Best Hair Dryers to enhance your looks – Starting from $30

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Our hair is one of the most important ‘instruments’ that make us look good, looking good is an art that can be mastered easily if you have the right tools in hand. If you ask a wise person to define beauty for you, the most probable answer that you may get is beauty cannot be defined.

However, in a very crude way being beautiful is a way of saying that one is looking good. Looking good boils down to three categories, how you are caring your body, what you are wearing and lastly the hairstyle you are wearing. Today our focus is on the latter part of being beautiful, that is how you can make your hairs look better, specifically the devices that are used to style and dry the hair, Hairdryers.

Hair follicles are the part of the body that is almost always in contact with the environment, so taking care of these is one of the tedious tasks of our daily lives. While there are many tools and procedures that can improve the health of our hair, our focus for today is the styling specifically the blow styling. Hairdryers are used to dry and style our hair in such a way that cannot be done easily by hand, and in case of people with long hairs, the time it takes to dry the hair is also considerably less. So, one may argue that for an everyday person the hairdryer is one of the most used accessories of the day.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best hair dryers that you can buy right now, depending upon the strength, price, ease of use and durability. During our research, we had a chance to ask for the advice of the popular hair stylists like Andrew Fitzsimons and David Mallet.

BaByliss 2100 Elegance

                BaByliss is one of the familiar names in the styling industry since their inaugural in the 1960s, their products have made their mark due to their price and durability. The Elegance 2100 series is packed with modern technologies that are enough to dry your hair in a matter of minutes. The body too is very lightweight which makes it easy to dry your hair and at the same time style them, for longer sessions.

Even though the price of the hair dryer is very low, there is a ceramic heating element which controls the temperatures. Due to a controlled temperature, you can easily ignore the fact that heat damages the hair. If you are getting a hairdryer only to dry your hair as fast as possible, then the BaByliss 2100 is the way to go as it is easily one of the fastest products in the market.

The only downside of the product is the length of the power cable; if the socket is near your mirror, then you can ignore this problem. Additionally, there are only two-speed setting; you may have to make do with these a cold shot button for the cool air is present for finishing. Lastly, it requires 2100 Watts from the wall to work at its full potential. It is the only hairdryer in this list that will cost you less than $50.

In Style Blue Turbo Ionic Dryer

If you are looking for a more customizable option, then the Blur turbo ionic dryer is the way to go. Unlike most hairdryers with only two settings for the speed control, it offers the InStyle Turbo Dryer’s infinity Dial for the speed settings. So, you have the authority over the speed of the air coming out of the nozzle. To minimize the heat damage, there is a special protectant over the ceramic heating element. Additionally, the air that comes out of the nozzle is negatively ionized, and it gives you the option to decide the level of the negative ions you can emit onto your hair to minimize frizziness through Dryer’s ionic function.

They also give you an option to decide the length of the wire that’s also a plus point. The only downside to this hairdryer is its temperature it does not get hot enough; you may want to have intense sessions with this beautifully crafted device. The users of the device are claiming that it usually takes longer to dry the hair in comparison to the other hairdryers in the market. Lastly, it requires 2000 Watts from the wall.


If you have thick hair and you have to have long sessions with your hairdryer than the GHD Air should be the on your bucket list. The sole purpose of this machine is power; it generates so much power that you will notice that your hair gets dried faster than it did before. It propels a powerful blast of evenly heated air without making noise which also makes its utility better. The functionality provides both temperature and the speed knobs with three options to choose from both. The air coming out of the nozzle feels comfortable and luxurious at the same time, while different temperature and speed settings add to its usability. The weight of the dryer is evenly distributed along the body which makes it easier for longer sessions and your wrists will not be affected.

The wire that comes with the dryer has the power supply in the box rather than in the dryer, which makes it easier to use but carrying it around would turn out to be a tough task. The cable to is not long enough; it is only 3 meters long. If your wall socket is not close to your mirror, then it would not be a better idea to get this machine. While, the ionic heating element will prevent your hair from the heat damage and also helps in reducing the frizz. Lastly, it lacks the filter attachment which may turn out to be the only main disadvantage of the dryer. All in all, it is a sturdy and fashionable device that can last long in your, arsenal.

Panasonic EH-NA65K Smooth and shiny

The name of the hairdryer promises big deal considering the price of the hairdryer, and fortunately, it fulfills its promises. Panasonic claims that it is built with the Nanoe (read as NANO-e) technology which provides even smaller ionic particles which creates fewer jitters and moisturizes the scalp of the hair which in turn makes it shiny and bright. While the smoothness aspect comes from the attached nozzles that are present in the box for both straight and curly hair types, the attached nozzle is for straight hair. The concentrated nozzle is for smooth styling, for curly hair there is a diffuser nozzle, and for people who are short in time, there is a quick dry nozzle too in the box.

