Best Pre-Built Cryptocurrency Mining Rig In 2018

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If you are looking forward to invest in cryptocurrency mining and are searching for the best and effective ways to start earning cryptocurrencies ASAP then pre-built mining rigs would be the right way to go as the prices of graphics cards have nearly doubled compared to their original retail price.To help you get started we have researched and brought you the best pre-built cryptocurrency mining rigs to help you pick one out for yourself.

One thing that you must know about pre-built rigs is that unlike custom mining PCs they can not be used to perform your other day to day tasks as normal computers, they come with pre-loaded software and are specifically designed for mining. This means that you will not be able to use your setup for other tasks but you will be getting the most efficient and effective performance which will of course max out the profit compared to the custom builds in the same price.

Shark Mini

We are going to start up our list with the Shark Mini which is a pretty well-known mining rig among cryptocurrency miners. As its name suggests it is a pretty compacts mining rig that comes loaded with 4 GPUs. The entry level variant comes with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 but you can also opt for the GTX 1070 Ti GPU. The 1070 Ti model will boost your profit rate up to 10% plus it also allows you to add up a touch display to keep track of your system.

If you plan to mine Bitcoin or ZCash with this rig you will get estimate profit of $600 per month, Etherum mining will provide you estimate profit of $400 per month. The only down points of this rig are that it is a bit pricey compared to others and the warranty is also really short. Overall this is a pretty solid choice if you are looking for a compact mining that offers a potential of a pretty excellent profit. You can get your hands on this rig for about $5,290 from its official website.

Bitcoin Gold GPU Miner H/S

Next up on our list, we have Bitcoin Gold GPU H/S miner which is a budget friendly option that will provide good profit rate. It is manufactured by and you get 6 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB edition GPUs. This mining rig gives you the option of customization so that you can customize it according to your requirements and budget.

The profit rate may fluctuate but soon the rig will start paying for itself. Recently the price of this device has been cut down which something rare with mining rigs as the prices only goes high. It is available for sale for about $3,600.

Antminer D3

The Antminer 3 is a slightly different kind of mining rig as it does not use GPU to do the mining but instead, it relies on an Application-specific integrated circuit chips (ASICs) which results in low power consumption and affordable price. This mining rig can also solve bitcoin blocks faster which is a plus point.

The only down point of this device is that it can be a bit complicated to use. Overall the Antminer D3 is good mid-range miner that has a hash rate of 19.5 GH/s. This mining rig is available for around $1000 on Amazon.

PandaMiner B5 Plus

The last rig on our list is the PandaMiner B Plus which is the most affordable rig on our list. It is also a compact and well-built rig. You get 8 AMD Radeon RX 460 installed on the device which provides excellent profit rates.

The down point of this device is that it is expensive considering what it offers and is also often sold out. The PandaMiner B5 Plus is available for sale for around $1800.

Shark PRO

The Shark PRO is the most expensive mining rig on our list that is designed for professional cryptocurrency miners. This comes loaded with 6 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ti 8 GB but you can also opt for the GTX 1080 Ti which will of course provide you with even more profit.

Just like shark mini it is also a solid device with excellent build quality. You can get your hands on the Shark PRO for about $6,890.

So this was our list of the best pre-built mining rigs, I hope you enjoyed our roundup. If you know some other good cryptocurrency mining devices that you think should be featured on our list then make sure to drop down a comment below.

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