Best SUVs of 2018: Affordable, Stylish and great Mileage

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Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are highly popular these days due to the crossovers that are coming out. Crossover SUVs act as a hybrid between a car and an SUV, offering the best of both worlds. SUVs have been around for quite some time, but now they’ve not only evolved, but their immense popularity has given rise to a number of options to choose from.

There are many good SUVs out there. However, what makes a good SUV? That’s completely up to the buyer, it could be a small, large or midsize SUV. Nevertheless, here are some of the best SUVs out there in 2018:

Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is one of the best SUVs out there with regards to price. Costing approximately $32,000, it’s a steal considering the fact that its size is almost that of a large SUV. The Kodiaq comes with 5 seats and a standard 6.5 inches infotainment screen.

The Kodiaq features an autonomous emergency brake which automatically starts slowing the car down if it detects something troublesome ahead. This feature is available for base models too. You’re offered different models of the car to choose from. For example, there is also a model where the car has seven seats alongside wireless charging for mobile phones and a power-assisted tailgate.

Overall, the Kodiaq is a great car and a worthy inclusion for this list. It not only comes with decent features but it comes with different versions, thus giving the buyer different options to choose from. This, combined with its low price makes it a perfect buying choice. Another magazine, Auto Express also has good things to say about this car. The magazine claims that the car is “great value for money” when compared with other cars and that the car offers a smooth drive.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

This car almost has it all. The main winning feature of this car is its great mileage. It’s hard to pick a good SUV that has a decent size alongside great mileage, however, this one is a mixture of both. Moreover, the car has an option to go “all electric” even if you have gas in the tank so the car is also what you would call a “green” car.

When at home, you can charge the car and then use its “all electric” mode mentioned earlier. However, keep in mind that the all-electric mode is only there for emergencies. The maximum range for the all-electric mode is only 33 miles, which should be sufficient to get you to the next gas station should you run out of fuel. However, when the tank is full and the car’s fully charged, it gives an average of a whopping 84 miles per gallon, making it one of the best choice out there in terms of mileage.

It can be argued that there are many other cars with better mileage than the Chrysler. However, none would offer as much space combined with great mileage in one package. Therefore, this car is the winner in that sense, and at around $42,000 it’s not a bad option at all.

Tesla Model X

The only all-electric SUV in the market, the Tesla Model X poses a serious threat to other SUV manufacturers all over the world. It boasts an impressive zero-to-sixty time of 2.9 seconds alongside an overall slick design. The Model X also happens to hold the world record for the fastest quarter mile of a production SUV. The car is currently without a doubt the best mid-size SUV available in the market.

One of the best things about this SUV is that its electric all-wheel-drive system produces zero emissions, so if you live in the UK, specifically London, you won’t need to pay any road tax. The number of Tesla supercharger stations are also increasing around the world so you won’t need to worry about your car running out either.

The Model X has an impressive range of 295 miles and it can be fitted to seat 7 adults, so it certainly doesn’t lack the size either. It doesn’t end there, the Tesla Model X can also be driven off-road. The car starts at a price of $79,500, the more expensive option from this list, but it’s worth every penny.

2018 Land Rover Range Rover

If you’re someone who would like a large SUV, then you can’t go wrong with a Range Rover. The newest addition to the Range Rover family has everything one would want from a large SUV such as a good and luxurious looking interior, impressive gadgets and a powerful engine. The Land Rover simply has it all and it’s quite possibly the best large SUV out there right now.

There are many who consider Range Rover as the best SUV manufacturer there is. When a company brings out a car like this, it’s hard to argue. The latest model is a mid-cycle refresh, which gives it a new headlight and grille combo. The car also gets new taillights, better and wider exhaust pipes as well as a two-screen infotainment setup. The car also comes with many backseat tech additions as well which makes the car even better than its predecessor.

With continuous improvements over the past few years, Range Rover has perfected their craft. You can’t go wrong with this SUV. The only downside to it is its massive price tag of around $86,000. However, the price tag is well justified by the car’s performance and features.

Volvo XC90

Volvo has a lot to offer when it comes to SUVs. However, it’s safe to say that its most luxurious and perhaps best SUV is the XC90. What makes this one so great? It provides a mixture of good design and Volvo’s renowned hi-tech features, making it a great choice for buyers.

The car offers features such as Pilot Assist 2 which comes with cruise control and a lane departure warning system. Therefore, if you feel like taking your hands off the wheel, the car will make sure nothing goes wrong, if it does, you’ll be the first to know about it before its too late. There’s also an autonomous mode which keeps the car at a steady pace of 80 miles per hour, a good option for long drives on highways.

Volvo is known for making good cars and the XC90 is a prime example of it. If the features aren’t enough for you, the beautiful design will surely win you over. Overall, at around $70,000, this car is a great option for those looking for a decent SUV with good features.


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