Best Hoverboard & Self Balancing Scooters Review

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No, it does not hover! That’s the first thing that comes to mind while thinking ‘hoverboards’ but that’s not what it is. A hover board is basically a board with two wheels which can be used for personal transportation. Hoverboards are also called self-balancing scooters. They use a technology to keep you upright while you are riding them since there are no handlebars.

Like all electronic purchases, buying a hoverboard can be quite distressing. Because there are so many choices available in the market, one can get really confused over which brand to buy and what to look for while buying one. To break it down for you, there are a few important factors one needs to consider before buying a hoverboard. These are listed below for your convenience:

  • Battery Life
  • Speed
  • Ease of use
  • Weight carrying capacity
  • Tire size
  • Any special features
  • Price

There have been many instances of hoverboards catching fire and due to this safety risk to consumers, some retailers even stopped selling hoverboards for a while. However, in 2016, the UL introduced a new voluntary safety standard for hoverboards which goes by the name of UL 2272 and which addresses the risk. All the hoverboards in our list are UL 2272 compliant and therefore safe to use.



The Halo Rover is the best hoverboard of 2017. It is an all-terrain scooter, with a variety of great features. It uses sensors that help deliver a smoother ride. Combined with the large all-terrain wheels, you can take this scooter just about anywhere.

With its 8.5” wheels, you can easily travel over nearly any surface. It is designed for travel over streets, mud, sand, or even snow. The tires are made from an indestructible material, so you don’t need to worry about the tire treads losing traction. It also offers stability and durability, along with a bigger weight capacity. This scooter supports people up to 265-pounds.


Although the design is very heavy, it gives 10 miles on a single charge. The battery is protected against electrical fire with FireSafe technology which protects it from overheating and malfunctions.

The Halo Rover comes with a US government approved UL 2272 certification which guarantees the safety of use of this product. It has an indestructible aluminum frame.

This scooter includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can play music from your phone through the speaker. The Halo Rover mobile app brings additional options to the scooter. You can adjust your riding style and choose from different riding modes. This includes learning, normal, and advanced. The different riding modes adjust the total speed and responsiveness of the board. With the learning mode, you can slowly get used to the controls.

This hoverboard comes with a carrying case which is quite useful considering its weight. It weighs just under 40 pounds, which is heavier than some of the other scooters. But this weight helps deliver a smoother ride, as you’re less likely to notice small bumps in the road.

This scooter comes with a DVD offering a basic overview of how to operate the scooter including safety tips. Watch the DVD before your first ride. It covers important details, such as the fact that you need to completely stop the board before attempting to step off the board.

The all-terrain wheels, fire-protected battery, carrying case, Bluetooth speakers, and mobile applications control gives you more flexibility and versatility than any of the other scooters available. That is why this is the best hoverboards for your money and the highest selling hoverboard in the market. It has no real disadvantages to discuss and plenty of great features.

Quick Facts:

Pros – Most popular hoverboard, best weight capacity, Bluetooth speakers and a mobile app, Easy to operate and control, FireSafe battery protects against the risk of electrical fire, 6 months warranty

Cons – Expensive

Specs – Weight capacity of 26-pounds, 10-mile range, 10 mph top speed, all-terrain wheels, LED lights, Bluetooth, 8.5” tire size, UL certified Lithium-ion battery, ipx4 water resistant

EPIKGO Classic – The Indestructible Self Balancing Scooter Board


The EPIKGO Classic is an all-terrain scooter. It features large, rugged wheels for traveling over a wider range of terrains. You can go over dirt and grass, instead of limiting yourself to sidewalks and concrete. This is one of the most versatile scooters, due to its rugged design and alloy wheels.

The wheels are 8.5-inches, with deep treads, for better traction and control on nearly any surface and possess an indestructible fender wheel cover. It is also capable of traveling up an 18-degree incline. The tires are made from solid rubber and rated IP56 for durability and water resistance. It can reach 8 mph speed and cover a 10-mile range before needing to be charged again.

This hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. It is safe with no potential fire hazard. It can travel on any surface and up inclines owing to its powerful 400-watt dual motors giving it an 800-watt engine.

This hoverboard is almost 30% larger than most others. The platform, base, and wheels are all larger, which keeps you always in control.