The only concern of this hairdryer is its bulky body; you may not have that big of space in your carry around bag pack for the hairdryer, though it is surprisingly lightweight and can be used for longer sessions. There are three options for the temperature, and the speed of the air, the air that comes out of the nozzle feels a little less heated than you would want too. But it’s a precautionary measure which will protect your hair from the heat damage, while the speed of the air blow is unmatched. The attached cord is not of a favorable length which is also a downside of the hairdryer. Lastly, it requires 2000 watts from the socket to work.

Elchium 3900 Healthy ionic dryer

Elchium is one of the oldest hair styling company that is still supplying its product to the market; its products can be tracked as late as the early 1940s. It’s an Italian company that specializes in hair products, and the Elchium 3900 is one of their latest hairdryers. The first thing that you observe when you get your hands on the handle is the beautiful design and the range of color choices including the ‘Titanium mirror’ finish. The hairdryer is not only pretty from the outside but also it functions as well as any other hairdryer at this range with the added benefits of the health measures. The hairdryer feels sturdy in the hand while the airflow coming out of the nozzle feels at an accurate temperature and speed.

There are three options for both temperature and speed to choose from, while the cool button is also easily approachable which will make it easy to finish the styling. The heating element can either be ionic if you want to avoid frizziness in your hair or ceramic you are looking for faster drying process with minimum to no heat damage. There’s no diffuser in the box which is not a deal breaker since you can grab the official accessory for just 15 dollars. The cord again is of shorter length, and it requires 2400 Watts from the socket to work.

GHD Aura

GHD Aura is one of the best hair dryers on the market; it was made as a result of three years of research and development for the company. The GHD’s laminar technology brings quiet and smooth air out of the nozzle; the air will be so gentle that you will not notice anything on your head. By the time you know something is happening upstairs your hair will be dried completely. The ionized ceramic element serves two purposes it prevents heat damage, and it makes sure that your hair remains moisturized with no frizz. Unlike most hairdryers which have a dedicated button for the cool air, there is Aura’s ingenious cool wall technology which encapsulates the hot hair inside a circle of cool air.

The Cool Wall technology will help in styling the hair up to the scalp without damaging or burning it. The design of the hairdryer too is comfortable and light enough to keep it useful for longer sessions, the cord too is made of the non-tilting material. The length of cord is 4 meters which will easily cover the long distances between your mirrors and wall sockets. There are three temperature settings coupled with two speed setting to help you dry your hair and style them at the same time. The only downside of the hairdryer is the limiting speed; even the cheaper models provide more speed options. Other than the speed you are sure to have a premium feeling experience with the GHD Aura. Lastly, it only requires 1600 Watts from the socket.

Dyson Supersonic

            Dyson is one of the leading brands in the field of cosmetics, no matter what device you need to compliment your beauty Dyson can be trusted. It has mastered not only the industry of cosmetics but also the household products such as vacuum cleaners, fans, and desk lamps, etc. So, the product from Dyson is expected to be crafted with excellence; the Dyson Supersonic is one such piece of hardware. The peculiar design of the device should not make you down since the insides of them are enough to make you love the device for the eternity. The Supersonic hairdryer is a tough device to digest because it looks like a microphone used by the aliens. The build too requires some time of getting used to it as most of the weight of the laptop is accumulated into the handle of the dryer.

Once you get accustomed to the peculiar design, you will be blown away the powerful motor which is present in the handle. The magnetic connector, diffuser attachments, and the flexible speed or temperature settings will make your hair shiny smooth with a slightly textured finish to it. The ionic heating element will also help in minimizing the frizz in your hair to a great amount. There are three speed and four temperature options with the button of cool hair to compliment the hairstyling at the end. The accessories included in the box are a concentrated nozzle, diffuser nozzle, and smoothing nozzle. The cord length is only 2.7 meters is the only downside of the hairdryer. Lastly, it requires 1600 Watts from the socket to work.

Parlux 3200 compact

            If you have heard of an Italian brand in the field of cosmetics, then most probably the brand will be Parlux. The brand is a firm favorite with the professional stylists since its inception in 1970. As the name suggests, the body is the compact and lightweight which makes it easier to carry around in your luggage. The ceramic element present does not get too heated so that it prevents your hair from heat damage. While the well-weighted body offers good all round control with comfy feeling, the buttons may turn out to be a hassle. The button placement is strange to such an extent that you will press the unnecessary buttons more often than you would expect. That said the sturdy build is enough to provide for your hair needs for at least two years.

There are four temperature settings and two speed options; the speed options may be a little less considering the price range. The cold shot button to is located at an odd position which may turn out to be a blessing in disguise with a little muscle training. There is only a connector nozzle as an additional accessory in the box. Again, the cord present is not that long at only 3 meters. Lastly, it only requires 1900 Watts from the socket to work.

Final words

Buying accessories for cosmetics purposes may turn out to be a tedious task. Hair care requires special attention, and hence hairdryers are one of the tougher choices. There are hairdryers of all types and ranges in the market starting from as low as 30 dollars to as high as 900 dollars. You can only decide according to your price preferences and hair type which hairdryer would be the best for you. The main concern that we have with the almost all of the hairdryers is the cord length. So, you may have to think about your choice if the wall socket is away from your dressing mirror.              



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