Best Gaming Keyboards To Buy In 2019

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When it comes to good PC gaming experience the Keyboard is the most essential piece of hardware. Many people take this for granted and buy cheap keyboards from the local store which ruins their experience. A good gaming keyboard is not just about the fancy lighting and the design, it performs better and is the preferred choice in competitive online multiplayer games.

So if you are also looking for a great gaming keyboard then look no further as you have just landed on the right page. Here we have listed down the best gaming keyboards available in the market. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Das Keyboard 4:

At number 5 we have the Das Keyboard 4 which has become synonymous with quality in the keyboard world. That is all because of the specific features that make it so special. Starting things off with design, this model is fairly standard looking, the deck of the keyboard is made from a thick metal with a soft matte black finish.

The keycaps are made from quality ABS plastic while the letters and digits appear to be laser etched onto the keycap faces. The perfect dimensions will make this keyboard best companion for any gaming PC.

As for the performance, this particular keyboard comes with Cherry MX blue mechanical key switches with gold contacts which are a tactile bump when the activation point is hit. This will help you increase your typing speed by reducing the effort needed to push the keys all the way down.

Moving on, it features a large volume knob which allows users to quickly adjust volume. It also provides quick access to dedicated media controls such as play, pause, mute next and previous track. Moreover, I have to admit that the combination of tactile feel, the psychoacoustic experience, and incredible craftsmanship all deliver an unmatched typing experience that only the Das Keyboard 4 offers.

Another important feature to mention is that this device has two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports which allow you to transfer videos to your workstation. You can transfer music, pictures or large videos at up to 5 gigabytes per second.

It is worth mentioning that this keyboard has the N key rollover feature which means that each key is scanned completely independently by the keyboard hardware so that each keypress is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are being pressed or held down at the time.

This keyboard is pretty useful for writers and gamers, my only remark has to do with gaming. It is known as the mechanical keyboard for work-related tasks so on the gaming side it’s fairly average but I don’t think that my remark in the face of all these advantages will affect your decisions. Overall the Das Keyboard 4 deserves your attention because it looks wonderful and is capable enough to fulfill most of your gaming needs.

Image by Das Keyboard

Redragon K550:

Next up at number four, we have the Redragon K550 which is over-engineered and built to take a beating. It’s loaded with features like a double shot injection molded keycaps, gaming switches with red dragons mechanical ultra last springs, crisp and bright LED backlighting and infinitely customizable macros and lighting options.

Taking a look at the design this device is available in black and white colors with a very curious design composed of aircraft grade aluminum. It has good spacing between the keys and the base is aesthetically pleasing yet easy to clean. It houses plate mounted mechanical keys and switches the stand up to tough gaming conditions.

The keyboard is sturdy and has a wrist rest which will come in handy during those long gaming marathons. Talking about performance this keyboard is an RGB backlit mechanical keyboard with 12 programmable macro keys. The RGB is vivid and you have quite a few options to choose from giving you a flux color setting something you usually can’t find on other RGB keyboards.

Moving on all 131 double shot injection molded keys will serve you for razor-sharp lighting that doesn’t scratch off. They possess medium resistance, are slightly audible and have tactile bump feedback. Another important feature to mention is that the keyboard has several macro keys on top which you’ll find incredibly useful.

The Redragon K550 users are really satisfied with this investment and they claim that it is stylish, gamer oriented, great to type on and that they enjoy the backlighting fun it provides. So for the price you pay you to get a pretty good deal. What I like the most about this product is that there are six customizable lighting modes and you can pick the color for individual keys.

To conclude, I recommend this keyboard to any eSports player who wants the quality of a top-line mechanical keyboard at an affordable price.

Image by Amazon

Cooler Master CK550:

The number 3 on our list is the Cooler Master CK550 which offers most of what keyboards at double its price offer. It is a straightforward keyboard that performs well on the battlefield without caring about its competition. Design-wise this keyboard has a brushed aluminium finish that’s available in three switch variants including red, brown and blue all of them look and perform great in their own way.

It delivers the best build quality you can expect on a mechanical keyboard. This device is composed of 104 keys which use Cherry MX compatible mechanical switches that allow them to keep the costs down.

The top of the keyboard is pretty standard with a cable exiting the keyboard case in the middle. The flared sides look amazing and feature nice angled corners. In addition, the fit and finish of the aluminium plate into the plastic body is flawless without any noticeable difference in capsizing across the entire breadth of the keyboard.

