Best Ring Lights For Your Makeup; With And Without Stand

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If you are a girl who is obsessed with her make-up and all the girlie stuff you use while getting ready, then this article is for and about you!

In order to achieve the best results of your make, you need to have a proper lightning in your room where you can see every detail of your body and face in front of a mirror. Room lights are never enough for a detail view of your face, you need to have a close and brightening light in front of your face when you are doing make up or standing in front a mirror, in order to slay the look you’re having for the day. So, for that reason, we have decided to list down the best ring lights that will help doing your makeup perfectly.

Ring Lights:

These are very famous everyday use lights you can have with or without a stand, placed in front of you while doing make up. These ring lights are made for this very purpose, to provide you the best lighting from every direction while doing make up when you are getting ready.

You might have seen many videos and pictures where the person in the picture has the best lighting effect on their faces. That is mostly because of the RING LIGHT! The ring shaped LED lights are made to provide you a shadow less lighting without making anything dull.

These hula loop look alike lights project from every direction eliminating shadows, they can be used having a camera or a smartphone placed in the middle giving you an extremely clear and bright picture results

So many you-tubers and v-loggers use the same ring lights for their videos and still photography. Ring lights basically comes with and without a kit. The kit includes a stand, filters and some other things that help you place the ring light independently. Or you can just buy the ring light and place or hang it anywhere you want. There are several ring lights available in the marketing with different sizes and quality along with or without rechargeable batteries. So we have decided to cover some best quality ring lights for you in case if you are looking or planning to buy one.

Listed below are the best ring lights with and without kits that you can get according to your needs.

Neewer Dimmable 18 Inch Light Kit:

Neewer is a 75W fluorescent light that comes with a complete kit. It’s a really good light with an option of dimming and the kit it comes with is really useful. Neewer is been producing and distributing DSLR and so many other camera equipment like flashes, battery grips, remote shutters, phones lenses etc.

This kit has an 18” fluorescent light ring and the inner diameter is 14”, which is a perfect size and is easier to look through it if you are using it as a make up artist because many of the other light rings are smaller in size than this one.

Neewer delivers a very bright daylight that can be dimmed and two sets of filters i.e. white and warm light that fits the ring light, the kit includes camera mount, a lightweight stand and a bag. This ring light costs $144 and you can buy it online from amazon.


This is another 18” full kit ring light and its kit includes camera mount, a light stand and filter. It’s a 55W LED light that is comparatively lower in wattage of watts but the LED light balance is totally great and provides a bright light with 2 filters options i.e. soft white and orange.

Since EACHSHOT is an LED based light, and LED lights are formed by the combination of lots of small lights, this one has around 240 LED bulbs in it which are energy efficient and don’t produce heat and provide good lighting for your make-up or video making.

There is a variable output feature in this ring light that allows you to adjust basic light output for wider lens aperture. EACHSHOT ES240 retails for $140 and you can buy it online from amazon.

Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18”:

If you are a professional photographer or make up artist and require a good quality ring light that is big and brighter than any other ring light available in the market, this is what you need. The Diva Ring Light Super Nova is a powerful 500W ring light with LEDs which gives you’re an option to dim the light and by dimming you can use the 20% of the full power light, making you adjust the brightness according to your need.

This is a full kit ring light and it includes a bracket for camera on tripod, a gooseneck for flexible mounting, a lightweight stand and an easy to install diffusion cloth. Diva Ring Light is perfect for commercial use and the quality of this ring light is just superb. However the price of this full kit ring light is much expensive than the previous two ring lights that we mentioned above. It costs $280, you can buy it online from amazon.

Neewer Camera Photo Ring Light:

This is another offering from Neewer and it’s without the kit. Camera Photo is a 14” ring light with a 10” diameter and a it uses a fluorescent bulb just like other Neewer ring lights. It’s a 50W ring light that does not have a dimming feature.

This is more of a portable ring light with a flexible arm that enable you to move it freely, if you happen to travel a lot with your apparatus, this is a good option for you. Even though it’s not as strong as the earlier mentioned ring lights but it’s cheaper and more carry-able for your daily use. If you are looking for an inexpensive ring light with normal performance and for close up use then this is a good option for you. It costs $72 and you can purchase it from amazon.

Qiaya Ring Light For Smartphone:

QIAYA has produced this ring light for iPhone Photography, it’s a 14” ring light with a 9” of diameter with the LEDs and it does not comes with any kit or stand, being extremely handy and portable. This light ring is rechargeable, YES! To make it more portable QIAYA has included rechargeable batteries with this ring light that has a decent backup. It has around 180 LED bulbs and it projects a very decent light.

It can be used to take Selfie or record a video through a smartphone. There is a three-position switch in this portable ring light that will reduce the light output in case you are running out of battery. You can easily charge it via USB cable and it costs $99, you can buy it online on amazon.





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