Overall, this is a durable scooter that will last users a long time. Although the body is not scratch resistant but the general structure is strong.

Quick Facts:

Pros – all terrain scooter, improved safety, can travel up an 18-degree incline, comes in 3 colors, UL 2272 certified, comfortable rubber-cushioned foot pads, LED lights, solid rubber all-terrain tires, indestructible aluminum fender wheel cover, high on durability

Cons – very expensive, no Bluetooth (in this model), body is not scratch resistant

Specs – weight capacity 231 lbs, 10 miles range, 8 mph top speed, 8.5-inches wheels, 1-1.5 hours charge time, 36V/4.4AH Lithium-ion battery, unit weight 20 lbs (lightweight), 400-watt dual-motors

Segway miniPRO – Smart Self-Balancing Personal Transporter

segway minipro

The Segway miniPRO is not quite like all the other hoverboards in the market. Instead of freestanding on a platform, the Segway has a comfortable padded knee bar. This gives better support, comfort, and control of the scooter. It resembles the other hoverboards in basic design with the addition of a knee bar.

The greatest advantage of this scooter is nobody needs hours of practice to master riding it. Thanks to the very useful addition of a knee bar, it is comfortable to ride, gives you more control and can be steered easily and precisely as compared to all other two-wheeled hoverboards in the market.

Instead of simply standing on a board, you have good support for your body. The ergonomic design utilizes precision sensors to capture your body’s movements and maintain your balance.

The scooter has a beginner mode. This will limit the top speed and allow you to slowly get used to the controls. The beginner mode can be disabled after riding for a kilometer – about 0.6 miles with your mobile phone.

The Bluetooth phone app also provides anti-theft security, LED lights customization, diagnostics, firmware updates, speed control, and even remote control operation. You can move the unit without riding it via the remote control function!

It is designed to be operated in many kinds of indoor and outdoor terrains. The dual-motor engine makes it possible for this hoverboard to go up a 15-degree incline without compromising safety. The 3.5” chassis and 10.5” pneumatic, air-filled tires provide military-grade shock resistance to effectively smooth out bumps and absorb vibrations while you ride.

The LED taillights provide visibility to the rider during the night and ensure safety on the road.

The miniPRO is high on durability. The frame is built from a superlight and durable magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy is an industry standard for aircraft and aviation because of its ultralight and highly durable elements.

Magnesium alloy is flexible and provides higher shock absorption performance than aluminum alloy. The miniPRO weighs in at a mere 28 lbs (12.7kg). This makes it lightweight and compact enough to be carried, stored, and transported. In addition, the frame has been coated with a corrosion-resistant material to stand the test of time.

For compact storage, the knee control bar can be quickly detached from the main frame. Keeping ergonomic engineering in mind during designing the miniPRO, the knee-bar is adjustable according to the height of the user.

The only drawback is that due to the knee bar, this scooter is less portable than other scooters. Although it can be detached from the main body but still, it isn’t a pick-and-go.

This is the only scooter in the list that allows you to remotely control it via a mobile app. That is cool and a major selling point. But, it is also one of the most expensive scooters.

Among the myriads of self-balancing scooters, miniPRO is the most advanced option. If you truly want a personal transportation device, this is perhaps the best option for you. It has the greatest range, smoothest ride, and most advanced features. But since it is not an all-terrain scooter, you may have trouble traveling on sand, dirt, or grass.

Quick Facts:

Pros – improved stability with inclusion of knee-bar, powerful motors, efficient battery, mobile Bluetooth, aesthetically pleasing design, corrosion-resistant body, remote control operation

Cons – less portable, unusual design, most expensive scooter, not an all-terrain scooter

Specs – 220 pounds weight capacity, 400-watt dual-motors, mobile app control, top speed 10 mph, 14-mile range, 15-degree climbing angle, 10.5” pneumatic air-filled tires, adjustable knee-bar, magnesium alloy frame.

Dailysaw Self-balancing Scooter – The fastest Hoverboard

The next hoverboard on our list is the Dailysaw 6.5 inch self-balancing scooter. It is manufactured by Streetsaw which is one of the most well-known companies in the Hoverboard biz. It is the fastest hoverboard of 2017 with a max speed of 11 miles per hour.

