Best Gaming Desks For PC OR Console 2017 by FC

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The desk is an important part of a gaming setup and there are tons of options out there to choose from. A nice, comfortable desk can completely change the look and feel of your setup. Down below we have listed some of the best desks that will fit the requirement box of everyone:

• Malm Drawer:

We will be starting up the list with the Malm Desk by IKEA which is a very solid and great looking desk. It is 55 inches in length and 25 inches in width, not too big but is enough for fitting a two monitor setup with your big CPU and console.

The Cable management is extremely simple and there is a rack down below the surface board that allows you to fit your extension and most of the cables in there, providing a very tidy look.

The table comes in black, brown and white color and it has two storage drawers, it also comes with a perfect organizer inside a drawer that will help keep things organized and clean.

This desk cost around a $170 but is worth the money and you are getting what you pay for.

• Linnmon:

Next, up in our list we have an extremely popular desk by IKEA which you might have seen in many YouTube setups. This desk has a very simple design and the reason it is so popular is that it is very minimalistic and cheap and it gets the job done for the most part.

This desk has a price tag of only $30 and is still solid enough to hold your monitor. However you can not place your CPU as it is fragile, you will have to place your CPU at the bottom. It is compact and small so it would not take much space in your room. This is perfect for single monitor or laptop setups.

It comes in a lot of colors to choose from along with the color of the legs which will help you in matching the color theme of your setup. If this table is too small for your setup you can pick up a bigger version which is of 59 inches instead of 39 and will cost about $45.

Image by IKEA

• Vert Desk:

The third table on our list is the Vert Desk and is personally my favorite because number one it is motorized giving you the option to upper or lower the desk by just pressing the button when ever you want and number 2 is the large surface area, this desk is 72 inches in width making it the only motorized desk or table that wide.

It is strong and sturdy and you can add whatever you want on the desk. This desk is 72 by 30 inches to be exact. This is, however, one of the most expensive desks and can cost up to $900 depending on the configuration you go for.

Image by Amazon

• Hallestad Table Top:

The Hallestad Table Top is also built by IKEA which has an amazing desk series. This is more of a moded desk since it requires the Hallestad Table Top and two drawer units, you basically use the drawer unit as the support for the table top. The Top has an aluminum brush finish.

This Table Top has very large surface area and comes in either 74 or 98 inches for its width which is crazy large. It has great aesthetics and looks and feels very premium.

You don’t necessarily need to buy IKEA drawers with it, you can just place it on top of two objects that have the same height. It has a very solid and sturdy build and can hold up your monitor and CPU along with the speakers without even a bend.

Since it is a tabletop there is a possibility of it moving or sliding around if enough amount of force is applied.

Image by IKEA

• Crowley Glass Desk:

The last one on our list is for the people who prefer glass desk. The Crowley Desk is one of the most popular glass desks out there mainly because of its simple and clean aesthetics. The only real problem with a glass desk is cable management, there is really no way you can hide those cables as you can see the cables through the glass.

The only option to hide cables might be cable sleeve or cable box and putting it on the floor. This table is better for a Laptop setup rather than a PC.

The Glass tables are expensive and this one goes for about $300, so basically you are just paying for the look and the aesthetics.

Image by Eurwa

This was our list of Top 5 best gaming desks you can buy, if there is a desk that you think should be on our list make sure to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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