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Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors

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Home blood pressure monitors are a very useful medical gadget and a must-to-have for every family. Nearly one-third of the American population has hypertension (high blood pressure), so it’s really important and useful to have a blood pressure monitor at home because going to the hospital or a clinic just to check the blood pressure or heartbeat rate can be very hectic at times.

Even the doctors are now suggesting their high blood pressure patients keep a blood pressure monitor at home to track their blood pressure and pulse rate because ignoring or not keeping a track of blood pressure could become a fatal mistake.

There are handcuff blood pressure monitors also available in the market but their results are not accurate and could give your false results so we have decided to provide our readers a list of top 7 blood pressure monitors that you can purchase and keep a proper record of your health at home.

but before that here are some tips for using a blood pressure machine at home to get the accurate result


  • Use the toilet before checking your blood pressure.
  • Do not intake anything that contains caffeine.
  • Sit somewhere quiet, relax and don’t cross your legs.
  • Sit quietly for at least 5 minutes.
  • Make sure to put on the arm cuff on bare arms and rest your arm on a cushion or table so that the cuff is at heart level.
  • Check your Blood pressure daily at the same time and use the same method every day to get the best results.
  1. The Omron 10 Series:

This is a very reputable company with a lot of satisfied customers, Even I am using Omron’s digital blood pressure monitor from the last 8 years and never have I ever felt the need to switch.

The new 10 Series Omron blood pressure monitor is WIRELESS and the best BP monitor available in the market right now and it’s super fast and accurate. it comes with a ComFit cuff that is easy fits on upper arms 9” to 17”.

The Omron 10 Series

The best thing about this blood pressure monitor is that you can keep a track record of up to 100 blood pressure and heartbeat tests.

Omron offers a free iOS and Android app on your smartphone where you can keep an unlimited record of the readings. It has multi-colored indicator lights that show your readings with the normal home blood pressure levels.

So you can have an idea about your blood pressure being high or low. The only downside about this monitor is it can take a while to calculate the results but that’s not a big issue. It costs around $55 and you can get it at Amazon Check Price.

6 Best features of Omron 10 Series:

  1. Most reputable brand: Omron is around for 40 years, manufacturing high-quality blood pressure monitors and related devices. This is what makes it the most recommended brand by Doctors and Pharmacists.
  2. TruRead™ feature: In order to ensure the accuracy of your reading, the TruRead feature takes not one but three readings in one go and calculate the average to figure out the exact measurement of your BP rate. This feature has been set up to follow the guidelines provided by the American Heart Association.
  3. Easy wrap Cuffs: It has been experienced and reported by many users that the cuffs made by Omron are the most comfortable, get well positioned on arms easily. Obtaining accurate reading somewhat depends on the positioning of cuffs on your arms and Omron takes care of it.
  4. Bluetooth available: Omron wellness mobile app allows a user to sync his blood pressure reading with a smartphone through Bluetooth.
  5. Nice large display screen: Omron is said to have the best display in the entire variety of BP monitors available in the market. With wide bright display, backlit digits and flashing lights to indicate if your reading is normal or risky, Omron has done a pretty good job here as well.
  6. Reading storage for two: Omron bp monitor can store up to 200 readings from two different persons in one device. 100 readings for each person. This feature is rare to find in other available digital BP apparatuses.

    2.    LotFancy

This is an FDA approved and CE certified digital blood pressure monitor, which claims to provide 100% accurate result. It comes with the wired handcuff that fits 8.6” to 14”. The best thing about this device is it can track and store up to 4 people’s record (up to 30 readings) at a time. It’s very easy to use and the large LCD display gives a very easy to understand result with big numbers that are easily readable.


It also gives ABNORMAL ALERTS when your heart rate is not normal or your BP and the BP bar level shows how your reading is compared with normal blood pressure measurements. It costs around $25 and it’s probably the best value for money. You can buy it online at Amazon Check Price.

  1. Panasonic EW3109W:

A very popular blood pressure monitor with simple looks, Panasonic never disappoints its customer that is the reason it’s one of the highly respected and reputable companies in the world. Panasonic EW3109W is a very simple and easy to use the device with one-touch operation.

Panasonic EW3109W

It has an LCD screen which automatically indicates if your blood pressure is below or above the normal rate. It has a memory to record and save over 90 reading. If you are looking for an accurate yet easy to use blood pressure device, then this is the best choice. It costs around $35 and you can find it online at Amazon Check Price.

  1. Balance BP Monitor Kit:

This monitor is also very famous for its accurate readings, it is an FDA approved and suggested by doctors. It comes with a wired adjustable upper arm cuff and an easy-to-read LCD display with large numbers. you can track a record of 2 persons with this devices, the good thing about this device is the PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE with a 2 years warranty, you can ask any questions related to the device or its usage.

Balance BP Monitor Kit

This downside of this monitor is it has a slightly confusing interface for the people who are not very tech-friendly.  It costs around $30 and you can purchase online at Amazon Check Price.

  1. Withings Wireless:

If you are a tech geek and you like your gadgets to be connected to your smartphone, then this is the device for you! Withings Wireless blood pressure monitor has a decent accuracy and its connected to your smartphone via its own app called WITHINGS HEALTH MATE app. It shows you a detailed result on your smartphone with recommended values. It has a dual connectivity i.e. Bluetooth and wire.

Panasonic EW3109W

The downside of this device is its way expensive than the other same devices and it has the poor user manual and it’s not very user-friendly. Withings Blood pressure monitor costs around $100 and you can buy it from Amazon Check Price.

    6. Santamedical SP-110; Adult Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

No matter how much digital and advanced blood pressure monitors could get, some people are just not satisfied with their results and choose to stick to the traditional BP sphygmomanometers only.

Santamedical, respecting the choice of such people, has manufactured the kind of sphygmomanometer that is advanced and improved in speed but still handled by the old technique.

It is considered one of the best manual blood pressure monitors because of its high quality available at a very inexpensive price. This is what makes it one of the best selling BP monitors on Amazon.

Santamedical SP-110 is easy to handle; since it isn’t digital hence no batteries or electricity required to operate it. It comes with a carrying case, allowing you to take it easy to wherever you go.

However, in order to obtain accurate reading through this sphygmomanometer, you’ll have to keep it manually calibrated; which is fine for people who know how to use traditional BP apparatus.

   7 – iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors:

Now here’s something for loyal customers of Apple.  One of the iHealth BP monitors is inspired by apple watch and support apple devices only. It is a fancy looking BP monitor that is wrist mounted and claims to provide an accurate result.

But According to scientific research, trying to take accurate BP reading from the wrist is a challenge as It has a procedure to be followed, requiring you to keep the body position on a check, keep the wrist positioned at heart level and breath normal. Since arteries are narrowed on the wrist as compared to an arm; obtaining accurate BP reading through wrist-mounted BP monitors is recommended for those only who know exactly how to follow the required steps.

iHealth Wireless Wrist BP monitor is perfect for those who may have problems using devices for the upper arm. If you’re on your own and need to check your BP, you won’t have the struggle to wear cuffs on the upper arm and then set up the device to measure the reading. Just wear this wrist watch looking BP device and monitor your reading on its app in your iPhone or iPad.

But if you still choose to stick with upper arm BP apparatus, worry not as iHealth offers upper arm wireless cuffs monitor as well, which works the same way but considered more accurate than the wrist monitor.

However, it’s a little bigger in size and weight as well; doesn’t come as handy as the wrist one. but out of 5 people, 3 would go with upper arm monitor because of the accuracy of results expected. The price of upper arm iHealth monitor is higher than its wrist monitor, for obvious reasons.

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