets see less innovation, advancements, and competition.

Android tablets again are highly preferred over Apple iOS tablets and iPads.

Samsung leads the Android tablets while Apple iPads and tablets are equal in interface and software with the Apple mobile sets.

Let’s have a look at the upcoming top 5 tablets in 2017:

1) New iPad

Released out now, New iPad is an upgrade to iPad Air 2. Available at $329 for 32 GB and at $599 for 128 GB storage, and its slightly thicker metal body than Air 2 is available at much cheaper rates than its previous version of iPad Air 2.

Now some of the interesting features to look into this new product of Apple are mentioned below.

First, talking about the battery life, which according to the claims of the makers can work up to 10 hours straight on a single charge. Which means you can enjoy 5 movies in a row or continuous non-stop web browsing, listening songs and using of applications. Though playing games might affect the battery timings and can reduce the power at a slightly faster rate.

With no fast charge technology, the battery can take up to as long as 4 hours to complete charge from zero to 100%.

However, it’s a bit thicker and heavy in size than Air 2 but to a negligible point, where it doesn’t compromise it’s feature of portability and still makes it easy to carry, even on long travels.

The New iPad has a screen of 9.7inch of the display with High retina display giving a resolution of up to 2048 x 1536 that is same as the iPad Pro Models.

However, photography freaks cannot rely on the New iPad’s 1.2 front camera with 5 MP rear camera since it is not in any comparison to the smartphones of the same flagship. However, front-camera can still serve for video calling purpose.

It has got an updated current iOS 10.3 software that is the latest from Apple and with the latest interface, you can equally enjoy the access to million of app and games on App store.

All in all a cheaper product than its predecessor isn’t a bad buy if your purpose to keep an iPad is just for the sake of having an experience of using an Apple Tablet.

2) iPad pro 9.7


Well, iPad Pro 9.7 can really be said, a masterpiece produced by Apple so far. Taking a big leap forward in the industry of Tablets, this product has a lot to offer for its users.

A complete miniature laptop, with smart keyboard and a pencil, is definitely a smaller replica of iPad pro 12.7. For those who are looking for huge capacity in a small size, this can be a right choice for the iPad pro 9.7 is available in 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB at price starting initially from $599 and then move upwards.

The foremost issue for the users is its smooth performance, and to make browsing a hassle-free task, there has been used Apple’s latest A9X System-on-a-Chip, which includes the embedded M9 motion co-processor and a 12-core PowerVR Series 7 graphics chip providing the users with amplified processing speed. This means no matter how many applications you run and browse through tabs, the processing speed won’t be affected.

With so much usage, you must be worried about the battery life. Here’s the reason you don’t need to worry, the battery power of iPad Pro 9.7 is said to be very strong, which can work up to 24 hours if used securely and with a straight use can end up in 10 hours. Just like the New iPad, it takes about almost 4 hours to be completely charged if charged uninterrupted.

Now talking about its design and other specifications. The tablet has got four loudspeakers, means you can literally enjoy your passion of listening music at high beats and it’s a bet you might want to do some moves too!

How can we forget the camera, when its still-photo specs are 12MP on the back and 5MP on the front then it comes almost equal to Apple’s Smartphones?

This tablet is working on iOS 10 but creates a few software troubles such as the feature of multitasking. The multi-tasking feature with finger tapping on this tablet is not considered as smooth when compared with the mouse and keyboards used on laptops, in spite the feature of split screen view present.

Hope Apple could fix this issue in its upcoming tablets.

3) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung taking the supreme lead in the Android industry has once again taken the market by introducing one of the best featured Android Tablet to date, released in March, would be at the same price of $599 as of iPad Pro 9.7. With much of the same hardware features, four audio speakers, Stylus Pen and a keyboard, this time it’s giving a tough competition to iPad Pro series Tablets.

However, it’s important to mention that Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is not the best alternative to your laptops so far. Since you may find difficulty in operating Split screen feature where multi-tasking remains an issue in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with no proper dock to help easy switching from one app to another.

When talking about other main specifications, Samsung has brilliantly introduced an HDR screen standing as the world first HDR-ready tablet. This will particularly allure those who want to stay ahead and experience the advanced technologies before it’s fully adopted by the world.

So what else to look in to justify the worth of Tab 3, perhaps one thing that is definitely different from its predecessor is its design. Galaxy Tab 3 this time has been made with a glass and metal design, which gives it a classy external appearance when compared with a plastic rubberized back of S2.

Also the exciting feature to look is the battery life, where according to the claims of the Samsung, battery has the 12 hours of video playback which means it can fairly work well on long distance journey without the hassle of charging it again and again, also with a fast charge, it can pump in 23% of battery in just 30 minutes, so when rated over battery performance it’s above-average.

With 13-megapixel Rear and 5 Megapixel front cameras, along with an aperture of f/2.2 gives quality pictures in low lights.

Before making the decision to buy you must borne in mind that you would be incurring extra cost of buying since the keypad is not attached and is a separate buy though it would not cost much but makes it worth buying with the latest software of Android Nougat 7.0 installed same as of the Note 7 series, and the separate expenditure on the keyboard may cost you as much as $129 extra.

Overall, it still worth your money, with easy to use software, 32 GB of storage, 4GB RAM and 9.7-inch screen with billions of applications available on Google Store.

4) iPad Mini 4

Next in the list is the iPad Mini 4 with a 7.9-inch screen, a bit shrink size from the above three.

It has got a sheer advantage over New Ipad Air 2 and Pro 9.7 over its size and portability with its sleek design.

Now let’s have a look at the crunches in iPad Mini 4.

Battery power is commendable with its 10 hours of straight use making it equally weighted against Air 2. A 90 minute HD video would drop the battery by just 20% which is actually a plus when watching the same video on your smartphones.

The camera of this iPad is average with 1.2 front and 5 Megapixel back camera. Cameras are not the best feature in Tablets to be discussed when compared with the high megapixels cameras available in the smartphones of the same flagship.

The iOS 10 interface works well on the smaller tablet, making everything on the mini 4 much more responsive under the finger tapping.

The only lacking is the absence of the 3D TOUCH; the addition of this in the device would have made it the best Tab screen available at affordable price of approximately $300 in the market.

5) Google Pixel 7

Expected to be release in the summer of 2017, would price is hopefully to fall between the medium range of $300-$350, which is nominal when compared with the tablets of other flagships.

Though much of the specifications are not revealed by Google, however according to the rumors the sleek design is the much-awaited feature to be seen in the upcoming Google Pixel 7.

Google Pixel 7 has been included in the list of the suitable tabs to be used in 2017 on the basis of its affordable initial starting prices.

Much can not be said before, but it would be running on the latest software of Android 7.0 so we could expect fast processing, more efficient use of battery power and advanced application support.

It is to be seen that how Google in 2017 would compete with the high-tech Tablets already available in the market.


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