When it comes to RGB backlighting what I look for is perky illumination, the good news is that this keyboard has that feature and I personally love it. The keyboard offers multiple lighting modes and effects to highlight all your dominating killstreaks.

When it comes to performance there is plenty to tell about this product, the mechanical switches are rated for 50 million clicks guaranteeing that your keyboard will stay combat-ready during all your long-lasting skirmishers.

Moving on it has software which is very easy to use and offers 16.7 million colors to any key so you can customize lighting modes and fine-tune macros according to your preferences. Thanks to its floating bezel list design it’s very easy to clean while also creating a pleasing halo effect because of the RGB lighting underneath.

Additionally, connectivity is handled via a generous 1.8-meter long cable which unfortunately isn’t braided or sleeved, instead of sports the more traditional rubber insulation. Finally, if you decide to get this one you’ll secure a great keyboard for gaming and professional use, so for its price I have no complaints.

Image by Cooler Master

Ducky One 2 Skyline:

At number two on our list is the Ducky One 2 Skyline which is a smaller mechanical keyboard that offers reliable Cherry MX blue switches and premium multi-double shot PB Tiki caps for a superb typing experience. It is qualified as the best minimal keyboard accompanied by great functionality,

It features an aesthetically pleasing discreet design and comes in a housing with a very slim gray frame and keycaps in gray black and blue which will give you a good first impression. The Ducky One 2 features cherry MX RGB speed silver switches which are well-known for their extremely fast reaction times and the ease with which they can be activated multiple times in quick succession.

They are made of PBT which is more durable and robust than ABS keys, regarding performance the PBT keys are prized for their 40% faster actuation speed when compared to traditional cherry switches and require low pressure to activate them. This helps make double and triple taps much easier than normal.

Moreover, the popular mechanical Cherry MX switches are virtually indestructible and due to the variety of switches, they are perfect for every kind of gamer. Thanks to USB and key rollover multiple buttons can be pressed simultaneously without resulting in any problem.

Furthermore, the 1000 Hertz polling rate also helps avoid any performance issues and this is paired
with a modern USB Type-C connector on the keyboard end of the cable, this makes sure that the keyboard is successfully sending data to the PC every millisecond.

In order to fit the ergonomic needs of individual users, this unit provides three positions namely folded in as well as half and fully extended. Based on my experience the switches are perfect they have a great tactile feel and I like the actuation force. The keys feel strong and durable so they’re definitely preferred over the APS caps that I had in my previous keyboards.

All in all Ducky One 2 Skyline is a solid keyboard and an affordable option compared to most of the competition on the market. It offers quite unique features at a very affordable price.

Image by Mechanical Keyboards

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum:

Last but not the least we have the Corsair K95 RGB platinum which is a stunner with the most RGB lighting ever and fantastic performance proving that it is the best overall now we’ll focus on the most important features. Aesthetically speaking this device comes in a very attractive design, it’s built of aluminium and plastic ensuring more comfortability.

The aluminium chassis feels solid and the compact dimensions are great to use both on a desk or on your lap which would be a big deal for the increasing number of gamers that play in their lounge. The K95 is much narrower thanks to the number of macro keys being reduced to just 6 but this keyboard kills when it comes to shortcut buttons, you’ll find a volume wheel media controls, lighting toggles and gaming modes all within easy reach.

When it comes to performance this unit has Cherry MX speed mechanical key switches they respond from just 1.2 millimeters of movement and 45 grams of actuation force making it extremely sensitive. Moving on the keyboard is so responsive that for regular typing it initially feels a little strange.

This keyboard is also pretty loud even by gaming keyboard standards which means it’s a poor choice for office environments or mixed living areas. For gaming, it would be a great choice the sensitivity makes the keyboard the ideal choice for FPS shooters and games where reaction speed is a key factor so you’ll feel more agile and skillful when playing these types of games.

Moreover, Lighting has been upgraded significantly with a new 19 zone light bar that is along the top of the peripherals frame. Also, it provides 16.8 million color options covering basically the entire keyboard. In general, this device is a near-perfect mechanical gaming keyboard.

It offers incredibly fast and responsive switches and it’s all packaged in what is arguably the highest quality builds you’ve ever seen on a keyboard. In a nutshell, it includes almost everything a gamer could wish for. So if you want to have an unforgettable gaming experience then this keyboard should be on your purchase list.

Image by Corsair

So this was our list of the best gaming keyboards to buy in 2019, I hope you enjoyed the roundup. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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