This is one of the premium hoverboards that you can get your hands. It has some really amazing features including a very quick charge time of 60 to 90 minutes and a battery life of 5 to 6 hours, you can maximize your riding time. The battery is very high quality and you can either choose Samsung or LG battery for your Dailysaw.

It has 6.5 inch wheels which is decent for most surface except for the rough terrain. The built quality is premium and it is a UL2722 certification meaning that the hoverboard is completely safe against all the damages and issues that were found in the early batches.

When it comes to the design it looks like the company puts a lot of thought into it, like it has added ventilation for drainage below the board and bumpers to avoid dents and scratches.

The Headlights and taillights are very powerful and can light up to 6.5 feet allowing the user to see obstacles ahead.

The Streetsaw website has a chat feature on the bottom right corner of the page, here you can ask your questions about the scooter from a professional technician.

Overall this is a really great and reliable scooter and is perfect for those who really want to cruise. It is available in black and weirdly named ‘tickle me pink’ color

Quick Facts:

Pros – The fastest hoverboard, Affordable price, UL2722 certified, Quick Charge, Detailed Design.

Cons – 6.5 inch small tire, tough to balance in rocky terrains.

Specs – Speed: 11 mph, Charge time: 60 – 90 minutes, Battery Life: 5-6 hours, Weight Capacity: 220 pounds, Bluetooth Integration: Yes, Led Lights: Yes, UL2722 certified: Yes.

SwagTron T3

If you don’t care about the price and want to get the best hoverboard then Swagtron T3 might be the way to go. It is an upgrade to the best rated Swagtron T1. This is a great option for advanced riders as it has all the features available. Design wise not much has changed, it was rumored that there will be a handle involved as well, but it seems like there isn’t one.

It offers a maximum speed of 8.5 miles per hour and has a max range of up to 12 miles. The Swagtron T3 has dual 300 watts independent motor with upgraded gear stabilization to provide balance, smooth and safe ride to the user.

The footpads have also been enhanced, now they are much wider and offers more grip overall.It now also has open wheels with even better traction. This all is going to help you in taking tight turns easily.

The chassis is now built lighter while keeping the Hoverboard sturdy. It also features carry straps so the users do not have to worry about moving this product from place to place – ensuring convenience and hassle-free carrying.

The lithium ion battery back that powers the hoverboard can be charged in 2 to 3-hour maximum and doesn’t heat up at all, this board is also UL2722 certified.

It has all the features of T1 like Bluetooth, app connectivity, LED headlights, rubber bumpers, battery indicators, learning modes etc. It also has the same patented SentryShield technology.

Quick Facts:

Pros – UL2722 certified, ipx64 water resistant, good battery management, dual independent motor, built-in carry strap.

Cons – Expensive.

Specs – Speed: 8+ mph, Charge time: 3 hours, Battery Life: 7- 12  miles, Minimum weight limit: 55 pounds, Weight Capacity: 220 pounds, Bluetooth Integration: Yes, Led Lights: Yes, UL2722 certified: Yes.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The last hoverboard on our list is the Razor Hovertrax 2.0, produced by a well known company, Razor. It also offers dual motors similar to the T3  and it is one of the most feature packed self-balancing scooter.

This hoverboard is known for its unique feature called Ever balance which is used to make this hoverboard extremely smooth, balanced, easy and safe to ride for the newbies. A 15 degree tilt allows this hoverboard to climb small hills.

Design wise the Razor Hovertrax feels cheap but it is a durable hoverboard in real. It has bumpers to protect the board from any dents or scratches.

The scooter offers max speed of 8+ miles per hour with its dual 350 watt motor. The board is very silent while riding. On a full charge, this board can keep running for 60 minutes. Just like every other Hoverboard on the list, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is also UL2722 certified.

It has two riding modes available which are suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Overall this is a great board packed with all the important features like battery indicator, fender bumpers etc but this all comes at an expensive price.

Quick Facts:

Pros – UL2722 certified, 60 minutes battery life, dual motor, Ever balance technology.

Cons – Expensive, cheap looking design.

Specs – Speed: 8 mph, Charge time: 3 hours, Battery Life: 12  miles (60 minutes of continuous riding), Weight Capacity: 220 pounds, Bluetooth Integration: Yes, Led Lights: Yes.

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