Best Rumored PS5 Render Images and Videos

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With a few hours wait left in the release of one of the most anticipated gaming consoles the internet community is going wild with out of the box renders and concepts of the new PlayStation 5.

These concepts usually take two directions, while some designers try to speculate the actual look of the product from data sheets and design leaks. Others just make designs for fun, inspired by the latest meme trends. Online platforms like Reddit and Twitter are famous for design leaks way before the launch date.

Now that a little time remains, a lot of people are trying to guess what the new console might look like. These designs mostly start out as futuristic renders with impossible technologies. With time they slowly mature to more realistic and actual product speculations.

First up is a controller concept posted on twitter. The video, although it does not feature the actual PS5 controller, it does show some beautiful features that gamers can expect from Sony in the future. Even if Sony does not make a controller like this, we might be able to see an aftermarket modification inspired by this video soon.

Then we see a concept for UI of the latest PlayStation 5. There is no confirmation yet that Soy will be showcasing the software side of PlayStation in this event, but there is always hope for the better. This design features a simplistic approach with smooth animations that will pair brilliantly with the high refresh rate capabilities of the new console. Also, since this is a software feature, so who knows Sony might decide to implement this with a future update.

Now comes the meme community that leaves no chance to make funny comments in high-pressure situations. One of the hilarious design leaks was the pyramid PlayStation 5 which was posted on first on Reddit.

Someone on twitter gave the brilliant idea of making a mini console house in quarantine boredom.

Here is another one of the concept renders of PS 5.  This actually manages to attain Sony’s design aesthetic and features a material and matt finish inspired by the PS 5 controller released earlier.  Imagine if Sony releases a PS 5 slim version inspired by this design in the future with matt black color scheme.

(Image credit: ConceptCreator)

Here is another similar design but with the black and white color scheme as featured in the controller.

A vertical concept of PS 5 inspired by the XBOX also exists thanks to Reddit designers. This also features similar ambient lighting and black and white color scheme of previous designs.

(Image source: Reddit – u/robo3687)

Another one of the controller leaks shows a design inspired by the Nintendo switch. This render shows a splittable PlayStation controller that can be split for various gameplay use cases including VR.  This is again something quite achievable as there are already products in the market that include this feature.

Last but one of the most plausible leaks shows what might the console look like with front controls. This design features a V-shaped body for improved airflow and thermal performance. This design is so good and believable that we might actually see this leak come to reality.

(Image Source:



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