Best iOS Apps you can’t find in Google Playstore

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Undoubtedly, Apple iOS is an incredible platform for the debut of applications; it has a great reputation for aesthetics and interface design. The small screen size and less number of devices provide a perfect platform to the new applications.

From photography to utilities or from games to news readers, iOS has a huge collection of some astounding applications which are only available in the Apple App store at the moment.

Even Android is implausible in terms of technical customization but Apple’s iOS is simply the best one. Enlisted below are some applications which are only available on iOS.

Monument Valley:

With vibrant colors and exclusive designs, Monument Valley dominates over the other application. It is the best puzzle game which now back on iOS, which quite similar to the original Monument Valley game.

A user strives and looks for a way through strikingly imaginary castles and monuments but in the Monument Valley 2 user have to guide two characters to find their way through the magical land of Monument.

The conspicuous visual and audio elements make it a perfect game for the adventurous iOS users.

Affinity Photo:

Editing photos is quite easy but for some serious editing just turn on your Affinity Photo application. Users don’t need to take out their Pro Books for that as this exclusive application has some professional editing tools.

Affinity Photo is jam-packed with some incredible editing features like; correction tools, re-touching, unlimited layers. The advanced brush engine makes it a perfect professional photo editing application.

The fast performance facilitates the user to take advantage of some creative tools like Apple Pencil etc.

Moleskine Timepage:

For notebooks, Moleskine is popularly known but now the company is focusing on mobile application and has brought a great calendar app for iOS users known as ‘Timepage’.

Timepage is a featured-packed and stylish application, the day planner and smart calendar features keep the user updated plus these features can also work with the existing calendar provider like; Google, iCloud and Facebook.

It facilitates the user to create events and provides natty calendar views, a date tab let the user select specific days and base view endows with the simple timeline of days which shows all the upcoming appointments.

Weather, maps, natural language parsing, and natural language support are included in the elongated list of additional features of Timepage. Plus the ‘heat map’ feature allows the user to view the days which are busy or free.

In short, it works like a personal assistant who will keep you updated and will notify you about all upcoming important events.


The iOS based application which brings contact management and calendar feature together. For getting amazing services users have to sign-up with their work email account. As soon as users will sign-up, Accompany will turn into the chief of staff and will endow the user with all substantial information.

Accompany gathers all the details of company and people who are in the list of upcoming meetings or events. It allows the users to keep the record of previous communications with the contacts plus users can lookup for them whenever they want.

This application will prepare the users for any meeting or event one night before and will enable them to track all the important information in an easy way.

Just Press Record:

Just Press Record is one of the most multipurpose applications for iOS users which facilitate them with one-tap recording feature. The built-in transcription feature is great for taking notes in an easy way. By pressing long the app icon located on the notification widget or lock screen users can record audios plus supports a number of languages.

Users can sort their recording by time and date plus the recording can be manually renamed and the recording can be easily shared with other applications.

Day One:

The fiddle free and minimalist design iOS platform makes it favorite of all the lifestyle apps. The professional digital journal application Day One is one of them which permit the users to create journal entries according to their need, the simplicity or the complexity of journal depends utterly upon the users.

For simple journals, users can choose the easy minimal editing mode or can make it detailed by adding location, images or even the music which they are listening for instance.

By map data and keywords users can search their entries in the journal sequentially and users can also showcase their creation easily.


For iOS users, Camera+ is a boon as it’s not just a high-end camera replacement but a full photo editing application. It features scene settings, numerous filters, and shooting modes.

The clarity feature of Camera+ facilitates the users to give life to the dull and dark images. For sprucing up the photos; captioning tools, horizon level, cropping and special features are available.

For adding some vibrant colors and to make outstanding snapshot Camera+ is the best application available in the App Store of Apple.


There are numerous applications in the App store which are like Twitter but Tweetbot with its prevailing features and great interface stands out in the crowd. It enables the users to mute specific users or hashtags.

The split-view multi-tasking on iPad, improved user profile, optimized status detail, extensive 3D touch support are the new features added in the new version of Tweetbot.

Garage Band:

For the music lovers and instruments players, Garage Band is one of the finest iOS apps which turns the user’s iPad or iPhone into a music studio with on-board editing suite and the touch screen controlled instrument features.

Garage Band lets the users play different instruments like; piano, drums, organs, guitar and much more. The users can easily record their performance and the ‘Live Loops’ feature let the users record customized loops or use the pre-build loops.

For making the live performance more exotic, users can also add effects or remix the loops and add them to recordings and live performances which can be saved and shared as well.

Sadly, these applications are not available for the Android users but for iOS users, these startling applications are available which will let the iOS to discover the creative side of technology.

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